How to Stretch Shrunken Clothing

How to Stretch Shrunken Clothing. Don’t panic — your favorite sweater or t-shirt
does not have to be sacrificed because of a laundry accident — unshrinking is possible! You will need Bucket 1 tbsp. baby shampoo
Pencil Parchment paper Paperweights White vinegar Sponge Washer and dryer and iron (optional). Step 1. Fill a bucket with a quart of water and add
a tablespoon of baby shampoo. Step 2. Soak your garment in the bucket for several
minutes to help the fibers relax. This is especially true for knitted fabrics
like cotton, cashmere or wool. Step 3. Use a similar-sized garment to trace an outline
on piece of parchment paper. Remove the garment from the bucket, wring
out the water, and lay it on the paper. Then stretch the garment to the outer lines
of the tracing and secure it with paperweights. Apply steam using an iron if the garment is
stiff. Step 4. Try on your reshaped clothes, carefully stretching
them back into shape. Did you know Dry cleaning uses a mixture of
chemical solvents that contain halogen atoms bonded to carbon atoms instead of water to
dissolve dirt from your clothing.

55 thoughts on “How to Stretch Shrunken Clothing

  1. but it makes the clothes look washed out because the fabric color is being pulled further apart

  2. This video is retarded, the whole purpose was COMPLETELY missed. The vinegar and sponge are the ONLY IMPORTANT PART!! You sponge vinegar on your item to get it completely wet, then you let it sit in a plastic bag for about 30 mins, then wash in HOT water and HOT dry. Then it will come out loose.

  3. or you can wet the shirt, stretch it however u like and dry it up overnight…it gets 3 times bigger…this vid is bogus lolz, the vinegar wasn't even used

  4. @icarusfx84 The one from Household Hacker is JUST A PARODY. READ their freaking DESCRIPTION. It says "*This was just a parody for fun*"

  5. Soak them in fabric conditioner and reshape by hand. Then line dry them. A tumble dryer shrinks clothes!

  6. I was looking for a video on how to shrink a shirt because I bought a shirt online but it's too big for me and it's only adult sizes but I can't shrink it 

  7. @rachaelly1 Put It On The Bathe in it with warm water and let it dry it should shrink

  8. @mellieemell, @wolfrider910,@reesekids I have heard that the vinegar can be used instead of the baby shampoo. For that one, you soak the sponge into vinegar and dampen the article of clothing with it. Then the rest of the steps are the same.

  9. howcast, i like short sleeves to be up to my elbows and feel that i could remedy the problem of standard bicep length sleeves by doing this, will it be perminent?

  10. step 1: put small shirt on
    step 2: pull and stretch shirt slightly until it fits how you like

    total time: 13 seconds.

  11. You are suppose to eat the sponge and down it with the vinegar because this much women's work, because it was found in a women's clothing magazine, aka why I call it women's work, because it was found in the women's magazine and I find reading through a woman's magazine not only work but work for women…, will degrease you testosterone too much and even men aren't manly enough bypass it with getting drunk off stuff that burns your throat.

  12. Why go bur all that shit that cost more than the t shirt just buy a new shirt

  13. Some people can't afford to buy a new shirt every time they shrink a shirt. Especially if its a special shirt.

  14. didn't even use the white vinegar. so everyone is saying the weights and stretching works the best. I think i'll just do that.

  15. i just stretched my t shirt on on the shoulder parts and the bottom half part. it works.

  16. Lol for a cotton tee shirt you can just wash it pull it and then hang dry it, you don't need to soak it in conditioner. Waste of time

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