I Just Received My NVC Letter. How Long Until the Interview?

52 thoughts on “I Just Received My NVC Letter. How Long Until the Interview?

  1. Good day sir just wanna ask bout what is the next step after we got NOA2? Thank you

  2. I got the NVC letter in May 2018… I want to postpone d interview due to my current employment circumstances . How long can I postpone the visa interview after getting the NVC letter.

  3. I have a quick question, what can I do if my notice of Approval is going to be expired before my visa interview date?this is for the k1 visa.

  4. Hello sir may I ask you if I need to fill up a DS form I don't know if what form .but my husband who petition me need to fill up the DS 260 .thank you ..our case is I-130 ,we just received our case number today thank you

  5. I didn’t get a suitable employer yet, will I b able to postpone the interview beyond the one year period

  6. i recieve a email from NVC that The Applicant is now in the queue a waiting an interview apointment my case is F1 unmarried son or daughters of U.S citizens how long it takes for my Interview Appointment Please Answear Thankyou Very much. andm ore power

  7. i recieve a email from NVC that The Applicant is now in the queue a waiting an interview apointment my case is F1 unmarried son or daughters of U.S citizens how long it takes for my Interview Appointment Please Answear Thankyou Very much. andm ore power (from Philippines U.S embassy of Manila)

  8. Hello sir may I ask you we just received our case number one week ago. How long we get for an interview at the US embassy? Thank you. Please reply to me

  9. Hello Sr, I received my NVC Letter at the beginning of November 2018 that they will scheduled the interview with Dominican Republic Embassy. My category is F2B unmarried son/daughter LPR How Long Until the Interview letter? They also let me know that the documents were accepted.

  10. Hello sir..I find it hard to read the visa bulletin can you please help me..my category is F1 unmarried son and daughter,my priority date is 5th March 2012 (GHANA)can I please know is my date is current.
    Also how long it takes to schedule an appointment in Ghana after submission of all document.
    I have been refused b1/b2(visitors visa) several time I hope it doesn’t affect my case.

  11. Sir
    I got email from NVC that they received all the required documents.on 14th november 2018 . My file is f3 .how long it will take for interview ?

  12. I DCF'd (Direct Consular Filing) in the country of China with my spouse, but we have an interview date (next week) but no letter from the NVC??? What do we do? They do not answer their phones at the embassy.

  13. Hi sir, I am waiting for Nvc response cr1 visa.next will be 4th week does I will schedule my interview or they will because I know in K1 I will do it by my self but I don’t know about cr1 ? Can you will explain it to me. Thanks

  14. Hi sir my priority date is 2010october and my case status on website is showing NVC six steps since2017 what does it mean and how long will my case take to immigration Thanks

  15. what is the procedure after getting invoice letter from NVC for job immigration visa.?

  16. How long it will take for interview date ?
    After all the documents are approved from NVC
    I am from Nepal

  17. I'm from Bangladesh and I applied for F4 category immigrant visa and my priority date is oct 2005. My case has been documentarily qualified on 8th March 2019. For the last 3 months I'm waiting for my interview date. Can any one tell me how long does it takes in Bangladesh to get an interview date. Thanks in advance.

  18. Dear sir, i recieved my nvc letter and notice from us embassy.but im upsit, ciz u did mistake fir checking inbox, i check single ciz im seo
    parated with my ex husband for 20 yrs now.(living together from 1996-1998.)what would i do?me and my fiancee decide to get lawyer work for my annulement when we learned about the cenomar.so its on going now..pls, give us advise if what would we do..is it misrepresentation..?Thank you and God bless..

  19. I made a mistake in my Visa application and I have submitted it. What can I do?

  20. Sir . We submit our supporting documents..on 24 June 2019. All the documents has been submitted now tell me when the vissa interview letter we will receive?

  21. I hate when people ask when will I recieve this? Wtf not everyone has the exact detail all u can do is wait if you papers are good.

  22. All required documents have been received and approved. IR1 case. Hơw Long do i have to wait for the interview Please help?

  23. thanks for this. I am from India and I have applied for my parents green card for a consular processing. How long would it take for the interview to get scheduled after the case is documentarily qualified? It is been about 4 months since the case is documentarily qualified. Do you know how long it should take? Can I contact anyone to see if it is stuck anywhere?

  24. ive been working with my siblings family petition its very frustrating takes them 3 months just to accept the documents. then when you call they will say it depends who is reviewing your case if they reviewer think they need more paperwork then youll receive more email to upload documents

  25. I searched in website 7 mont ago & i see my case at nvc now how more time it take to get interview date?

  26. Hi I got the Nvc letter too that I am in queue my category is f2b how long will it take

  27. My husband got letter that USCIS sent my file to NVC . Now how much time it will take to conduct my interview?

  28. My wife is still waiting for interview to be scheduled since July the 3rd when all documents get approved

  29. NVC confirmed receiving all required documents and informed us we're in queue on May 30. We still don't have an interview date. By when can we expect to get an interview date ? This is a spousal application. My spouse is a Citizen.

  30. good luck to everyone! I am on the waiting game as well. It has been 6 months now.

  31. Hey I'm spouse of US citizen & my i-130 petition got approved last month on 12th September 2019, I received the approval letter in mail on 16th September 2019. The online status "Case was sent to The Department of State" changed on 27th September 2019.
    How much longer to wait for the NVC welcome letter?

  32. Hi sir, how are you. my case type is IR1. my husband is a us citizen. I got an email from nvc at 29th july saying it will work with the us embassy Dhaka for an interview date. Its been 77 days now. still didn't got anything from the nvc or embassy. so how long it might take sir ?? Is there anyway we can contact about it with nvc.

  33. Does the nvc inform you when your immigration case gets sent to your local embassy?

  34. After USCIS approval
    4-6 weeks case to received by NVC
    3 weeks to send email or case registration with nvc then they will ask you to submit documents PCC AOS etc
    4-8 weeks reviewing your documents after that
    1 week to send you email that documents are approved or documentarily qualified
    After DQ letter
    60 to 90 days to schedule your interview at BMB ( Bombay embassy)
    P.S : Bombay consulate is the busiest of all so have patience sometime take 4-6 months people are waiting since April for CR1 cases

    My case is also IR/ CR1
    Waiting for the interview date since oct 4th so don’t worry about it just chelax

  35. I received mail from nvc. They approved all documents…I received it on 3 Nov…now when our interview will be cm ….tell me anybody how much its take time for interview

  36. I have been awaiting more 4 weeks after I received the NVC email stating its in a queue, so please tell me what im suppose to do???( Nepal ,E3 visa)

  37. I received email from NVC on 22 august but didn’t get any interview letter yet . How long i have to wait? My visa class is IR1

  38. How long does it take to the consulate in Casablanca, Morocco to schedule a cr1 visa interview? I've been waiting for 3 months already after I received the email from the nvc saying that they were in possession of my case

  39. i have submitted all documents to NVC for review on 29 October 2019 as i was visiting NVC website they wrote we are reviewing documents that was submitted on November 2019. but sill got no response kindly tell me what should I do at this time?

  40. Hello! Thank you for the information. My husband's NVC documents have been accepted since 10/15/19. We haven't heard from NVC since then. What might be the hold?

  41. Hi,
    My pd F4 Jully 2006 India

    When I will get my welcome letter,???
    Tantive time frame

  42. Hello Sir,
    Category: F2A

    My Wife PD: August 30, 2017
    Her Documents Qualified Nov 14, 2019
    Country Bangladesh
    Still waiting for the Interview letter. Can you tell me how long it will take??

  43. Hello! I received an email from NVC dated nov. 15 2019 stating that my application was completed and they would work with the Montreal (Canada) Consulate to schedule an interview. As of today I have yet to receive a confirmation package. As of this weekend it will be 90 days since that email was sent and I am an F11 IV applicant (unmarried, adult child of a US citizen). Thank you for replying

  44. I have an interview date, but no confirmation letter. I can't book anything without it and they refuse to give it verbally over the phone. I didn't think it would take 3 months to send an email. Would it be faster by mail?

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