How to Shop Online for Quality Clothing | The 8 Best Online Sites!

Shopping online. I get tons of questions from
you guys every day about where to find the basics. I’m gonna show you my very favorite
sites to shop online: everything from affordable luxury down to consignment and resale. These
are the best sites that I know that are out there, you’re gonna love them let’s get to
it. Welcome back to Secrets of a Stylist. For
those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Kim. I’m a fashion stylist. I’ve been in the
industry for many years working as a stylist. So I go through all of your comments– or
I try to– on all of my videos and then from there I’m taking questions and comments and
I’m trying to make videos from the most asked questions. Today’s video is how to shop online.
I know it’s a somewhat daunting process. I’m gonna walk you through it, I’m gonna show
you my very favorite sites– the ones I use all the time—for myself and for clients,
and I’m gonna give you a few tips and tricks along the way on how to order well. I’m gonna start with one of my very favorite
casual sites. They ship worldwide: Shopbop. So for those of you guys who are a little
more casual dresser, if you’re looking for great deals, they have an awesome sales section.
I almost always shop the sales section. Especially if I’m going away somewhere hot, I will look
at the end-of-the-summer stuff. There’s always offseason stuff on Shopbop. They were actually
bought by Amazon, or they’re owned by Amazon, so they’re amazing with logistics. Stuff gets
to you really fast, it’s super easy to return, it’s just a really great site, they have a
wide variety of prices. You can go from, like, a twelve dollar shirt that’s on sale to whatever
it is that you’re looking for and some fancy foods. So it’s just got a lot of great retailers
on there. They tend to be my go-to for casual for jeans, for t-shirts, for that sort of
thing. When you are shopping on Shopbop, one of my favorite things they have is a section
called our must-haves: this is great because if you’re kind of, like, wandering and you’re
not sure about your style, you can click on that. There’s the everyday essentials, so
just float through the everyday essentials, maybe they have those things listed that you
need– you can actually make the list– and then head over to the sales section and see
if you can find pieces that are similar to those that are already being shown. They have
a ‘Most Hearted Styles’ which means people that are going through the sites, the ones
that they’re ‘Hearting’– which means they’re liking to come back to later– you can see
what everyone else is liking. It’s a great casual website. I love it. Check it out for
yourself. The next site that I love is called The Outnet.
If you’ve never heard of The Outnet, The Outnet is actually owned by Net-a-porter. So, The
Outnet is basically all of the things that maybe haven’t sold, or there’s just one or
two left of from the season, they had them over to The Outnet. It’s a beautifully curated
website: there is tons of luxury products for up to fifty percent off. There’s a really
wide variety in the products that you can get on The Outnet. One of my favorite things
about the site is if you hit on ‘clothing’ and then a ‘what to wear’ section, they have
a ‘what to wear’ section: what to wear to the gym, what to wear skiing, what to wear
to a wedding, and they’ve actually curated all of the products or all of the pieces and
what to wear when you’re going to those events. So remember that, head over to The Outnet,
click on the ‘what to wear’ section and see what they have there for you. One of my favorite sites one of the sites
I’ve been working with for a very long time– I think I was in contact with them in 2011,
I was working with a designer and I had a bunch of the– that designers pieces from
a sample sale we did and I was looking to sell them to one group. It’s basically online
consignment: they take everything in so if you are a seller of your luxury products,
you want to get rid of your purses, your boots, your belts whatever your watches, The Real
Real will take those products they assess them and make sure that they’re real and then
they put them online to sell. Sometimes there are shoes on there that have actually never
been worn, shoes, purses, jewelry–definitely check them out, there’s a lot of luxury brands
on there, and you can get them for rock-bottom prices. Basically, you don’t ever have to
walk into a secondhand store: you can just shop your luxury online. So there’s another online resale secondhand
shop, whatever you want to call it. They also have luxury brands they really range this
one’s based out of Europe, it’s called Vestiaire Collective. So they have everything from,
like, Stuart Weitzman– so, like very reasonable, um, priced items– Balenciaga, Chanel, just
absolutely amazing pieces. But you know what’s fantastic about this is this is really sustainable
for our environment because we can keep these items going, so what someone else doesn’t
want it’s not just getting tossed out or ending up somewhere creating more garbage for our
environment: someone else can buy it and love it! It looks like you can get an item shipped
immediately within 48 hours if you want– if you have an emergency and you need that
emergency vintage purse or pair of shoes, 48 hours, they can be at your door. So if you are into luxury fashion and higher
end is probably my most-used site when it comes to luxury items. If I’m searching for
a client or maybe something specific for myself, they’ve been around a long time. I think they
shipped to 170 countries, they can get items to you buy the next day, they do an excellent
job of curating the best pieces. So if that is your jam and you’re into, like really luxury
goods, if you’re looking for specific things, Net-a-porter is the site for you. Something
I love about Net-a-porter is they have a ‘what to wear section. So this
is fantastic for you guys–the Outnet has it, too, because they are owned by a Net-a-porter–
it takes a guesswork out of it: you’re not hunting through a whole site or clicking on
like, sweaters, going through all of the sweaters. They will literally put the outfit together
or your entire bag if you want. Under the ‘what to wear’ a section called ‘Net sustain’
whatever it is that is really important to you crafting community or if it’s important
to you that it’s made in the US, anyway it’s something that I really like. Peruse through
that and check it out and see what works for you! So a site that I’m not sure many have heard
of– or maybe you have, let me know in the comments below if you’ve shopped there– it’s
a site called My Theresa, and just to let you guys know, as I went through this video
I started with the more affordable online options with the best quality clothes, and
now I’m moving into luxury. So if luxury isn’t for you then don’t worry about it. This is
not, I’m not saying that you need to buy these items or shop from these places, but if this
is your jam then this is what I’m talking about. Also don’t be afraid if maybe you’re
like, “oh I would really like some luxury products:” hit the sale sections, sometimes
there’s like 70% off in some of these some of these luxury sites. It is an awesome deal
and you can find some really great high-quality pieces. This is based out of Europe. One of
my favorite things to hit on this site is the ‘essentials’– so, they curate all of
the essentials it tends to be, like, all neutral colors. And for a lot of you guys, I find
that you’re actually missing the essentials. Very cool, super hip: they’re trending, but
they’re still in the basic category so you’re not getting too far out there. A lot of designers
actually do collaborations, so things that you can only get on My Theresa, so for example,
I know Saint Laurent did a collaboration with My Theresa: those pieces, those Blazers were
only available here, so if you’re someone that doesn’t want everyone to have all of
the pieces that you have, or whatever, or the blazer that you’re buying, head over there
and don’t tell them where you got it. Let me know in the comments below if you love
this site: I personally love My Teresa. FarFetch: so if you haven’t been on FarFetch
before, it is an amazing site. They do a great job of curating a wide spectrum of things–
really high-quality pieces– and a range of prices, a range of price points. Something
that I just discovered on FarFetch– they actually have a pre-owned section. I feel
like this is actually the theme for this video because I keep coming back to it. So I’m looking
at it right now and there is a Louis Vuitton Never Full, which is one of their basic totes.
Fantastic bag. I think I’ve had my Louis Vuitton maybe for 12 or 15 years: I’ve had, like,
baby sippy cups floating in that and it just continues to live on, and I still have it,
and I still use it. So that’s an example of a great, quality item. FarFetch actually has
a fantastic assortment of jewelry online, so if you’re looking for jewelry it’s one
of the greatest sites to check it out online. Okay, so the very last site that I have for
you guys– and I’ve brought it on with all the way to the extreme luxury– this site
is actually based out of Europe, and I believe was started by one of the editors of Vogue.
She started this site and it is extreme luxury, very curated it’s one of the only sites that
you could actually go to a show, or they have trunk shows, and you could order the pieces
right off the runway. So if that’s something that’s really important to you and you want
to look for, like, unique brands, like, emerging brands that are super fashionable, on the
edge, and they haven’t actually hit mainstream yet: if that’s you, and this is a site for
you. Even if it’s not, if you’re curious and it was, like, love to know what are some of
these brands, what do they look like– head over. It’s a great site to check it out and
see what’s really happening on the cutting edge of fashion. And I know that I keep talking
about this, but I just don’t want you guys to be daunted, or not actually go to the sites.
If you’re like, “Well, I can’t afford those things,” or, “I’m not a fashionista,” just
to let you know: head over to this site and click on the 80% off and there are items there
for you. You can shop online in your sweatpants; actually, that’s what I’m doing right now. Thank you guys so much for tuning in! I hope
that you enjoyed this video! I had a fantastic time doing it! I’m obsessed with all these
sites. In fact, it was hard for me to focus because I started to look at my computer and
on the sales on the sites. Anyway, if you guys liked this video, give it a thumbs- up–
that’s how I know what type of videos you guys like– and I will see you on the next
video! Shopping online, maybe I won’t clap… Okay.
Okay 2020 we’re coming for ya! I want my silver play button.

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  3. I like all these sites, but living in Europe I would say Shopbop is kind of a pain for returns. Flat rate 60 euros is a lot if you only bought a pair of jeans. MyTheresa and Net-a-Porter, along with The Outnet, are among the easiest. ASOS is good too for affordable pieces and they have brands that otherwise aren't available where I am such as & Other Stories.

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    J. Panos

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