How To Tie A Half Windsor Knot | Half-Windsor Necktie Video Tutorial | Tying Neck-tie Halfwindsor

Today, we�re going to learn how to tie the
Half Windsor knot which is one of the most popular necktie knots out there. [Music] Its main characteristics are one, medium-sized,
symmetrical in shape. Two, it is slightly more formal in nature. And three, it works well with the medium spread
collar. To start tying a Half Windsor knot, drape
the tie over your neck, adjust it until the wide end is longer than the narrow end. The exact length is going to vary from person
to person and depending on the length of the necktie itself. First, cross the wide end of the tie over
the narrow end and then, bring it around and behind the narrow end. Take it over and through the opening near
your neck. [Music] Wrap the wide end across the front, then under
and through the neck opening. [Music] Now, pull the wide end of the knot through
the loop formed in the front. Tighten the knot by pulling on the wide end while holding the
knot until you�re satisfied with the look. Bring the knot up to your neck by holding the narrow
end of the tie while pushing the knot up with your other hand. Finally, keep your tie looking tight by putting
the narrow end through the keeper loop on the back of the tie. [Music] Your tie should rest between the top and middle
of your belt line. If it�s too short, start over making the narrow end higher. If it�s too long, start with narrow end
lower. The Half Windsor knot is a classic tie knot that will work
for any formal occasion. [Music] 2 Be sure to check out the article and infographic
for detailed step by step look at tying the Half Windsor knot. Make sure to like this video, subscribe to
our YouTube channel and let me know in the comments what you thought of this video.

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  2. Nice video! Easy to follow steps and description. Thank you.

  3. You can visually estimate if the tie is too long (or too short) before you pull the wide end through the loop; that way it makes it easier if you have to re-tie the tie.

  4. I have been fallowing this channel for a while now, and learned a lot. My wardrobe has slowly but steady gone from washed out jeans and t-shirts to dark jeans, slim-fit shirts, matching shoes and belt, and so on. I even have more haircuts the past 5 months then i usually had for a year! I really feel changed i so many ways and its raised my confidence by a lot, I have even gotten back to dating (seeing this beautiful Ukrainian girl now :D) But two weeks ago i noticed something wrong. I felt really sharply dressed, but still something was holding me way back. It was my horrible posture.
    I went back and put on some clothes i thought looked terrible on me, but when standing straight, shoulders back and chin up it actually didn't look that bad, meaning attitude and posture is just as important as the way you dress. I rushed to your channel but could not find any videos on posture. And if it's not to much to ask i would really love if you made a video about it, with maybe some tips for how to improving it and exercises?

    Thanks and greetings from Norway!

  5. why didn't u make this 4 days ago when I had my school photo 😢😭. otherwise great video!!

  6. I have a 2nd round interview in about 3 hours. I will be rocking this knot! Thanks again for another great video!

  7. I love the Half Windsor for its symmetry. A Full Windsor would be too big for my face/body so this is my go to knot.

  8. Hi Antonio -Been using this knot most of my life due to it's symmetry. If using a thick fabric, the knot may be too large. The only difference I make is to ensure no "dimple" coming down from the knot. I "iron out" the dimple or fold with my thumb underneath to smooth it out.IMHO the best perfect appearance. Thanx for your vids on various styles – Joe

  9. I went from remnants of high school clothes to sharp, manly clothes in 1 month thanks to you. Thanks so much, man.

  10. Very glad to see, that you added the birdview perspective, like some commentators in your previous tie knot video suggested. Makes copying far more easy 🙂
    Keep up the good work. Cheers from Germany!

  11. I am absolutely loving this style of videos Antonio! Keep them coming. 😀

  12. What is the formality code for tie knots? Where does this tie work best, and where does the full windsor fit in?

  13. It's a nice video. I love the different camera angles. But shouldn't the bigger part of the tie be on the left side?

  14. I'm really liking the direction this channel it going to, the videos are short yet they tell you exactly what you need to know. Keep up the good work!

  15. Shouldn't the tie finish between the bellybutton and the start of the trousers? good video as always Antonio

  16. probably the smoothest tutorial and best put together video i have seen from RMRS 🙂 good work Antionio!

  17. This is so clear and simple. You make learning how to tie a necktie as easy as rolling off a log.

  18. Could you do a video on tips for tying different knots? I know how to tie the knots, that's not what I'm asking, but things like getting the dimple just right, things you wish you had known when you first learned how to tie them.

  19. Is the tie dimple completely necessary or personal preference

  20. Love the video. Glad to see that you recognize that simple videos like these are still much needed within the community. Thanks!

  21. I know you are from military,so that you have proven background in clothing behavior, bodystyle,politeness, leadership, etc..and now you decided to pour that huge amounts of resources to the growth of men…I appreciate your aptitude.. All the best to your family,brother…. Which country you really belongs to?…. will meet you once… after winning Olympics,joining into NASA as a scientist,while the time I decided to make a movie … bye now…

  22. Hi Antonio I do this each time I tie my tie thank you for showing this I learned when I was 10 yrs old

  23. You should make other videos for the most known knots out there and when they should/shouldn't be worn 🙂

  24. These are excellent. I had a interview a few months back where they had a segment called "How to". I showed how to tie a tie. I also used the article for your website and used the pictures as reference. It was quite interesting as one of the panel interviewers had never tied their own tie (told him to check out your article) and he was a few years older than me, I'm 24. I have been tie a tie since I was 15, even though I am legally blind. Thanks for the great tutorial and videos.

  25. Clean, simple and easy. This can be said for this style of videos as well as the tie. Nice work Antonio.

  26. Thank you Mr. Centeno for this wonderful video, this is the knot I use for every time I wear a tie. and finally I know how to measure the right adjustment of the length, I struggled with that before, the dimple comes out great , now is one shot and that's it !

  27. Done everything according to the video, however my knot is not really triangular shaped, it's rather a square.

  28. The instructions weren’t clear enough. I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan.

  29. This is how I usually tie a tie, when I wear one. But more often than not I will wear a cravat, or perhaps a bow-tie (a real one, not one of those pre-tied comedy-circuit elastic jobbies: Her Majesty detests those, don'tcha know…)

  30. This video was excellent as is all your videos. However, my preferred necktie knot is DaRocDok Knot. This is my augmented implementation of the Pratt Knot and/or Shelby Knot. My modification to the Pratt Knot and/or Shelby Knot is that I start with the necktie around my neck as usual, not turned outwards, but then just before I start tying DaRocDok Knot I turn each side of the tie outwards, just below my collar, and then tie the Pratt Knot and/or Shelby Knot as usual. DaRocDok Knot is excellent because it uses a minimum of necktie length and may be used for even thick leather neckties. Also, as a male model, in my professional opinion, I do not place a dimple in my necktie knot. Finally, I always wear a tie clip with my necktie

  31. How can an admin make a registered account for me in means real style Q&A?

  32. I like the instruction and the visual, but would have been a nice touch if you were there to point out little tricks like how to pinch the top to add a dimple.

  33. This is an exceptionally well done tutorial on this knot. By far the best one I've seen, and I've looked up quite a few.

  34. Im always perplexed by the guys wearing their ties super short, like 3/4 chest area or shorter. I mean how come it did not occur to them something is not right? 😀 And thanks, Antonio, maybe I'll finally teach myself the half windsor – I was going for Oriental or Half-in-hand all my life (simplest & dad taught me)

  35. Still no attention to the dimple, eventhough the model does seem to have one in some of the shots.

    Nice and great looking walkthroughs otherwise!

  36. Is there a change you could do "How to (and when to) wear Ascot tie, bow tie and maybe scarf"? Because all I know, not all shirts will look good with any of those.

  37. also, a half windsor doesn't work very well with a skinny tie ……… if you're in finance or law, you'd wanna wear a full spread collar and a full windsor, ideally you'll need a tie with a base between 3" – 3.5"

  38. I like to create my dimple then pinch it together prior to tightening my tie. This way it keeps a nice dimple and also helps create the nice equilateral triangle. Very sharp.

  39. Love the view for the Top. I sure this time I'm will not forget it.
    Great video 🙂

  40. Simple and very informative in such a short amount of time. I half Windsor is my favorite for an everyday formal look.

  41. 👍 Simple steps. Very very helpful. Just in time to use for my black and white checkered tie and bowtie. Going to Sis Graduation in style. 📷

  42. Just so you know, the infographic pictorial attached to this video shows a different way to tie this knot. I believe that the video shows the correct way as it produces a symmetrical knot.

  43. Just did it watching the video. Thanks Antonio love your channel. Keep up the good work.

  44. Great instructional video, Antonio. The half-windsor is a good alternative to the 4-in-hand.

  45. Best tutorial Ever!!! easy, elegant and precise 😀 …Subscribed 🙂

  46. the half windsor knot is it or so great for Casual occasion?

  47. Antonio please recheck tutorial and the infographic. They differ from eachother? Step 4/5 is different

  48. I am watching a lot of tie knot videos and it is interesting how many differ for the same knot. For example, if you watch this one, he does a Nicky-style crossover, while you stay on the same side. It is hard to know which video is giving the best instructions.

  49. i liked this tutorial- short, to the point and very detailed in actual steps. it's easier than other methods and looks nicer.

  50. Great video, I always watch these tutorial every time I get a new tie or accidentally unloosed a tie.

  51. I really appreciate the top down view. It's the only way I can make use of tie know tutorials.

  52. ties and waitcoats do so much for your style, of all male clothing these are the only 2 items other than socks and then you look a little daft, where you can go flamboyant without being strange, i have some great ties and waistcoats, i learned to tie about 6 knots including the half and full windsor cos they work very well and the half windsor is damn easy to tie

  53. Why does my knot sometimes droop down? Also how do u get the knot slimmer?

  54. what is the brand and pattern of the tie in the beginning of the video with the gentleman wearing the ride tie? I would like to know where I can get one exactly like that. thanks!

  55. I've been doing this knot for years and for some weird reason forgot how to do it today . Thanks to Antonio remembered in a jiffy .

  56. Antonio! The Half Windsor knot is my favorite because it's symmetrical and draws the line split, however I have a problem, when my tie meets between the buckle and belt hole…the thinner part of the tie is WAY to short to hit the keeper, so I just tuck it into my shirt near the top button. (I'm a manager at McDonald's and I use their ties, however I want to buy my own.) I just don't know how to shop for tie lengths. I'm 6'1. Any advice? Am I tying it wrong? How do I search for the right length tie!? Please do a video related to these obstacles, for I have a feeling many people come across this!!

  57. Thanks for the video. I find this easy because of the way it was recorded as if I was looking down on my own tie

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