I SPENT $200 ON SHEIN | Shein Haul 2019

ey guys so today we’re definitely gonna
be doing a really different video than what I usually do in my channel we’re
gonna be doing a haul video from Shein so this video is 100% not sponsored all
of this is gonna be 100% my opinion it was 100% bought with my own coins no one
sent me anything but if you want to sponsor me hit me up anybody hit me up I
got bills to pay but anyways so I’ve never bought anything from she and
before or zaful or Romwe any of these websites because in my opinion I just
feel like if you pay $7 or something it’s gonna little to get $7 but I really
want to give them a try because they’re all over the Internet
everyone’s talking about them and I was like you know what I haven’t bought
anything new since February and on YouTube I don’t know if y’all know this
but I wear like the same six outfit so like it’s time to invest in some invest
in some clothes for YouTube so I don’t look like I literally like never take a
shower or something so let’s get into the video okay so it came in this packaging I’m
just gonna open it really quickly without cutting so honestly anything
I’ve ever bought in from China just kind of comes like this I bought a ton of
stuff and honestly I didn’t have any summer clothes so but these clothes are
not gonna be worn I’m not gonna wear any of these clothes except on hello
I’m not gonna wear any of these clothes except on YouTube so hopefully these
come out like they look okay so let’s just start opening stuff I don’t even
know where to start it’s like so it’s I never buy stuff like this guys okay okay
this is a two-piece so here are the shorts it’s actually yeah it shorts
short actually the material isn’t horrible it’s really transparent if you
can see that you guys see that okay even if you can’t see that just believe me
but it’s pretty transparent like I look through here and I can see the camera so
just to be aware of that and then this is the top the material looks pretty
good just so you know I got this in a small I am a 5-4 and I weigh a hunter in
20 pounds give or take each month depending how many chocolate bars I eat
in a month so just kind of looking at the material you can see there are if
you can see this there are like flyaways just coming off of the like I’m
literally pulling this out of the fabric but like I said because I’m literally
just using this stuff for YouTube I kind of expected it here’s another one just
literally just coming out of the clothes so this is not something I’m expecting
to last okay this is the next two I think it’s really pretty but the
bottom I don’t know like it comes looking like a diaper I mean if I pull
it down it’s just like that’s kind of weird it’s like this opens up like I
don’t know it’s kind of weird the back is fully open so I wouldn’t wear a bra
with this there are some straps here that I think would be really nice if you
had a longer torso to kind of do like a strap thing but since like I said have
an abnormally short torso that’s like four inches long it doesn’t work for me
it just looks kind of but just imagine you pull that down and you have like
that going on I’m gonna take off this bra because it just is a little bit too
much cleavage for me so I um if that’s you boo like it’s super cute I just
don’t like the diaper bottoms they’re just really big and I don’t know I don’t
know what’s going on here without a bra I actually like it a lot better just
because it’s a little bit more modest but the shape is kind of strange it’s
kind of like this triangle thing going on here um but not as a busty I think
this would be really nice actually the back you can see is a little bit more it
kind of has like a stretch thing here so if you get the wrong size
um but yeah this is like all side boob going on there
Hey Hey yeah it’s not bad it’s not bad okay the next thing that I got from
Shion is this red two-piece this has a nice zipper on it where the other one
doesn’t and it’s actually not as bright as on the camera it’s kind of like a
maroon this is the top in this is see-through AF this is like you’re gonna
see everything here you can’t see that on camera but just believe me when I
think this is very see-through but on the back you can see it’s a cute little
cross over this is exactly what I wanted as far as a two-piece I didn’t want my
whole stomach out but I will say that this little space you’re probably not
gonna have is gonna be a little bit larger I have an abnormally short torso
in giraffe leg so I mean do you see this like do you
see how long my legs apart like my legs are so long and I have my torso is
literally this big it’s so weird I have a really strange shaped body but if you
have are like more normal shape you’re gonna have a lot more space there than I
do general like it’s really pretty I really like it the back is open so you
not sort of bra and if you like that like if you boys up sorry guys
like this is my butt right here my butt if you actually had a badonkadonk
you would be like out like okay the next thing I got from them I try to get a
variety of stuff so this is a top this is supposed to be I don’t remember if I
was supposed to get it an orange or brown okay actually this is not bad the
material isn’t horrible it’s kind of like a khaki type deal I don’t know it’s
not really khaki the material isn’t like oh my god what is this this one actually
got an S but really good matter okay this is the next shirt actually really
like the color it’s very churchy if there’s a bow I’m not sure how you feel
about the bow with me you guys just did it wrong maybe I should make it smaller
no it’s it’s it’s cute it’s nothing wrong with it
it has this bow this button detail which i think is really nice this side I
didn’t even bother because it just took me so long but I will say the the caller
is so tight that when I was trying to put on my head it like almost ripped off
an eyelash it was so dramatic it took me like five minutes get this thing on I’m
not sure if I television well I do have a big head but you know my big head
sisters this is like hard to get on your head I will say that this is like it’s
already coming off these strings are already coming off if you can see that
there’s another one here it’s just coming off but I kind of already
expected that when I bought it but in generally I think it’s like I don’t
think anything’s wrong with it this is the back or something – it’s fine let me
I like together real quick yeah it’s cute you can tuck it in or you can like
pull it out I think it’s cute for church work it’s nice the next thing I got are
these this skirt I really love the colors the quality is actually really
good this is probably so far the best quality it’s it’s really thick the
material is nice it stretches this is really cute I
really like that and the skirt is the really pretty
embroidered skirt that I’m you got I showed you guys before so I got this in
a small because I thought the material was gonna be a little different but it’s
actually pretty stretchy to the fact that like I wish it was a little bit
more like this so I wish it would have gotten us extra small because in the
back it’s kind of but in general like the material is great the colors are
great the broidery here is really pretty I
really love it I just wish I would have got my size but that’s not their fault
because I don’t know my size I got this in small as well I got this top actually
really like this it’s just like a tank top basic tank top but if the material
on this one is really good I’m not seeing any material falling
apart the quality is good and they also have this kind of protective part so
it’s not so see-through this one is a lot more quality I wonder if I paid more
for this one this one’s really nice I think this is the next top it’s a tank
top I wish it was a little tighter this would be perfect if they had some straps
where you can adjust it because if I move a little bit you’re gonna see just
all breasteses but I do love the color it’s as simple as I wanted it’s just
plain with stripes it’s just really pretty I think it’s really pretty
honestly here’s the back so obviously you’ve learned it from bra than this but
I like how it’s just simple it has just the dainty little straps I just wish I
could pull it up a little bit more so it’s more like this for my bigger
breasts women okay the next is whoa what is this what is this I don’t know what
this is what is this okay I don’t know what this is um I think it’s a shirt cuz
I didn’t I like I don’t know what is it like what it’s um okay it says a small I’m gonna have to look up in the order
and see what I don’t know what this is okay like we’re gonna figure out all
about it later okay this is the next top this took me a while to figure out how
to get on and not gonna lie and this is probably my least favorite thing so far
it looks really cute in the theory but when you don’t realize this if I move an
inch this is going downhill very quickly I don’t know if this would work without
a bra because there’s no type of support whatsoever it is very thin fabric like I
just move you can see yeah it just this is not practical like oh
because unless you just walk around like this and don’t move I mean obviously not
being edited by my editor but I think it looks really elegant if
it actually gave you the support like the little V that it makes and the cross
but this is like cross thing going on so you have to figure out how to put on
which took me five minutes I wish they would have put in instructions for like
stupid people like me that can’t figure out how to put on their shirt that would
have made it a little bit easier but in general in general I think it’s pretty I
just don’t think it’s practical I’m gonna try it without a bra and just see
if um that would work this is the back obviously like if you had no bra this
would be really really really pretty um it looks great with the pants but it’s
just like like this is my bra right here like that is like fully off do you see
that like that is full bra going on if that’s your boo they’re all like it’s
over okay I’m gonna try it on without a bra okay this is without a bra
I might have this since there’s some stuff yeah if literally if I move an
inch this is all just breast there’s no support yeah this is a fail I’ve really
liked it online I think if they’ve made it more structure like a little
something like it’s just like if I go like this you can see how loose this is
like it’s just really really loose and if this fall like you’re seeing
everything like it’s just like I can just I just can’t believe how loose this
is um the back is pretty though if you have like if you’re kind of smaller
chested I think this could be pretty um but yeah if you’re if you’re like bigger
than it eh I think this would just be a disaster honestly just like this is my
least favorite like look at this look at this here are some pants I got you can
see that they’re like floral this is actually a really good material I’m
shocked actually that this is so nice there’s a little bit of flyaways there
if you can see that but really not nothing too crazy that
you wouldn’t see if you were to there’s some flyaways of just like if you pull
that like it’s gonna go but in general not horrible you know whatever you kind
of know what you’re paying for when you order from them the pants are really
pretty it’s like these flower detail and it has a slit here so it comes out and
the back is the same it’s it’s it’s very church like you could totally go to
church with this or like a family thing there’s a some both sides but I actually
like it or you can just wear it as like just I love it I really do love it the
next thing this is a small obviously this brain is different simply is the
brand that’s weird cuz I thought this was all from Shan this is um
some more pants and the material I’ll get really good quality I don’t see any
issues with it let’s take a look honestly for what you
pay I’m pretty not a psycho about to the pants they’re doing it together they
keep the pants were like flowy and this is my favorite this is the detail that I
think is really nice like you can kick your leg out uh-huh
it’s kind of like flowing um but if you’re just standing you can’t really
tell you have to really want to kick back rapidly you have to really kick it
out and it’s so low that I don’t know it’s kind of strange location but in
general I think it’s fine okay the next one is I wasn’t really excited for this
I really hope this one is nice okay this is a really pretty dress I love the
color it has these really pretty feminine straps the bra part is kind of
see-through yeah you can only see it on camera very well but it’s kind of
see-through there but it’s honestly really good quality first she visited is
I’m pretty freaking laughter okay so this is the next dress
I surprisingly like it the material is good it’s not super see-through but
thing if I’m big up top and small at the bottom so this actually covers
everything it needs to cover you have all the different feathers and the
different colors I think it’s really pretty I actually had it oh my god I
actually had to put the string here because if you don’t like literally it
just fell off so that’s important the back is open so you’re gonna need a bra
that doesn’t show here it’s obviously like I wouldn’t work this one it could
be a really good church dress I’m actually actually really impersonally
into this like not gonna live I’m never going to be a disaster okay next one is
oh this is just a black top but it’s short sleeved so I really love like what
I’m wearing today this is like my favorite just like plain simple classic
you can wear with anything but I really like the lace detail really pretty the
quality is actually really not bad there are some flyaways like here can you see
that okay you can see like that’s like a pretty big but in general it’s really
cute and this isn’t it X s anybody is wondering this is weird there’s just
like this thing in the back that’s just like not focusing on I don’t know what
this is but it’s just hanging out from the back like do you guys see this it’s
just literally this is the back of the shirt and it’s just jutting out like
this I don’t know what that is that’s weird but other than that it’s really
nice quality okay this is the next top it’s a black top it’s in a size small
this is the one with the pretty lace that I showed you guys so I got it in a
small because I didn’t want to too baggy on me um so I’m gonna take
this shirt out so you can see this shirt by itself it’s just like a basic t-shirt
the sleeves are kind of big like this will speak like this is literally a huge
gap here but you know it’s not horrible um it does what I wanted I wanted to be
a high neckline goodies goodies even though here’s another dress maybe it’s a
shirt this is a oh wow this is big okay this is a shirt I think oh my god okay
so this is it extra small do you see how big that is
okay well I love the detail at the top and it also comes with a belt so we’re
gonna try that but that’s kind of interesting
oh this is kind of big but anyways so this is the last hop I actually really
like this sculpted detail here or whatever it’s called I love the color
the sleeves aren’t really kind of big but not really symmetrical but it
doesn’t really bother me too much so it comes with a belt which I’m gonna add on
now this is an extra small so I would say size down it’s really good quality
actually I really like it so honestly I love it I think it’s so cute so the back
if you wear like a normal product you’re not gonna see anything it’s really um
just really pretty I like I really like that actually nice what else we got let
me go it okay so here’s the little cute little packaging up that’s kind of nice
okay so oh my god so I got like a little crop top dealio but you can see that
flake really tiny it’s supposed to go from here to here but that’s not gonna
happen that’s a DVD Edie mini but maybe I can
use it that’s like a bra something with some high-waisted pants
we’ll see but the quality is really fantastic it’s stretchy the material is
great honestly I got this in a small I probably should have got it in a medium
but this is this is nice okay so this is the top honestly I’m not gonna even
blame Shion I have bigger chichis and I decided to get a small because I just
thought it would like to really suck them in and they are sucking them in but
it’s a little it’s a little like if I wish I would have got a little bit
smaller but in general does a material is fantastic and the back is fantastic
I’m gonna try taking off the garage just to see if I can wear this top like
braless but the pan oh my god pants come through
I really like this outfit together I’m gonna take off my bra though and just
see if you can see the nips or not okay without a bra it’s still like okay it
holds them together as you can see you’re not really it’s a little sorry
I’m making you uncomfortable like which is a little bit tighter to really keep
the girls up in general like I really like this outfit and you know I think
this is really pretty I think it’s like summery it always has this issue and
then buying stuff online you just never know but my dummy I bought a small this
is a small if you I’m a probably like a 32d or double D depending on where you
go I think it is like I wanted it honestly I don’t know what I wanted I
would definitely preorder this bigger size I do like it I just wish I would
have got my size he is ready get ready for next time I’m okay okay let’s see
what you bout okay oh okay I think it’s a dress this is also an extra small but
look how wide the top is that’s kind of weird not really sure what
I think it’s a dress yeah it just was really wide you can see some flyaways
there can you see that oh that just came off literally just came off here is the
dress okay this is an extra small I want to reiterate I’m 5’4 120 pounds so this
is the small size you can get it I like the little detail with the little arms
it still seems a little big on me though but it’s not bad the material looks good
I’m just gonna there’s a little belt I tie that real quick
actually I kind of like it with the belt this is up close so you can see it’s not
super see-through you can kind of see my bra there but not too bad this is the
back but I have no but so don’t but anyway yeah so actually like this I
would give this eight eight out of ten and the last thing goodness gracious I
have so much about to do a bunch of these khaki pants okay so this is
supposed to be like khaki and on camera it looks kind of khaki but it’s kind of
like a green call your green color yeah this on camera it looks for the perfect
color but in person it’s green and this is also a small I wanted this for work
but it’s like a nice satin material mom it’s really wrinkled though I might have
to lie or not before I put it on but we’re not so it’s kind of like a Capri
actually it has pockets it’s like a Capri they’re going on back
kind of like a little baggie this is also an extra small so you can see that
it’s a little baggy but not really I thought it was gonna be a little baggy
or honestly but in general once you iron I think this is like a really cute
little outfit especially with your purse or a jacket I’m actually really
impressed with it with one of the iron I think it’d be really nice I’m just
shocked about how nice stuff is like honestly I’m shook I was not expecting
this oh yeah all of the shine Hall I’m
actually really shocked I would say I like 90% of everything I bought I’m
really really impressed I know I’ve seen some horror videos but I will say that I
didn’t buy anything that I didn’t see pictures already like reviews I think
these pants are the only pants that I bought I didn’t have any reviews and it
was a really good buy the material is really nice some of them kind of have
weird stuff going on and some of them have red coming off and things like that
but in general of course cheapest you can I get it on chien I think it’s fine
I would like to try – bathing suits so hit me up you know she in I’ll see you
the next video guys bye

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