HTML Full Course – Build a Website Tutorial

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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching my course

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  2. I couldn't get it opened in the web browser it just stayed blank the hole time

  3. Does anyone knows what he's doing for zooming in and out? I'm pretty sure he's not using the regular zoom feature.

  4. so imo
    freecodecamp is a disciple of w3schools ?
    thats why ur logo and color very similar xd
    or maybe u guys are the part of w3schools 🙂

  5. WOW, I really needed this: a year ago I tried html in school, just really really basics, got interested and forgot ab that. Now I wanted to "re discover" this field and this is exactly what I nedded to start with the right foot! Thank you very much, never heard someone so clarly explain, gonna dive more into coding!! 🙂

  6. Hello, Great video, I'm 52 from Nepal. I love the way you make people understand , the way of explaining,, keep it up, God bless you.

  7. The most learner friendly HTML tutorial I’ve seen. I finally have my “oh now I get it” moment. Thank you Mike.

  8. I have started to watch this video today and finished it today itself. He covered HTML tags which are regularly used while we are developing a website. I recommend this to beginners only.

  9. My first thought was like wow, this surfer dude is going to teach me HTML? but great video man! keep it up

  10. This is GOLD! Thanks for putting up all these free resources! Can't wait to build my own site!

  11. This is an excellent HTML tutorial video. Thank you for doing this.

  12. you can also do a smaller text

    <p align="center">
    <font size="1"> Your Text </font>

  13. bro. dont be telling people html is easy, it makes it harder for us to convince people we are mystical pc whisperers

  14. Hi I just want to ask that if i learn html and CSS 3 and design my own website using atom or any editor , should i pay to make it available on the internet?

  15. When I refresh it there is not text so I can't see my header, I don't understand what im doing wrong 🙁

  16. For the tables, is there a way to actually draw in the lines of the tables to make them visible?

  17. I'm self teaching coding. I'm using you and a few others so I just subscribed. But this is the 3rd time I've watched this. I watched your 4 hour SQL in one sitting. I want this more so bad it's a hunger in my gut.

  18. when it was a month I was having nothing. I knew small amounts of python but that's it. I found c++ and made a mini game. a month later my friend made me think about changing so I changed to JavaScript. I then tried using 6 languages and settled with 3 which is CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

  19. I really need help, when I change the coding and refresh the online page it doesn’t change

  20. thank you so much for that wonderful effort, informative and easy way to put things together

  21. I’m refreshing on html since I was about 75% done learning it and life happened. I’m only 20 minutes into your video and I can already tell if I’d just friggin started learning here I would have saved so much time and trouble compared to how I did learn it. Since I’m already familiar with most of what you’re teaching I can say that you have great patience to teach this stuff to simpletons like me and you do it clearly and best of all, succinctly. You blow the pants off the other methods I’ve tried. Thanks for providing such a great resource to me and other visual learners who just needed a better way to understand this stuff😊

  22. I just downloaded Atom on my Mac running Mojave, and every time I try to refresh the webpage, the code that I've written from Atom doesn't show 🙁 What am I doing wrong? any help would be appreciated!!

  23. 28:13 You can use the <strong> "your text here" </strong> tag instead of the "B" tag.

  24. Thank you very much for such high quality tutorial. I have become a fan of Mike. Great content. i will contribute in freecodecamp someday.

  25. Thank you very much! Awesome video. Now I feel myself ready to start reading some html codes than until now I was just copy/pasting. Thanks a lot.

  26. I have done everything 10 times but cant get past the first "Hello World" to open what am i doing wrong?? Oh well i will just keep going.

  27. This is not the best way of teaching html, should go for windows notepad, and explain the basic functions.

  28. This video was great! I really was clear and straight on and not misleading. I was creating my website along it and it was great! I am not sure if this javascript or not but I wish he would talk about getting a url on your website. But still I would recommend this to anyone trying to learn html.

  29. Thank you so much! My dad and i made a deal that if i learned a coding language i would get a high end gaming pc! guess what happened?

  30. 45:20 this reminds me of the websites from 2010
    pls dont do your website like this its just not looking good
    but good tutorial tho

  31. One of the best introductions of HTML I have watched so far. Well explained and quite comprehensive. A lot of info so you need to go through it a few times. I always watch at least 3 or 4 videos done by different authors on the same topic as it's good to get the authors different perspectives and this helps you get to grips with aspects you may not have grasped in previous explanations of a topic. Good one !

  32. Thanks Man!
    really had a good day after watching this video, learnt something useful today.

  33. Man, you are boring. I recommend that you learn to stop repeating yourself and wasting our time with your useless descriptions.

  34. This is great!
    I just finished an html course at freecodecamp and saw this as a review. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!

  35. thank you for giving free services without advertisement. I hope I will meet you in person.

  36. I have to save my html code every time….where you are just refreshing them??? when ever i refresh them it shows the previous code and I'm also using atom.

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