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good morning today we’re going to review
the indie brand crow and pebble this video might get a little long so I am of
course gonna put timestamps down below crow and pebble is the brainchild of
Karen it is based in the UK and I quote the websites here loves selling stories
with makeup and curating collections of pigments to create characters Karen does
all the concept art and label art for every collection herself she found that
there were troubles to choose colors that look great together
so she constructed color sets that work together as the pigments the company of
is of course cruelty free most of the things are vegan if it’s not vegan it is
labelled as such so I ordered off the website and the first thing I get is a
personalized email I think it was personalized at least it seemed that way
and from Karen thanking me for making the order the shipping is of course
interesting because this is based in the UK within the UK there’s free untracked
shipping when you purchase items for over 30 pounds which is 34 euros and 9
cents or 39 dollars 84 US dollars then if you order what under under that amount you
have in the UK it costs one pound fifty in Europe it is three pounds or 3
euros 41 and it takes two to five days and for the rest of the world it costs
the shipping costs four pounds which is five US dollars 31 and it takes around
five to seven days to get to you this of course is all untracked shipping if you
want to get the tracked shipping it costs you more but of course I’ll link the
website down below so you can look up all of this by yourself if you want to
she also included a little handwritten note on the bill here it’s just these
little things that I really appreciate it makes me feel good about buying from
indie brands from small brands these are all handmade and you can tell from the
way you’re receiving your packages so I got one lipstick which is called
Juliet it is inspired by Romeo and Juliet on
the website each item kind of has like an excerpt from the stories they’re
inspired by my concerns about this lipstick is that you cannot read the
label on the bottom very well and it does say the ingredients on there but I
can’t read them of course they are listed on the website as well so that’s
not really as much of a problem this is kind of a soft mauve pink but you will
see when I try it on and I’m wearing it right now now for pigments I got the one
set which is called the wild conspiracy eyeshadow set this was 4 pounds 85 which
is 5 euros 51 or 6 US dollars 44 and what you get is 5 samples like this I’m
not entirely sure how much is in these baggies
I’ll check the website again and I’ll link that down below if I find it this
is um I don’t like this I don’t like getting plastic baggies like this of
course I understand this is a cost thing but I would much prefer something that
you can unscrew because some of the pigments came out it wasn’t anything bad
you know and like crap on this company because it’s a start-up and it’s small
and I appreciate that but this is just in my opinion not a very good way to
give you pigments it is difficult to dip your brush in here and coat it evenly so
I just I just don’t like the plastic baggies my other concern about this set
is that all of these colors are sparkles except is this one which is a light
matte shade so I find this since these are supposed to be sets that you’re
supposed to use together I would prefer to have a couple of maps in there and a
dark matte in there so I can do a more constructed eye look and then of course
you can’t only get samples you can get a half size and a full size but again you
can check out the website for that then I got what is called a mystery case
which was four pounds five US dollars thirty one or four euros 55 these she
just put together for me these are all singles and you can’t get in a set and
just put them together for me and of course it’s a little cheaper these again
our five samples actually much prefer this color combination than to the one
that was the preset so to this mystery case you get this a little story
that is typed out which is very cute and you also the story kind of says that you
have to help on a case and you get this kind of like check with it which gives
you 20% off of your next order which I just think that’s adorable and I really
like that idea okay so what we’re gonna do is two eye
looks which ease… each of the sample sets I’m also gonna try on the lipstick I’m
gonna do some natural light video footage and also how they wear the
lipstick and the eyeshadows so as always a little disclaimer I have scars on my
arms if that is something that triggers you just skip this part there are time
stamps down below here we have The General unfortunately not it’s not
picking up very well on camera but this is reflecting like a pink purplish color
this is Wide Patrol Devotion To Duty and again because of the
plastic baggies it is very difficult to swatch these because my whole finger is
just immersed in the pigment again this reflects kind of pink here we have The
Lady Jessica and Harkonnen so this was the mystery case now we have
the wild conspiracy set this is Sucksessor Whisky Priest this reflects lilac much like the
shade before Fumbling Magician a blue that also reflects bluish purple this is
Brotherhood of Funny Hats this reflects silver and here we have Intrepid
Merchant and there you go okay so I’ve already set my eyes with a
Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and I set it with the Kat Von D lock-it powder now I’m
going to take a Wide Patrol and this MAC 217 this is the kind of greyish
brown and I’m just gonna dip my brush in there like this tap it off and put this
above my crease just to contour my crease a little bit or above my crease I’m actually just cleaning off this
brush on a tissue right here and I’m gonna take the same brush and I’m gonna
go in with Devotion to Duty and again I’m just dipping in on the side here
it’s kind of difficult with these baggies because then your brushes being
coated not completely equally on the side so I’m have a hard time with the
placement but it works and I’m gonna start this in the corner and really kind
of smoke this out these pigments are super easy to blend I’m also taking this
underneath my eye here just gonna dip in one more time and make
this a little more intense and now I’m going to take a clean blending brush this is the two-two-one luxe soft crease from zoeva and I’m just blending out the
edges here now I’m going to cut out the crease using this two two six smudger from
zoeva and the essence camouflage full-coverage concealer in 0-5 ivory I’m actually only gonna cut half the
crease now I’m gonna take a small shader brushes it’s a two three seven detail
shader from zoeva and I’m gonna take Harkonnen I hope that’s how you
pronounce that it is a kind of gold glittery shade and I’m placing that on
the concealer okay I took a little too much there so I have some fallout you just
wipe that away I’m going back in with the MAC 217 and Devotion to
Duty that red shade I use before just to make the edge here a little more smoky
and not have such a harsh line and using the same brush the Mac 217 I’m taking
The Lady Jessica a darker red brown shade trying to dip in there hold on
there we go tap it off and I’m really deepening the outer corner here I took
quite a lot there so I’m just gonna make this put this on both eyes again taking
that semi clean brush I’m just blending all of that into each other and the last
color I’m taking is The General and I’m gonna take this angled brush and this is
from MAC I’m not sure about the number but any angled brush will do and I’m
just starting at the middle of my eye here and I’m kind of drawing like a wing
but it’ll be a smoked out wing so it’ll be like a liner but very very
soft I’m also using a little bit of this underneath my eye here and if you can see now my fingers are
like full of pigment and that’s not the fault of these pigments that’s really
because of these baggies for mascara I’m using the l’oreal voluminous extra black
volume building mascara and that’s the first eye look done now onto the lipstick
i got the one in this shade Juliet it comes in a bullet like this and it’s
just a normal bullet it has these little stars imprinted on there it’s very very
cute let me swatch that really quick for you there you go it’s kind of like on
the website it says it’s your lips but better shade and i agree with that and
it smells like gummy bears so it does have a very strong scent i like the
scent of gummy bears but if that is not something you’re into then you’re
definitely not going to like this it does have a very strong scent to it so i
have done a lip scrub I have put some lip balm on my lips which is now in my lips so let me just apply this normally from directly from the
bullet so it applies kind of thick it has a
thick feeling to it as well like I can feel I have something on my lips but
it’s a very nice opaque color and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable I can feel
something is on there but it doesn’t feel like drying or anything it feels
hydrating more than it feels drying actually I’m just gonna show you my lips
a little closer there so you can see my lines are accentuated a little bit but
nothing really too crazy so I was just taking off this eye when I realized I
haven’t done the footage in natural lighting is so disregard this eye and
just look at this one I’m gonna go closer to the window and further away
also the lips so this is what they look like in natural lighting okay so I’ve prepped my eye in the same way again and I’m gonna take Sucksessor which is
like a whitish gray shade and I’m gonna take this Bobbi Brown eye blender brush
and I’m just gonna brush this all over my eye now I’m gonna take a shader brush
this is a 2 3 4 luxe smokey shader from zoeva dip in there and I’m just going to
intensify this highlight here now I’m going to take a two two eight
luxe crease brush from zoeva and I’m going to take Intrepid merchant and I’m
just placing those above my crease as you can see these colors blend out
really really beautifully and there’s actually minimal fallout if you tap off
the brush first look how gorgeous this color is wow that is so nice and now I’m
going in with a little bit of a darker shade this is Fumbling Magician and I’m
also taking this on the blending brush this is the two two seven luxe soft
definer from zoeva and I’m placing this directly in the crease having a few
issues with like lines here so let me just take a stiffer blending brush and
blend that out there we go that’s much better today my left eye is working a
lot better than my right eye now I’m gonna take a Brotherhood of Funny hats I
love that name on this 239S from MAC it’s a shader brush and I’m just tapping
this all over my movable lid okay some fallout let’s get rid of that now I love these shades but it does look
like they’re all just one color really I mean they’re all kind of blending into
each other I do love it but I would prefer to have a set that is a little
more distinct from one another and now I’m going to use this 230 Luxe pencil
from zoeva and the color Whisky Priest and I’m placing this underneath my eye and again I’m using the L’oreal
voluminous extra black to make my lashes nice and black and that’s our second
look done from further away it looks a little better it’s not quite as intense
as a smokey eye I’m really diggin these colors I like the combination of this
brown with the gray bluish colors and even though I have blue eyes I think it
is working with the blue eyes really well are you in the sun awww okay so
here we have this look in natural lighting we go a little back wow you can
see how messy my flat is in the background so let me go this way so you
can’t see that yeah but here you have the colors in a natural daylight okay so
I’ve been wearing this for about two hours now and I’m not sure if you can
see but it’s starting to kind of cling to the dry patches on my lips here it
still looks okay but it’s not like that great it’s still holding up quite well
but yeah okay guys so I’ve been wearing everything for about six hours now if
you can tell the lipstick there’s not much left it kind of made like a line
right here I mean this is not a liquid lipstick you know so I’m not expecting
the formula to hold very long but it does feel kind of drying for some reason
which I don’t understand because there’s a lot of oils in this lipstick but maybe
I should have just moisturized and scrubbed better I don’t feel like this
didn’t last as long as other liquid other lipsticks that are you know in a
cream formula like this that are not mattifying the eyeshadow I feel like has
moved a little bit down but really as stayed up quite well it has creased
right here if you can see that but that might be because I didn’t prime very
well um I mean honestly I didn’t really do anything different than usually so it
should have really held up because usually my eyeshadows do now that’s my
check-in I don’t feel it I don’t feel like it’s necessary to do more check-ins
because it’s already kind of looking like this and I feel like dark eye
shadow like this if it was gonna really move a lot we would see that already and
we can already see that there’s a little bit of creasing
so just to recap a little bit I love the idea behind this company I love how
personal everything is I love the idea with the stories behind it and it’s all
handmade cruelty-free and a lot of things are vegan those are all great
points I don’t like how the shadows come the sample shadows come in these little
plastic baggies but again I understand that that is a cost factor I just think
there might be a possibly a better solution to this so I can have something
where I can dip my brush in correctly the color schemes I like I just don’t
like that in the preset one in the wild conspiracy eyeshadow shed said there
were pretty much only shimmers and they were all very similar to each other so I
feel like it’s difficult to construct different kind of look eye looking eyeshadows and kind of make them very very differentiated themselves from each
other I did like the ones she personally put together in the mystery case I think
that was a lot better and you can do a lot more looks from those colors
together the pigments are quite easy to work with they’re very easy to blend out
they don’t have a lot of fall out when you put them on your eye not more than a
pigment would the staying power is okay I think the colors are quite unique and
though which is a huge plush plus I think she does produce colors that are
maybe not so main what do you call it mainstream right now right now we see a
lot of warm browns and oranges and stuff like that
and I feel like this is a little more risque and a little more out there which
I love I think the price is absolutely fair the lipstick I like the smell some
people might not like a smell it is a strong scent it is a very nice color it
is quite opaque it did do that little kind of light it clung to the dry
patches on my lips but that might just be like because I have really dry lips
at the moment it might work better on other types of lips I feel like the
staying power is comparable to other lipsticks in this category not better
not worse so as with any company that is starting out and that is well of course
there’s room for improvement but I do really appreciate it I love that she’s
taking a risk and I love that is it is quite unique I feel like that is missing
in things that are being brought out at the moment especially when it comes to
eyeshadow color concepts thanks for watching this video I hope it was
helpful to you if it was you can always leave me a thumbs up you can subscribe
right here hit that notification bell if you want to be informed of when my
videos come out which is every Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday and I really
hope I’ll see you next video bye bye

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching your video – it was super informative! Hope that you can subscribe back and keep in touch, Julia x

  2. I just wanted to point out that ONLY THE SAMPLES come in a baggie, any size above that is in a different container 🙂

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