How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English [9 Tips]

100 thoughts on “How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English [9 Tips]

  1. Friend I'm in this phase of trying to translate what my boyfriend means I get nervous is a inconvenience for me but I'll be able to learn, thank you very much

  2. There are lots of word in English of a single word . Problem is that when i listens or read any word . I can't remember ( bear in mind ) that for more than 2 days… …… i just remember the word that i know …….please give me a suggestion
    ((** Must reply **))

  3. I’m a Japanese student.
    I’m surprised your English is easy to listen to for me!!!
    I want to speak English well,soI try to do this!

  4. Thank you for your suggestions I'm from "India"…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Im from indonesia and i love speaking english, so thanks, you help me how to study step by step use english………make more video pleasee it'll help me and my friends at my class 🙏🙏

  6. It's the firts time that I watch one of your videos so I liked it … You have given me very good tips… Thank you Now you have a new suscriber

  7. Great video
    Hello friends
    I am Krishna and i am searching a friend who can talk on call in English with me

  8. Well, to think in English is a quite good way to level up your English. But thinking operation needs words. If you don't have a rich vocabulary, your thinking can't go on.That is to say, your thinking will be as limited as your actual language level. So please give up your illusion for native speakers' English .And instesd please develop other knowledge or skill to get a job. Don't spend too much time in language. To think in a foreign language is an illusion. Mme Lagarde doesn't speak English with a native's accent but she is one of the main leaders of world. Please think in your native language as fast as you can. That is your real power.

  9. Hi I am from Azerbaijan 👋🇦🇿. Your video so good thanks U . İ don't know English very well but I try learn English language . ( I true write this comment? please someone say me🤗)

  10. My problem is that I got all what you are staying , but I can't say it the way you are doing

  11. i am Vietnamese, i like your video, it is very helpfull for me, thank you so much for your good tips

  12. Hi Gaby!! Since than I'm more interested to learn english language, daily I'm watching videos, programs and material totally in english… per 2 hours during the day. I'm try one by one… I'm sincerilly motivate understand this leanguage, but I continue thinking about spanish!!!! I'm going try without stop. grettings and hugs.

  13. I love ur speaking u r also a native speaker lreally liked ur video. Could u plz teach me . If u will give me ur free time on skype with video call blive me it ll help ne alot.i would definetly pay for it..plz let me know if u r going to help me .i m looking forward to ur rply..

  14. Everything she said i could anderstood. But i when i have to speak up my mouth blabla feel like blank.
    My skill in writing is too bad😢 you can see:(((
    Please correct me😢

  15. Sorry I'm lost😬. Is this video related to British accent?!
    Yea, you know what am I talking☻

  16. you pronounced book in Arabic properly " كتاب " , I liked your video and the advices you give . wonderful and so worthey to me. Thanks a lot

  17. I'm loving this video, you have the reason, thanks for your tips and YES this emotions is very important also thinking in English, successful day.

  18. Could u suggest some movies & serials where people using American English language ?
    It'd be helpful

  19. Very good Portuguese pronunciation! I can understand you perfectly and think directly in English when I listen to you! 👍

  20. Im from ETHIOPIAN and i love speaking English, so thanks, you help me how to study step by step use English?

  21. I'm really confident that this video one of the best to learn English I've ever seen. Thank you for your tips, I'm just on my way learning English

  22. Габби вы прекрасная женщина. Надеюсь, что ваши советы будут полезны. Спасибо!

  23. I wanna quest 1 question to you.

    As my teacher say to me, All english words made from each alphbet's own meaning.

    Is that right??

    Though you are busy for doing this video program, I really wanna get your feedback, teacher.

    Please give me right way, teacher.

    Really thanks.

  24. I grew up without internet and the only friend I had was my French ↔️ English dictionary and I had to learn both languages at the same time . Now I live in Canada where both English and French are languages are native languages. My brain has been Translating between both languages and now I see how I still make some mistakes in both languages. I have been saying…”During the week end” instead of “on week end” because that’s how it is translated word-by-word from French “ Pendant le week-end”. Thank you Gabby. Gabby is my favourite name.

  25. That was a superb video.
    In the past I had already practiced some of your suggestion how to learn better English.

  26. I need to improve my english skills and comprehension to pass an exam. With your video, you help me understand and learn to think in English!! Thanks !

  27. I like your channel thank you so much my dear teacher excellente continuation👍👍

  28. Ничего не понял. Но, сука, было ооооооочень познавательно.

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