How to Sew Split Hoodie Pockets

This tutorial will show you how to assemble
the split hoodie pocket typically found in zippered hoodies. I’ll be using a pattern in my demonstration
but the steps are generic enough that they should help you with other patterns as well. You’ll need your pocket pattern and your
front jacket pattern. Cut two from each pattern piece but make sure
they’re two opposite pieces so you have a left and right side. For each fabric pocket piece, on the angled
edge, turn on the foldline or five eighths of an inch to the wrong side. Press. On the raw edge, turn about a quarter inch
under. Press again. At your sewing machine, stitch along the inside
bottom folded edge. You can use a regular length straight stitch
but you might want to increase to at least a three stitch length if your fabric is thicker
like sweatshirt fabric. On the two remaining shorter raw edges, turn
to the wrong side five eighths of an inch and press. Place each pocket on the corresponding front
fabric piece. Both are right side up. Match up any marks you have. The two remaining raw edges line up with the
center front line and the bottom edge. Pin in place. At your sewing machine edge stitch, sewing
next to the folded edges, on the top and side of the pocket. Do not sew the diagonal edge or you won’t
have an open pocket. Then baste the two long raw edges of the pocket,
attaching it to the front pieces. You’ll use your longest stitch length and
you don’t have to backstitch. You’ll continue with the construction with
the rest of your hoodie. The bottom of the pockets will be finished
when the jacket band is attached. We have a video on the jacket band so you
can reference that video if you need to. Or the knit cuff video if you’re doing that
instead The center front of the pockets will be finished
when the separating zipper is attached. We have a tutorial on the separating zipper
if you need help. This is what the pockets will look like when
completed. If you did it right, the opening will be where
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  1. Thank you! I'm making my kids hoodies for christmas, but I want to sew fluffy faux fur around the edge of the hood. Do you have any tutorials for something like that? Or sewing fluffy lining into the pockets and the inside of the jacket and hood?

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