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– Hey I’m Katie here with REI snowshoeing is a ton of fun but it’s even more fun when
your snowshoes stay on your feet Today we’re gonna talk about
how to put your snowshoes on and make sure they’re
secure and comfortable. (RnB music) So first things first,
figuring out left versus right. Some snowshoes have a
conveniently located L versus R on the base of the binding
but if not, no worries. All you have to do is make sure that the
straps of your binding are towards the outside of your foot. So for me this will be on the right. That way when you put your snowshoes on the straps will stay on the outside, they won’t get tangled up with each other or whack your ankles when you’re trying to
walk out on the snow. So next step is to put
your foot on that binding. There is one spot to put it, the ball of your foot should
be right here over the crampon. So I’ll flip this snowshoe over ’cause this one is easy to see, the crampon on this snowshoe is bright red so the big teeth right
there at the pivot point. This binding as you can see
pivots around a specific pin and you want your foot right there not only so most of your weight is where the snowshoe has the most grip but also because since
that’s the pivot point, putting your foot there will allow you the most natural gait cycle while you’re snowshoeing. One other point I want to look at here is especially you have larger boots, you wanna make sure you
have enough toe clearance. So when you put your foot in here make sure you’re not overlapping the deck because your foot will want
to pass through that opening as you walk around. So set this one down and your foot will go in right here. The next step is to put on the straps. So one side note on that, we’re gonna be using this
particular MSR snowshoe today. It’s one of the more
complicated strapping systems. You’ve got three straps
that go over your foot, one behind, but it’s good to
know that snowshoes come in all different types of bindings. So for example this one has a strap system where
you just put your foot in pull this and the entire thing tightens. It’s a little bit easier to do so we’ll do the more
complicated one today. Alright, as you do the straps you want to start with the
strap going over your foot that’s closest to your ankle. This one will hold your foot in place while you get the other ones figured out and you can end with the
heel strap in the back. (rustling sound) Alright, so you’ll notice
that when I did the straps there’s a couple things to look at. Number one, the metal teeth on the side need to be all the way through the strap. Sometimes you can put the strap on and not bend it all the way and the tooth doesn’t come
all the way through the strap. That makes it really easy for the strap to come
back out of the tooth and then be flopping around
while you’re trying to snowshoe. The other thing is that
this particular snowshoe has little strap saver clips on it. Those plastic clips are a
great place to put your straps once you’ve put them through the tooth to keep them pointing to
the outside and organized while you’re walking along. Alright, your double-check
point here is to stand up and give your snowshoe a shake. (rattling sound) Shouldn’t come off. Shouldn’t feel like your foot
is wiggling around too much but it also shouldn’t be so tight that you’re cutting off circulation. That’s a great way to get cold toes, fast. One other tip that I want
to share with you here is that you’ve got one snowshoe on, now it’s time for the other one. We don’t always have chairs
out in the backcountry so what I do when I’m snowshoeing is to take the snowshoe
you already have on and because your foot pivots through, go ahead and take a knee with that leg. That lets you put the other snowshoe on without needing to reach all
the way down to your toes in case you’re not quite that flexible. Alright that’s all there is to it. You’ve got one snowshoe on,
the other one’s on the way. If you have questions, as always, you can go to your local REI
and ask the experts there. We have snowshoes you can rent, buy or you can join us for snowshoe outings with your local REI guides. Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time.

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