I Bought 6 Shoutouts From Instagram Influencers (Marketing Experiment) – Shoutcart Review

– The classic strategy to
grow on Instagram is reach out to influencers, have
them mention your channel or your product, and grow like that. The standard process for doing that is to cold email the influencers,
build a relationship, and grow organically like that. But I found this company recently called Shoutcart that promises
to get you mentions with these Instagram influencers for very little money, like 15 bucks, five bucks for thousands of
followers on the account. So I tested it out, and
here are the results. First, let’s start with
some baseline numbers. Here’s my Instagram account. We started this experiment on March 15th. Our Instagram followers were at 3,062, and our Twitter followers were at 3,096. Originally, I thought I’ll
pick a couple channels on Shoutcart, and we’ll
send the same picture. So I chose this image, which,
on our Instagram account got over 100 likes when we
posted it a couple months ago, and I figured let’s have
three or four accounts post it at the same time, same sort of
caption, and see how it does. Here are those posts on Shoutcart. What’s interesting here
is Shoutcart will let you rank by rating, and I figured ones with higher ratings
would have more results. So I sorted the list only by that rating and spent about $50.00 on this campaign. So results from round one,
measured on March 22nd, we ended up with the following:
3,116 Instagram followers, 3107 Twitter followers, so we
gained 54 Instagram followers, and 11 Twitter followers. Not impressive at all. No leads were generated in batch one for any of our companies. Because of the way Shoutcart works, we had a few dollars left. They refunded the amounts
for the two or three accounts that didn’t shout us out,
and so we had about $30.00 to play with, so I wanted
to go in for round two. This time, instead of
posting the same image to all the accounts, we decided to go into each of these influencer
accounts and create an image, similar to what
they post, with a shout out to the Alex Berman Instagram channel. So for round two, we
bought three shout outs. The first one was with a
profile called Deep Ambitions. Here are their most engaged-with
posts from the last month. Both have about 29,000 likes. And you can see the
first one is two emojis, and the other one is a quick quote. We found a post on Google that was similar to what Deep Ambitions
posts with two emojis and calling out Alex Berman 1 with the phrase “caption this.” The second one is an Instagram
account called Luxurious Man. Here are their two most popular
posts in the last month. One’s about a black R8 in the snow and asking people to name the actor. That one has over 3,000 likes. And the other picture is
of a first-class cabin, also with over 3,000 likes. So here’s mine, a red Ferarri, and it’s a picture of Michael Fassbender, asking the same thing, can
you tell who the actor is? And the last one was for a
page called Success Diaries. Here are their two posts,
one with 2,400 likes, and one with 2,516 likes, and it’s a
quote with a quick message. Of those three channels,
Luxurious Man didn’t post, so we’re gonna get a refund on that. The other two did post, and
here are our final results. On March 26th, we ended up
with 3,148 Instagram followers, and 3,111 Twitter followers. And zero leads. All in, is Shoutcart worth it? I would say no. I am interested in experimenting more with Instagram influencers. We’ll most likely do
another test like this based on emailing them, doing real
collabs, and growing like that. Right now, I wouldn’t recommend Shoutcart, at least not for what we do. Total growth over the
experiment, in two weeks, we gained 86 Instagram followers,
and 15 Twitter followers. So not worth it, well below the average. What do you think, what has
been the most effective way you’ve found to reach out to influencers? I’d actually love to take a look at any scripts you’re sending out, if you want to post them down in the comments below. It could set us up for
another good experiment. If you found this valuable, I would love if you would share it with a friend who also might get value from it. We’re trying to hit
100,000 subs this year, and every share counts. Also, if you want marketing support for your digital agency, maybe someone to help run through experiments like this with your company, check out
Experiment27.com, thanks.

60 thoughts on “I Bought 6 Shoutouts From Instagram Influencers (Marketing Experiment) – Shoutcart Review

  1. Hey Alex, just amazing value right there. Thanks for keeping, people like, me inspired.

  2. The biggest problem with instagram marketing is that you don't know who has real followers. When I was selling my online book, there were times when I didn't sell anything from a page with 1 mill folowers and sold like 10/20 books from a page that has 100k followers. It's a real lottery. But after a lot of testing it can be worth it, you just need to blow a lot of money testing accounts, contents and time to post.

  3. This is awesome, valuable content. Please do a campaign test of YouTube TrueView ads (unless you've done this already?)

  4. Our pr agency mostly deals with influencers that we have long-standing relationships with, but we are always on the look out to work with new influencers as well (although we're in a different space in fashion & beauty lifestyle pr)

  5. That's not the way to test. To test pick 5 low 30k-100k influencers in a targeted niche of your offer using ad variants. Rotate the ads through each and track which ads and which influencers do best and then scale up from there. Also did you check their followers for bot behavior? E.g. comments with generic verbiage , no acct pic? I think you need to vet and run a more comprehensive testing methodology.

  6. My focus has been to post things within the film industry ala BTS via what equipment we are using or the camera builds. The post that tend to get me followers are people interested in the mix of what the project was or regular film professionals.

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  8. Awesome video, absolutely adore your amazing feel:) Anybody before discovered heydominik? He is an pretty new, but awesome YouTuber and provides similar useful video tutorials with regards to Instagram and other social media strategies:) I highly recommend you check him out! #heydominik

  9. I agree that shout cart is not worth it. Also to help filter accounts always try and gauge following count versus the amount of engagement on an average post (I usually check the previous 9). If the engagement percentage is super low I wouldn't use on the risk there may be a lot of bot followers.

  10. Nice to see you using other peoples images.. and not even tagging them. That's not good business.

  11. Can Somebody shoutout me? My goal is to get 1k followers Ig: Gvidassz

  12. Hello Bro how are you…I just heard that instagram has blocked stopped shoutouts influencers marketing plz let me know is that true coz so many gurus talking about that…peace love from Pakistan ✌👍✔👍👍👍

  13. That's not the way to do it man. You need to find influencers in your niche, also your captions weren't good at all and your content on that IG account it wasn't that good so you can't expect anything from it. The last 24 hours I've grown 400-500 followers, no shoutouts nothing, without spending a single dime

  14. shoutcart has bad support. there is no contact and the help section is simple. it doesnt help.

  15. Wirklich gutes video und gute nuggets! xD auch doch mal beim Channel von Roland Leonardo vorbei, er hat auch coole videos zum Thema.

  16. i agree you definitely have to use influencers in your niche if you expect it to work

  17. Influencer marketing can be made easier especially on the part of finding influencers when used with search platforms with phlanx

  18. Hi Everyone. Great Video Alex. I have now subscribed to your youtube channel.
    I got a follower on Twitter who has 1.3m followers and follows everyone back. Messaged him for a shoutout and got 1300 plus followers back. Cost to me was Zero. I'm new to this social media marketing thing so also just finding my way. I have grown my Twitter account in the last 2 months from zero to 3148 followers. Instagram has been very tough to grow. Check me out @W_S_Canopies on Twitter.

  19. Not the wayto go bro, contact them directly, ask to see their insights and move on based from that. Dont ever use third party shoutout shits like that.

  20. Can i withdrew the Money from shoutcart.com by payoneer card because i don't have PayPal ??

  21. A great way to maximize your influencer marketing ventures in terms of time and results would be through tools such as influencer auditor to verify legitimacy.

  22. Hey man just wanted to let you and anyone watching this know that this isn't the best case study. I'd personally never use these kinds of services and stick to cold DM'ing and Emailing influencers in my niche. Also make sure they're legit by seeing how many people actually tag friends in their post since they can be faking their engagement via engagement groups etc. I've personally grown @nycdessert via IG to 45k so have a decent amount of expertise on both sides of the coin… One thing before I go… Whenever working with an influencer you should use an ETA not a simple @ mention as people rarely click a random name they've never heard of before otherwise.. Hope this helps! HMU anytime via @inkvirgin on IG

  23. I receive followers every day. The best option to gain audience is to interact with small account. I do this every day, like, comment, dm. If anyone is interested to have a shoutout from my IG account drop me a private message on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missmv.maria/

  24. Stop perpetuating this bullshit. The fact that these delusional retards think that being an "influencer" is a career says alot about our pathetic society.

  25. follow and dm this account for free shoutouts. https://www.instagram.com/rising__entrepreneurs/

  26. hey Alex, we would love you to review our instagram shoutout service, we'll give you $50 in FREE shoutouts just so you can test it

  27. reach out to accounts with 1million followers or more and expect 1000 or more people to follow you accordingly

  28. bro I emailed a bunch of accounts and payed $500 for a bunch of shoutouts and only gained 400 followers.

  29. The results are very less. Only viral content can get people's attention and keep posting amazing content, thanks

  30. Obviously it’s unsuccessful the ad you posted was awful. Why did you think anyone would follow you from that? If you put yourself in front of 100,000 people and 100 of them follow you back it’s your fault not the influencer

  31. 2:47 – its just non compelling ad copy not giving anyone a reason to follow you

  32. the basics of marketing – write copy that gets people to take an action that BENEFITS them. None of you ads had any benefits for the person following you.

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  34. I have shoutcart.com account with $52 in it, which I am not using anymore. Anyone wants to take it for $45? email me at jijospeaks at gmail dot com

  35. follow me ill follow back: xzavirodz if you unfollow, ill do the same, js.

    i have a new account thats why im posting this here.

  36. I have an unused Shoutcart.com balance of $52. They are unable to do a refund. Anyone wants to take it over for $40? jijospeaks at gmail

  37. Yea dont just use randon influencers if you promoting something about dogs go to a influencer that niche is about dogs

  38. and just because you didnt get any leads it has a lot to do with your ad copy and target the timing and everything and what angle you coming at. And a lot of time a lot of people have fake followers

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  40. They have akon on here with 47.9M followers for ONLY $195. If only .1% of that amount of people 47,000 check out his page and only .1% of that followed him 4,700 and if only .01% of them bought his brought that would mean 47 people purchased his item. I sell beats so if i sold 47 beats times $40 each for a basic lease thats $1,880. PLUS i get to keep the 4,700 followers and all for the low price of ONLY $195?!?! Sounds like a great investment to me! LOL
    Also this is very REALISTIC numbers game i'm talking .1% views/followers/ purchasing products……

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