What’s up you guys welcome back to my
channel so for today’s video I have another booboo haul but this one is
absolutely huge I have so many items to share with you guys so today’s video is
in partnership with boohoo and they actually let me go ahead and choose all
of the items that I wanted to share with you guys so there are so many good
pieces here I feel like I kind of gravitated towards kind of spring items
you know that in-between a winter and spring where like the Sun is starting to
come out with starting to get a little bit warmer but it’s still kind of chilly
in the air I feel like those are the pieces that I thought I mean that’s the
weather then about these pieces for anyways for those of you who are oh D
subscribers you know that I am absolutely obsessed with boohoo not only
do they always have the most amazing sales like I’m talking you guys can get
such high percentages off these items because they’re always hosting like
really huge sales I’m actually gonna leave this sale that they’re currently
having it down below in the description box that way you guys can see it what
kind of percentage you can get off but yeah they’re always having amazing sales
their items are always so affordable like they already are affordable and
then on top of it you get like amazing discounts they’re always adding new
pieces which is really great too because the variety is always there’s there’s so
much variety on boohoo my favorite thing to do is always go on the new in section
and just see what they always have new all the times so yeah I’m gonna go ahead
and share these pieces that I picked out I will link every single item that I
show you guys today down below just so you guys know those links are affiliate
links which means that I do receive a small commission so if you guys do
choose to purchase through them that I really appreciate that but yeah let’s
just get into the haul the first piece is the sweater that I’m wearing I’m so
obsessed with this sweater you guys like I can actually see myself wearing this a
lot it’s really great because it goes all the way up to so if it is actually
really cold you know then you can zip it up and you don’t have your chest all out
and cool and it’s also cropped which is really cute I’m actually wearing it with
some leggings right now some high waisted leggings so I’m just obsessed
with this I actually picked it out in a nude as well but it’s at the bottom of
the piles I will show you that after but yeah I’m just obsessed
with this and I absolutely love this color of this gray I just tend to like
gravitate towards I just feel like gray is one of my top colors I just love it
it’s also very comfy and cozy not too thick so perfect for spring because it’s
cropped again kind of perfect for spring when the weather is not super super cold
so this is gonna be great for like March April May
sometimes even June weather depending on where you live I did pick up this other
item this is actually a bodysuit I’m so obsessed with this not only am i
obsessed with the detailing of this but I love the actual body suit itself I’m
also obsessed with the color so oh I think I forgot to mention oh I actually
don’t remember what size I bought this in whatever I’ll link I’ll leave all the
sizes listed down below but this I got in the u.s. eight which I’m really happy
I got in an eight cuz it looks like a six and usually a 6/8 so this item runs
a little bit on the small side so just make sure you kind of size up if you’re
normally a four by six if you’re normally an eight by a ten and you know
so on and so on but yeah this is so gorgeous I love the ribbed detailing not
only do I love that I love the open kind of detailing there’s no buttons so it’s
very simplistic and it’s just like folds open it’s so so pretty and it’s
long-sleeve so again if it’s a little bit chilly outside you don’t really have
to worry you can just throw on a jacket or in some weather you can get away with
not even wearing any jacket and yeah I just I’m obsessed with this color I feel
like this color also looks really good on me I really love baby blue I’m not a
huge color person but I would say my favorite color to paint you guys know
this but like my other colors that I really do like to wear is baby blue I
think it’s just really pretty I don’t wear it often not gonna lie but I do
think it’s really pretty so I am excited for this I just kind of imagine this
with some nude joggers but I looked in my closet for somebody I don’t have new
joggers so I think I’m gonna pair it with some gray ones and sure you got and
show you guys how it looks cuz I think this would look so good with new it as
well then the next thing I got speaking of baby pink was this second kind of
different for me I feel like this is throwing it back old-school I used to
wear these like button-up cardigans all the time was like a young teenager but I
saw the model wear this on boohoo and I loved the way they styled it I just
thought it was so like preppy like a little bit of that preppy look just
something a little bit different but still really pretty especially if you
have cleavage showing I feel like if you have cleavage showing this just it just
amps it up and looks really pretty and I love this baby pink color so I feel like
this will look really nice with jeans and some sneakers cuz it’s like pairing
this sneakers with it kind of dresses it down and makes it like edgy and tomboy
but then you’ve got this super like preppy baby pink top and I just I kind
of like that pair so yeah I thought this was really pretty next piece that I got
I am absolutely obsessed with it’s this grey crewneck and I just love like the
wording and the colors I love how it’s like this rustic red and orange colors
that are bringing it in and I love love love the grade so much it says Calabasas
which I ain’t from calvess has never been there but I’m still gonna rock this
because I thought it said University anyways I’m still gonna rock it cuz it’s
super cute and I just like look how cute that is
oh I just I died then I got another sweater which is this kind of like
periwinkle which is really interesting again periwinkle is one of those colors
that I actually do really like I tend to really love pastels and sometimes neons
but anyways I absolutely thought this was the cutest thing ever
again never been to Newport you know but I’m still gonna rock this sweatshirt
because it’s really cute and it kind of has this very like vintage feel to it it
even has like a little bit of a vintage material almost like harp you guys just
tell on camera but just in person know that it has a little bit of this like
worn vintage kind of feel and vibe to it which I actually really love and I love
the fit of it it kind of is very slow Chi like you guys can even see how the
bottom just like curves and slouches so it’s not gonna like tighten at your way
your hips kind of just gonna be very like slouchy and oversized and very just
loose kind of fitting so I thought this was so cute I would definitely just pair
it with leggings obviously jeans too but I would definitely pair it with leggings
most likely it’s just so adorable I kiss would look really pretty with nude just
to kind of like bring in another light tone or you know just black or gray
whatever but I just love this periwinkle color that I’m obsessed with periwinkle
I think it’s so pretty again I mean I don’t I don’t even think I own anything
that’s periwinkle so this is gonna be the first item but back in the day used
to love wearing periwinkle shadow because it was just really pretty fun
yeah so I did get another color in that bodysuit because you guys know how I am
if I see an item and I’m like that’s a staple that is just a great piece I need
it in all the colors that I like so if it comes in black gray blue look I want
it in all the colors so I got it in this really dark gray you guys know I love
grey it’s one of my favorite colors especially when it says deep charcoal I
think it’s just so Moody and pretty and like it just looks really nice I think
I’m just obsessed with the simplistic detailing of this bodysuit just like the
open know button v-neck it’s just it’s so pretty so then I actually got this
really dope jean jacket I love it because it doesn’t have any distressed
detailing it’s kind of very simple and clean I do love distressed detailing as
well but I just kind of also like to have this one was cropped but it didn’t
have any distressed detailing I also like that it isn’t such a light blue
just to switch things up again I do like light blue denim especially denim
jackets but I like how this one’s more of like a medium blue
it’s very hello I’m over here thank you it’s very like classic and clean and
simple and I just think it’s absolutely gorgeous I am a sucker for a denim
jacket you guys like I literally have a 5 in my closet when I was gonna
in my closet I had to like declutter so much but I just could not let go of my
denim jackets I just I’m just obsessed with them they’re just they’re so
classic they’re so they’re very me like I just really love them and then the
next piece that I got I just thought they’re just a really pretty black dress
I feel like you can never have enough black dresses in your closet because if
you do have to go somewhere last-minute sometimes I don’t want to have to think
about an outfit since it is last-minute so I know that I can always go to a
black dress like you can never go wrong with a black dress so I just loved this
one because it’s kind of like this v-neck wrap style and it has the little
tie here so I thought it was just very classic and simple and clean very pretty
it does have a little bit of like ribbed detailing as well so you guys are almost
sucker for a t-shirt and I absolutely love this so much I think it is so cute
the main reason why I think it’s so cute it’s just literally a plain black tea
but the saying is so me it literally says small but sassy like that describes
every cancer ever like cancers are one of the most sassiest signs and I’m also
501 so your girl’s small but sassy so I thought this would be cute honestly if
you’re running errands you could just throw this on with a pair of leggings
and you’re good to go but if you really want to style it up you could cut it and
crop it or you could just tie it up in a knot on the side and kind of crop it or
wear it tucked into some jeans I’m just a sucker for a t-shirt and also go know
the other thing I like about this you probably can’t tell on camera but the
black is a little bit of a faded black like maybe you can tell if I yeah maybe
you can kind of tell if I put them side by side it’s a little bit slightly of
more of a tone down worn out black which I really like for a t-shirt because it’s
not so stark it’s a little bit more in vintage II so this is pretty much the
sweater that I’m wearing today but in nude and I just thought how gorgeous is
this again with nude leggings or gray
leggings or throwing some jeans I’m like a sucker for a cropped sweater
what I love what these tools are not too cropped like they don’t show too much of
my stomach cuz I don’t like to show like if I’m going in public I don’t want to
show like my whole damn stomach I want to just show a little a little sneak
peek you know so I like how they’re not too short they’re not too cropped and I
just love the like white detailing zipper so this one I got in these size
us6 and I feel like it fits really nice you guys can see there’s still a lot of
room it’s like a nice loose fit so I ended up getting this necklace because I
came across that they actually have astrology necklaces on boohoo and you
guys know I’m obsessed with zodiac signs wait I’m trying to make sure it’s
straight yeah I’m obsessed with zodiac signs so I love this one this is a
cancer necklace and I just saw how cute just so I can just let the world know
ahead of time and warn them but I’m in cancer okay and then I think that these
two sweaters because I could just tell from the website that they were gonna be
a very light weight thin material and I was like that’s actually gonna be really
good even to just lounge around the house in or to run a really quick errand
like if you’re just popping in the grocery store you know you kind of want
to throw something on I feel like you could just throw this on in the
springtime it’s just very light if you can even see the way that it bounces
very thin and like soft super super cozy and soft still and it kind of has a
slouchy fit like you can see how the drop shoulder how the shoulder shoulder
drops it down so I do really love that and I just decided to get it in a block
because I feel like you can never go wrong if you want a piece to just be
like a throw on lounge piece then just get it in nude and black or gray and
black and you’re good to go so I picked that up so yeah I think we’re getting
into the lounge items now I just showed you those two pieces these are very
lounging like I wear them around the house but I still would kind of wear
them out these two are pajama sets which if you
guys follow me on Instagram and watch the vlogs and stuff you know I’ve been
just on the hunt for like really cute pajama sets ones that are really
comfortable because I’m not gonna lie I am really picky I live materials that
are lightweight and kind of just like thin like I don’t want to walk around
the house and like think have the items I pretty much walk around naked if I
could all the time literally like I like to just be free and like you know so I
want really materials that are gonna be very lightweight and free and and airy
so I found these two and I just thought they were so cute
first off this one is absolutely adorable that says it says baby and it’s
a baby pink which I just think is so baby like a bubblegum pink and it comes
with shorts that I will show you guys how it looks on me but honestly just
completely adorable and then this one is more like leggings so here are the legs
I mean you guys will see it on me but they’re kind of Valentine’s leggings it
says be mine gorgeous kiss me little like hearts all over the
place and I just thought that these were both really cute little like PJ lounge
that’s to wear around the house and yeah I kind of was in the need for it I am so
obsessed with this sweater you guys if there’s one thing you need to buy from
this haul I’m telling you it is this so whether I’m not joking ok so that is
pretty much it for everything that I have to share with you guys I hope you
really enjoyed I hope you liked how I styled the items I will link everything
down below as well as leave my size because I know you guys like to use it
as a reference boo who is also really great because they actually have a
button on their website that says what’s my size I use it all the time actually
and it’s really accurate sometimes I can be confused like you know I don’t know
if I should get a 6 or an 8 or whatever so I’ll click the what’s my size button
and you fill in your like it’ll ask you your body type with pictures and stuff
like that it’ll ask you your height your way
and it’ll give you an estimate on what they think what size they think you
should buy and it’s really accurate like I use that tool all the time so I think
that that’s a really cool addition um and yeah just in general but who is a
great place to shop like I said you don’t have to break the bank to look
good and beat in trend and get really cute trendy items or even just revamp
your wardrobe so yeah that is pretty much it you guys hopefully you enjoyed
it seeing this video and of course I will see you guys in my next one bye

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