how to make your clothes look cute :)

hi guys it’s Emily welcome back today’s
video is on how to make your clothes look cute I have eight tips that are
gonna help you make the most out of your wardrobe but so with that said let’s get
started if the thought of mixing prints is a
little bit too intimidating for you I have a little trick that I think will
help try pairing a graphic t-shirt with an animal print the reason this works is
because it draws on the same concept of matching a bigger bolder print to a
smaller one graphic tees look like more of a big bold print whereas animal
prints normally look like a smaller graphic so they match together really
well here’s another example in a different
color palette one tip I have for you guys on how to get that perfectly tucked
untucked look is to tuck in your shirt and then stretch back and forth and side
to side and you’ll end up with a perfect untucked look just make sure the items
that you’re pairing together are in the same color family so when the first look
my color palette was black and white and in this look it’s more of like that
beige Etan tone the easiest way to make your t-shirts
look cuter is to either tie them in a knot or tuck them in for the most
flattering look try tying the knot at the smallest part of your waist and
pairing it with some high-waisted bottoms my shorts were a little big here
so I just added on a belt bag to help tighten things up and cover my belly
button this trick also opens you up to being
able to shop your brother’s closet your boyfriend’s closet your dad’s closet or
just the men’s section in general you can always dress up your favorite
t-shirt just by tucking it into a cute pair of bottoms and throwing on a more
dress-up shoe another trick you can do with oversized
items is tucking them into your bra or a belt
I recently drifted this oversized sweater and I wanted it to look more
cropped so all I did was take the bottom of the sweater and kind of hiked it in
to my bra when you fold over the excess fabric it ends up looking like a
completely different sweater and you can adjust it to be the perfect cropped
length for whatever bottoms you’re pairing it with if you’re pairing your
oversized sweater with a dress instead of tucking it into your bra you can
simply add a belt on top and tuck it into the belt that way after you judge
out the fabric a little bit the belt is totally hidden and no one will even be
able to tell we’ve all seen the white t-shirt and
jeans look 50 billion times if you want to switch up this classic outfit
combination swap your jeans for something more fun even just having that
one pair of jeans up slightly more eye-catching than the rest will totally
level up your simple white t-shirts and tank tops and it’s still as comfortable
as if you’re wearing any other pair of jeans whether it be a two-tone jean a patrick
jean like this one or an asymmetrical hem when you pair a funkier jean with a
white tank top or a white t-shirt you can dress it down or dress it up and
feel totally comfortable but look really really stylish my next tip is to elevate
your hoodies because if you’re like me you live in hoodies most of the time but
that doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re wearing
Wow and wear a super easy way of doing this is to just go monochrome with your
outfit match whatever color hoodie you’re wearing to the color of the
bottom that you’re pairing with it you’ll instantly look super fashionable
and it’ll also bring a smile to your face to be wearing so much color you
don’t even have to go full monochrome for this outfit I paired another pink
oversized jacket on top but I kept my jeans blue and I kept my shoes white
little details like the tuck and at the waist and the heel on the shoe help to
just elevate the hoodie overall and this outfit becomes so much cuter than if I
were to just pair my hoodie with an old pair of skinny jeans and sneakers and
call it a day this tip is so easy and I know anyone
can do this and it’s to use your socks as an accessory ankle socks are the
easiest way to add a little bit of spunk to any outfit if you’re like me and
you’d like to balance out your girly dresses with something more masculine
try the sock trick all you have to do is throw on a pair of ankle socks and kind
of scrunch them down and then throw on your favorite pair of sneakers this
trick is so subtle but it adds so much flavor to look it’s the little details
like this that makes you really stand out I have to throw in a super skater
look because ankle socks just reminded me of growing up in LA the flame print
the vans the checkered belt all kind of adds to the skater vibe but for these
socks I hiked him up all the way versus scrunching them down and they add an
equally cool effect but a slightly more tomboyish five inch roads are a huge trend this
spring and one of my favorite ways to style them is by throwing on something
oversized over top for this look I went sporty and I feel on a green windbreaker
it’s casual it’s comfortable and it’s the perfect match of like sexy and
sporty another option is to draw on a huge oversized boyfriend flannel these
huge flannels can sometimes tend to overpower your shape but biker shorts
and a crop top will hit you right at the smallest part of your waist
this outfit can tend to look super casual though so I dress it up a little
bit with some white cowboy boots and a patent baguette bag my last tip is to
wear your belt bags crossbody this is a really simple trick that you
can do that adds so much to your outfit it’s really all it takes to jazz up a
really simple outfit like this one it’s not that often that we get to experiment
with diagonal lines in our outfits so it’s always gonna stand out and pop no
matter what type of belt bag or what type of outfit you’re wearing underneath spring is also the perfect season to
experiment with this trend because crossbody bags tend to look super bulky
under jackets but on in-between days you can have long pants on and a long-sleeve
shirt and all you have to do to dress it up is tuck in the shirt and add a
crossbody bag so that is it that is all I have for you guys today I really hope
you like this video we’ve all had that feeling of looking in our closet filled
with clothes and feeling like we have no new outfits to wear and hopefully some
of these tips for just little things that you could do to help mix and match
your wardrobe and create something new and fresh out of the clothes that you
probably already have I have all the links to my social media and all of the
clothes featured in this video in the description box and yeah that is all I
have for you guys today I love you guys so much to the moon and back and I will
see you in my next video bye

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