How to Make Pink Glitter Slime and Slime Princess Dress

Hi everybody!
Welcome to Princess Fun Place! Today I am going to make pink glitter glue.
And to make this glitter glue slime we are going to need one room temperature water,
and a table spoon, and a teaspoon,
and we are going to need hot water, and Borax,
and a measuring cup. So, I am going to start.
I am going to start with this glitter glue. I am pouring the whole glue inside.
Hope it gets all out of there. It never gets out of there if it is stuck
in there. There we go.
Now I am going to pour room temperature water into this empty glue bottle.
The same amount as the glue. There we go!
Now I am mixing the solution of the pink glitter glue and room temperature water.
Now we have this hot water in this measuring cup and we are going to pour it into this
big bowl. How much of hot water it is?
It is one cup. There we go. Now we are going to put two full teaspoons
of Borax into there. One.
Two. Now we are going to mix it up.
Now that it is all mixed up, I am going to pour this pink glitter glue into the bowl
in here. Pouring the glitter glue in.
There we go put it the whole bowl in there. Now I am going to get my hand in there
This is so fun to play with the slime! So I am going to put it in the other bowl.
This slime is so squishy and so fun to play with.
I am going to dress my MagiClip dolls in this slime but first I have to clean up my work
table. An it makes funny sounds.
Can you do the sound again? I cleaned up my place.
I am going to play with my MagiClip dolls. with these all kinds of colors of slime and
also this slime that I already made. So lets get started by doing the slime we
just made. And this is going to be for Elsa.
So first we are going to do a big ball for Elsa.
So she will stand inside. I am going to poke a little whole in there.
So first I am going to take of her clothes. There we go.
If she could stand there it would be good. There.
She is standing just for a little while, so I am going to stand her against this bowl.
Now I am going to use some slime for this dress.
For the skirt. it is see thru too.
There we go. Now we have the dress.
Then we are going to dress Anna. First I need to take off her clothes.
So I am going to make a blue slime dress. and it is see thru too.
Just like Elsa’s. It is glittery too.
There we go. Now we are going to make the dress.
This one also does not stand. Because all this slime does not make the princesses
stand. I think your Elsa is falling down.
Like Anna will soon fall down. There we are going to make big fluffy top
for her. Can you show her to us.
In a moment I am still making her dress, There!
Wow. Very fancy. She also got a sleeve over here.
That is cool. Now I am going to make dress for Cinderella.
And I am going to put some details. What color is going to be the dress.
Its going to be purple. So first I am going to do the skirt and then
the top. This is very interesting dress.
Is it a night gown? Now It is a ball gown.
Beautiful. So we are going to pop her hands right out.
There! And what details you are going to do on her.
There is going to be like small flowers. That would make her dress even more sparkly.
Can you show her to us? Yes, but in a moment.
I am still putting some excess slime off. Now I am going to put some details on her.
On her skirt? First on her back.
Are those little roses? Over there.
then over on this side. And then over on the other side.
And then one in the front. Beautiful.
Now we are going to dress up Snow White! And she is going to wear blue today.
And I am not going to take off her MagiClip Dress.
Because we are going make a dress, or may be we can take it off. It does not matter.
We are going to start from the back. This is going to be a fabulous dress!
Gonna put some extra off Where is she going to wear this beautiful
dress? O she is going to a mall.
To the mall? She is going to shopping. I am also going to do some details on this
dress. This pinkillish color.
This dress is sliding of off her. So we are going to repair it.
There. So we are going to make one rose in the front.
See. And then we are going to do this kind of belt.
May be it does not work as belt. You may chose different slime.
I think this one is fine. And now we are going to put a little rose
in here. May be we are going to do a little white rose.
There. Here is her little white slime rose.
Beautiful! Now it is Ariel’s turn.
I am going to make her a white dress. Is it a wedding dress.
Yes. She is going to have a wedding.
Is she going to merry prince Eric or someone else.
She is going to marry prince Eric like she always thinks about that prince.
We are going to put her MagiClip dress off. Oooo.. Today she has feet.
She is not a mermaid! No! Because she is having a wedding with prince
Eric. And she wants to dance. Yes.
So she has feet today. We gonna take some extra off.
We are
going to make some details, too. We are going to make this purple belt.
Nothing has to be all white because it is not only wedding day it is also color day.
So she is going to have blue sparkly rose. That is beautiful.
And then she is going to have a pink rose on her top.
So she will have some kind of all of the colors. And here she is!
This is all for today. Thank you for watching.
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Bye everybody. Bye! Bye!

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