Ideal Photo Studio. It Does More. It Costs Less. It’s that Simple.

(soft music) – Are you tired of studios
that only rent for half a day or a full day? That you can only afford by
getting a second mortgage? A couple thousand dollar
budget for studio rent, really? A million dollar insurance
to shoot your dog? Are you kidding me? Remember having to drag
your stands, strobes, and other grip and light gear just because the studio
doesn’t include any equipment? Well, we think it doesn’t
have to be so difficult. Enter FD Photo Studio, a place built by creatives for creatives. We know the struggle. That’s why our studios are affordable, available hourly and for the
price of a dinner for two. Easy to book, no more hassle over email to figure out available dates, time, just check calendar online and book. They all include grip and light equipment. You won’t get billed
for every extension cord or extra chair. And they are designed
with your needs in mind, unique interiors and
knowledgeable staff ready to help. Whether you are a novice who just wants to shoot a friend or practice
and learn new skills, or a professional who
shoots several times a week for clients and modeling agencies, or a full-on production
company with an entire team shooting a new commercial
for that big brand, at FD Photo Studio we’re here for you. We work hard on making
sure that you’ve got all the essentials for a successful project, so you don’t have to. But that’s not all. FD is a creative hub,
an artistic community that fosters connection, inspiration, creativity, and education. We also organize social
mixers, photo events, classes, workshops, group
shoots, and a lot more. So when you’re looking for a
studio to rent, come to FD. We’ll help your project come to life and make it as smooth and
easy on you as possible. FDPhotoStudio.Com.

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