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hello youtube so today I have Sean with
me and yeah I forgot what I was gonna say sir the video time for territory so
the other day I mean Sean we’re talking about something with the office and he
was trying to test my knowledge on the show and since I’ve watched the office
like 13 times I thought we would make it into a video so today Sean’s gonna be
testing me on office trivia we downloaded the app dunder trivia and
hope you enjoy if you’re new here hello my name is Tori cyclic I make new videos
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description at TS s62 and 95 now let’s get into the video obviously not
sponsored or anything but this is how the app looks so it tells you you answer
the questions on sup you get one wrong start again and then your Street
determines your score alright first question where did Michael and Jen spend
Christmas vacation together at Sandals resort in Jamaica Caribbean no no no no
no Jamaica and Jamaica who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer IJ does who
was not a CEO of Dunder Mifflin Jim Brice David Wallace Allen brand Robert
California Jim Brice when Michael science of the diversity they form whose
name does he sign so Jim Beam Steve Miller and Daffy Duck or Bob Saget Daffy
Duck what Christmas gift does janya Pam that is Yankee Swap sister teapot a harp
poker chips or a disco ball Gianna Jim Jim sorry I’m the keeper I was like Jan
doesn’t Admetus Bob what was the name of the cat that Dwight guys Raymond our
Angela’s dead cat yep it’s a garbage Gandhi pussy or Pam garbage I was
thinking I was jumping too quickly on my question what was the name of the
all-day Gore’s fast Kevin and Pam during her pregnancy baby feast
ultra-feast Scranton strangler full name is reported to be Michael Lewis Smith
george howard skub Jack the Ripper or John Wayne Gacy George Howard scrap the
scab correct in fact that it gives you options here
said my parents used to scramble to find babysitters so they could take my little
brother to do stuff Andy Andy Michael asked to the office what the number one
cause of death is in America what is Dwight’s response dating shotgun
weddings serial killers and dieting Oh for seconds Oh God I’m the third one in
corrected with shotgun wedding Oh round two what was Stanley’s car hit by in the
season three episode of safety training the watermelon when he drops from the
top rack school was not on the team that went to Tallahassee or Tallahassee
Michael Jim Dwight Stanley Michael who shares a birthday with Eva Longoria
Michael Dwight Andy Aaron you like it’s Michael it’s like a tune it was Michael
in season 1 episode 2 diversity day what famous comedian stand up Chris Rock
what role did Michael Scott’s real wife play in the office oh she was on the his
real estate agent for the first apartment he was buying who’s really
kind of a realtor yet what kind of car did Andy sell to Dwight TransAm Toyota
Corolla Buick LeSabre or a Nissan except Ella Sabre nope it’s trans oh is the
Nissan Xterra round 3 which member of the office had a cancer scare on
Michaels birthday um I got Kevin episode goodbye Michael
what does Pam say Michael seems full up at the end of the episode we’ll help
correct what is the name of Ryan’s business idea for a social media what WP
wuphf Thorg the name of the woman who was having an
affair with Michael jen-jen Donna Newton Olivia Jon Missy tart Donna
Union what does Carol dress as at the Diwali party oh it’s just as a
cheerleader how much did the fitness world
right the fitness or yeah dollars $75 $25 $15 $25 what is the name of the book
that Michael Scott wrote best boss manager him somehow I managed and he
stands on the cover like this and the episode prince family paper what is the
signal numb by clicking your lips in it what’s his last name Jim Halpert what
color shirts do the Scranton branch employees wear it and you have sort of
company picnic oh right Michael falls into one of these on point
find Phil’s give Michael as a Secret Santa gift then either it’s either a
cooking man running as a man of another net through concentration what can do I
raise and lower his cholesterol what was just first assistants named hunter what
new employee is dubbed the new Dwight um Bob jameelah Clark oh Clark they call a
plop who goes with Michael to confront Donna’s husband in the season 6 episode
of chump Andy Oscar Jim or Michael I think it’s
Andy is definitely because Dwight goes to the gym to try to flirt with her who
has to be always liked in the office Sam during the first on this episode which
employee receives the don’t go in there after me man what did Michael host in
order to drum up more business when Michael Scott paper company the painting
right lunch in and he made the pinky looks like pieces of paper named Toby’s
daughter Sasha Sasha ami the leader it’s Sasha how much money did Angela spend on
princess ling $3,000 down laws 100k $10,000 $7,000 and nothing was a gift
current Harry your salary I think was $10,000 incorrect 7,000
let’s go round four I like that it gives you multiple options so it like four
like the one with Toby’s daughter I was like I think her name Sashi I don’t know
no and once I heard it it was like oh yeah I know exactly what it is but I’m
trying to answer faster before you do you want to do around where we don’t
give you multiple choice just to see yeah well I think so yeah let’s do
around are you dunking me two choices how long do I have to ask you 15 seconds
okay that’s good to know Michael went to the same high school as who Phyllis how
much did Michael pay from the marijuana to frame Toby Oh God
I think it was like ten dollars or something that’s definitely an option
oh no I don’t know five hundred that’s Michael and Holly accidentally revealed
which branch is closing at the company picnic I’m Syracuse mm-hmm it’s an
upstate New York one who’s it’s not Syracuse Oh God which one is it but I
know it’s upstate New York at Buffalo buffalo it was Buffalo you would have
gotten egg crack didn’t have enough time yeah Jim joins Pam in recruiting Dwight
for this agency Oh CIA what NFL great makes an appearance in the episode the
convention playing himself and ultimate rejection wife invites was party later
that night see this is something I need an answer for examine who these people
are I don’t know Peyton Manning it wasn’t paying man he was real
embarrassed I was like man has never been on the office I have no idea who
that is what does Tom Packers license play say it’s something about like
hooking up with women no stud muffin no oh god I don’t know I know this one well
hung damn it I knew that I knew that what is Dwight’s mother’s name I think
we need to go X having Betty Janet or Pam Betty Oh God
what role did Dwight play in Oklahoma in the seventh grade
mutti the mailman pre mcclain knew Tina now man which state did Michael move to
in the episode goodbye Michael Scott Sankar Colorado
Boulder Boulder Colorado Boulder Colorado in the episode dinner party who
does do I offer some of his beet salad to Michael hem Angela jam jam Oh God
what was the name of Jan’s candle company
I’m serenity by Jan where does Michael consider the new golf course on business
Cooper’s Scranton Park Steamtown mall Chili’s Chili’s who does Dwight quote
from during his acceptance speech for salesman of the year that Midler mouth
Mussolini Brad Pitt miscellany what is andy’s last name Andy Bernard
I almost said Dwyer except about what is Ryan’s last man Howard which office
employee did Michael hit with his car Meredith what is the name of the company
that does saber sobre slobber most shots where we can see crews monitor what is
he playing solitaire what does Daryl tell Michael is a game
way to attack someone a gang way to attack someone Dinkin Flicka okay fluffy
fingers fuck my girls happy hands fluffy stickers I was like dick and fuck is the
other ranges home who drove the forklift into a wall after the warehouse guys won
the lottery and quit Michael Kelly Andy Dwight Michael no Dwight Dwight let’s go
one more round one round all right round five I’m gonna need a smoker okay
what was growing that gave him a distinct to old man smell among beans in
company picnic what branch receives news of closing Buffalo not Nashville
no I jeanny Alfredo what does Dwight tell Holly about Kevin to Heiser
oh that he’s um he’s a mentally challenged person look what was Kevin’s
nationality during diversity day Spanish Italian who said I’m not superstitious
by my goal easy Andi was engaged to who before he did in
there Angela who said I love him so inside jokes I love easy come on
what does Holly’s last name my fax name of Michaels boss at the telemarketing
company is it Matt Smith Nick figure room nickname in the episode chair model
ham would receive Michaels chair when he got new one who would be at Pam’s chair
Creed what does Kevin write in the memo line of the check and give him to Pam
before their wedding forever and always – loves eternal glory till have the
traveler a married couple mr. and mrs. no-till loves eternal glory and then she
goes oh my gosh the first time I seen my name like this what’s the name of
Michael screenplay which Pam finds this direct level midnight after that who
made the first sale of the Michael Scott Paper Company bandit who said this is a
documentary oh I always thought we were like specimens in the human Zoo Dwight
Michael Kelly Kevin Michael no definite not Michael I think it’s Kevin where did
Jim and Pam get married um Niagara Falls Jim told Dwight the
flasher is in this location in the women’s room under the sink behind the
coach couch right in a stall above the sink
about the sink in the mirror correct what does Sally’s last name Hudson who
does Oscar have an affair with Robert Lipton Robert Lipton Anna
Robert Kelly all right look Jenna senator state state senator who’s the
only character that shares is there right what is the perfume of Bob Vance
got Phyllis made out of hemp oil whiskey musk max real pine mask incorrect real
pine really all right here we go all right it’s never gonna swap swap around
I’ve only washed the office once I yeah I can’t believe I watch the office like
13 times okay here we go let’s do it any episode Scott’s tots
what does Michael give the students instead of college tuition batteries
laptop who said but I was in teenager I was in
iron lung Michael Creed Andy Dwight Greek name of the Stanford employee who
quit on his first day in Scranton Tony Gardner gene Simmons Tammy Newman John
Lewis I know this answer was very easy the first woman Jim convinces right that
he’s turning into this small child zombie vampire woman really yeah
Jim convinces right here turning yeah what was the name of the secret agent
and Michael’s threat level midnight screenplay mark for what boy’s name does
Michael want to name Jan’s baby Chevy William Jim Bradley should what
was the picture hanging up in the wall and Jim’s parents house all right in the
episode double-date why didn’t pan punch Michael he her food
he fired her he kissed her he broke up with her mom they broke up with her mom
go in the office weighs 82 pounds no way we left I thought at the moment in the
show what is the name of Michael’s Cologne debonair Knight swept the man
snowflake I think Devon Aaron Knight swept
which outlet store just white tell Jan to shop at while she waits for him and
Taylor t.j.maxx Trader Joe’s Liz Claiborne it’s not what to do next
wrong let’s Claiborne I thought I was Aunt Eller oh who said I’m sorry I know
I do with my friendship Michael Andy Dwight Toby Toby whoa
which of Angela’s cats does Dwight fries sprinkles election who won the spicy
curry award at the dundies very easy lootellan not an option okay we’ll
listen Angela Jim Kelly Pam two seconds watch my again nope it’s Kelly it’s in
the dundies the first time he’s at mayson’s because spicy curry cause she’s
Indian who said I feel God in this Chili’s tonight
very easy Merkel Pam Dwight Michael Kelly
Michael wrong its Pam when she accepts her Dundee work she goes back up for
work where does Ryan work after he gets fired from corporate chili is a bowling
alley the parking lot the warehouse oh yeah what is the special filing cabinet
for things from corporate according to Michael Scott the trash can the garbage
disposal the top drawer the toilet the garbage can
what type of firm just white on who said bankruptcy is nature’s do-over it’s
looking Dwight a thing with the oceans ryankevin create Michael right now it’s
Creed I thought it was Michael there you go that’s today’s video for you guys if
you guys want to download that up and do your own version of this video do that I
think it’s a fun reform you I’ve also watched a lot of TV shows multiple times
like Parks and Rec in 30 rock and the office and Doctor Who as well and la
yeah lots of show so if there’s other ones that you would like to see this for
deceive me testing my knowledge of different TV shows leave that in the
comments down below as well thank you guys so much for watching
dftba and i’ll see you guys next time bye bye shot they’re gonna go play
pokemon go you

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  1. Fantastic video! Really fun to watch! Dont think ive ever watched any of the American Office. Its bad I know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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