How To Make The Pink Dress and A Wedding Dress for Disney Cinderella

In this video, we’re going to show you how to make this pink dress Just like the one Cinderella’s little friends made And this wedding dress cuz you never know when you’ll need a wedding dress [giggle] Oh my goodness! Multi Cinderella Makeover Pink Dress and Wedding Dress Welcome back to our multi Cinderella makeover I’m going to show you how to make this wedding dress It’s a very basic dress So with a few changes it could easily be turned into Cinderella’s pink dress This bodice is like the fitted lace up bodice that I showed you in the previous video And the skirt is like Belle’s skirt If you want to see those videos click on the iCard or the link in the video description I’ll be using this doll for the pink dress Her updo will need to come down to go with the dress Her up will become a down do [laugh] The fitted bodice This fabric is about 2 and a half inches long and 6 inches wide The darts are 1 inch apart from top to bottom Sew the darts with matching colour thread Like I said, this bodice is almost exactly like the bodice I showed you in the previous video Because this neckline is straight it’ll need 2 more darts to make it fit properly The darts will go right here The sweetheart neckline has ruching in the middle That’s why it doesn’t need these 2 extra darts Sew them with matching colour thread Done! Okay now, the laced up back is done exactly like the previous video So go check it out I don’t want to repeat myself here And here it is all laced up Let’s get it on her [Music: Invitation To The Castle] Don’t tie it up yet I need to add the skirt Here are the 3 skirt layers 1st layer, 2nd layer and 3rd layer To keep the edges from fraying I use fabric fusion on the bottom and at the waistline Here are the measurements for the 1st layer 1 inch hole in the corner and 8 inch length So the radius from red dot to red dot is 9 inches Sew along the open edge The 2nd layer It’s the same as the 1st layer except it’s 1 inch shorter Sew along the open edge The 3rd layer It’s the same as the 2nd layer except it’s 1 inch shorter Sew along the open edge And here they are. All 3 layers sewn Iron the seam open so they lay flat It’ll look better All ironed! Looks great! Okay let’s get the 1st layer on In the back, take out the lace from the bottom hole I’m going to make a new hole in the waistline of the skirt And here it is done This will hold the skirt in place For the off shoulder neckline I’m using satin ribbon Five eighth of an inch wide Wrap it around Cross it in the back like this Sew it together and trim off what you don’t need It’ll look like this In the front, I’m going to gather the centre and attach it to the bodice Likek this [Music: Invitation To The Castle] Tie the ends together, about 3 times This can be adjusted higher or lower The bow will go in the middle So essentially this is the wedding dress The bodice and the skirt are the same This neckline is made from the same fabric as the dress And it’s not gathered in the middle like this dress This dress has a ribbon around the waist The pink dress will have one too Let’s get the other skirt layers on Layer number 2 I put the ribbon through the skirt just like I did for the 1st layer Layer number 3 And I put the ribbon through the skirt just like I did for the 1st and 2nd layer and tied it in a bow Pull the bow under her skirt Alrighty! Now to make the bows for the dress I’ll be using a quarter inch wide ribbon and a regular size fork The bows come out so cute and perfect If you want bigger bows use a three eighth wide ribbon and a bigger fork This is a serving fork I’ll show you how to make these bows using the bigger fork and the wider ribbon so you can see what I’m doing Wrap the ribbon around the fork so it crosses in the front Hold the ribbon down Take the end and put it through the middle of the fork Don’t pull it all the way through Leave a loop Take the end and put it over the top right in the middle And then through the loop Like this Pull it tight There you go! It makes a perfect bow! And slide it off Easy peasy! For the bow on her bodice, leave the ends long For the bows on her skirt, cut the ends like this You’ll need 7 bows for the skirt Stitch the bow with the long ends to the centre of her bodice Take the ends and stitch them to her waistline on the outer side of the darts Okay! Done! Trim off the extra ribbon close to the stitching and tie a ribbon around the waist There! I want the ribbon to be closer together at the top So I’m going to stitch them together That’s better! Now for the skirt This white pin marks the centre The red pins are about 3 inches apart That’s where the bows will go And I’m going to ruch the 2nd layer Before I do that I’m going to sew a quarter inch ribbon along the edge of the 3rd layer Wo-hoo! Almost done! I saved 1 last bow to show you how to attach it With matching colour thread put the needle through layer 2 and 3 and the ribbon Don’t need this pin anymore Pull the needle through but leave some thread hanging Take the bow, the pretty side faces up Put the needle through the back side right through the knot in the middle Go back through the ribbon and layer 2 and 3 Make small stitches down to the edge And go back up right beside the first row of stitches Both ends of the thread should be underneath Now pull both ends Instant ruching! And tie the ends together about 3 times Beautiful! Dress all done! And now for the finishing touches Her necklace and her hair bow I made her necklace from this bracelet I found at the dollar store The colour is perfect The beads are a tad big but still looks good Tied her hair up with matching ribbon with a bow at the top Oh my goodness they’re so beautiful! Let’s have a spin around and get a good looks at these gorgeous dresses! The pink ball gown The wedding dress Now that you’ve seen 2 versions of this dress Which is your favourite? The pink ball gown? Or the white wedding dress? Click on the iCard and take our poll If you have a comment or question post it on our community page on our channel They’re both so beautiful! It’s so hard to chose a favourite There are more ball gowns to make So come back soon! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, click like Check out this video Oh Fairy Godmother The mice and the birds did such a good job on my dress! Hmm, yes they did. A bit too good Well, I guess you won’t be needing me now No Fairy Godmother! I still need you! Come back! Oh my goodness! She’s so sensitive! Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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