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Welcome to Cleanipedia. Always read the instructions
before using a product. Remember to check fabric care labels or manufacturer’s guidelines
and test a small area before using a product or natural solution. Glues have different bases – so the way to treat stains will depend upon the type of glue. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer of the glue for advice. The following advice
is best for cleaning animal & fish based glue. Allow the glue to dry completely before attempting
to clean so you don’t end up spreading the glue further. Use either a stiff-bristled brush or a blunt
object like the end of a spoon to scrape off anything you can. Take a bowl of cold water and submerge the
clothing completely. Leave it to soak overnight. This should help
to soften the glue enough to make it easier to remove the following day. Remove the clothing from the cold water, and immediately apply a small amount of neat liquid laundry detergent – try Persil Small & Mighty. Use the eraser ball to massage the stain. Now all you need to do is put the clothing
into the washing machine, preferably on a warm rather than hot setting, and add your
laundry detergent. Find more useful cleaning tips at

45 thoughts on “How to Remove Glue & Super Glue from Clothes | Cleanipedia

  1. i was surching on youtube how to leave traces on clothe of sombody specially white clothe not for something bad but for something i was doing so can you help

  2. wow. thanks for telling us how to regularly wash my clothes. water, soap, wash. this video was a waste of time

  3. Two shirts of the dry fit quality got washed and dried with those sticker name tags, I wonder if the tutorial above would still apply to the situation?

  4. actually i just spilled a lot of glue on the bedsheet and if my mom sees it she is going to whoop me so hard so better tell me a faster method you freak!!!!!😒😜😜

  5. i have the mama luigi plush, and one of the overalls broke so i super glued it, it didn't work and I think washing it will ruin the plush!

  6. so basically she's just showing us how to wash the damn shirt in the washer just put it on cold.She being so extra like its really a process

  7. Here is the washing machine I found it on amazon thank me later. Casdon Electronic Toy Washer

  8. I removed the glue from my t shirt by using another fabric and start scrapping it. Once its all fuzzy I went with gorrilla tape or scotch tape and started to take it off.

  9. I think if you get most kinds of glue on your clothing, that clothing is now f—ked.

  10. I spilt some UHU glue on my trousers and that glue drys fast and stiffens the fabric. The glue is made in Deutschland.

  11. I got glue in my jeans 😭😢 its my fav pants girl it cost 50$

  12. I have a plush and a dog got to him so now I’m planning on giving it new hair but there’s fabric glue and I want to remove it
    You think this could work

  13. That is a kids washing machine I used to have one when I was little

  14. I listened to this more than twice and can't understand what you're saying when talking about the laundry detergent. Also what you're massaging it with. Please let me know. Thank you.

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