How to Rock a Strapless Dress

67 thoughts on “How to Rock a Strapless Dress

  1. Wow that fact at the end is crazy.

    Great video though, helpful tips with the bra ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This would have been more helpful if it featured more suggestions for and models with varying body types.

  3. i thought this was going to be stupid but it was actually insightful lol

  4. i knew all of this before hand; i figured everyone did

    i thought it was a given

  5. I don't really understand why are the guys watching this video ^^''

  6. Wow that helps a lot. I bought a strapless leopard dress a while ago and I needed the thing she had under it to prevent slipping. When I tried it on it kept falling from the chest and wouldn't stay up. I wonder where I could find one of those?

  7. i thought it said boning bodice as if in boner lol….but damn that bitch was at first meh but then she turned myeah!

  8. this is the most useful howcast how-to i've ever watched. funny and useful at the same time, how rare!

  9. Whenever I try on a dress at the mall, I dance around the room to see how it'll fit

  10. @xxxTwilightSagaxxx1 I think the better question is why did they have to make a law to stop it? What crazy shenanigans where happening with these men in strapless gowns?

  11. @Sachinth1998 noooo, women will get raped when there are rapists around. You don't seem to know that it's never the victim's fault, dumbass.

  12. @tobadirector It's Howcast, people watch it for no reason or because they are bored/tired….

  13. Audiences
    This video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Female 13-17
    Female 18-24
    Male 45-54<<< WHAT THE FUCK

  14. Or of the strapless dress is lower in the back, you could wear a Nubra.

  15. Doesn't help to be well endowed either. Trust me on this one. If your girls are too big, you're gonna pop out of the dress

  16. 1) Only if you promise not to take your shirt off unless you can bench 300 lbs
    2) Why would a small-breasted woman wear a strapless dress that sticks out 4 inches when we live in a world that includes a size 00 and tailoring? Unless you're talking about the girls in your middle school….hm.

  17. Hey, some people cross dress, or dress up for halloween parties. :-/

  18. Only in third world overly-patriarchal countries where men don't have the self control to resist their primitive urges and think because a woman exposes a bit of flesh it's their God given right to rape them!

  19. Off course, you don't have to rape when half of the western bi***es are ready to open their legs for anyone. Btw, stats say Sweden has one of the highest raping incidence in the world. The only question is since when Sweden became a third world country !

  20. I have an intense hourglass figure. Broad shoulders, D bust (on a 15 year old), 26 inch waist, and my hips are just as wide as my shoulders. Strapless dresses don't work for me. My shoulders look manly as fuck and my girls pop out. ๐Ÿ™ I wish I could though.

  21. Don't whack off to her because the end of the video implies that the model is a man. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Wow You Look So Very Pretty With You Blue Strapless Dress And I Love It A Lot.

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