97 thoughts on “How to Make a Dress | Origami

  1. This is the exact way we did it at my school. Lol. Our art teacher must have got it off of here.


  3. It is just superb n the explanation was clear. It is just cool!!!

  4. Eu mui grata, por acessar YouTube e aprendo muito tudo o q quero fazer que eu não sei eu aprendo através do YouTube e maravilhoso mui obrigado! !!

  5. I can make 3D Dresses that are made of paper but not origami I thing my 3D paper non origami dresses are better I THINK!

  6. I made about 150 of these as place cards for a tea party,the ladies loved them and everyone wanted to know how I made them so I had a class the next week to show them. Thank you for an easy to follow instruction plan, some are ridiculously hard!

  7. Thanks, that was very easy and the instructions were easy to follow as well!
    suitable for Origami Dummies like me!

  8. Thank you for such clear and precise instructions. Usually my first one is a bit wonky, but following your instructions, my first origami heart was really really nice. Thx heaps.

  9. I followed along whilst watching the video for the first time, it's very easy to make!

  10. thx your a great teacher even my sister likes it and wants to give it away for money

  11. You need to tell what size paper to use
    Mines did not come out right 😨😨😨😨

  12. you are an awesome teacher. i prepared it was awesome. l love this video.

  13. awesome! i like how you describe it, then show how to do it

  14. wow! thanks so much! i made it! very simple thanks for explaining it so well!

  15. i made it prettier then all you guys ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and all you guys are super ugly never forget that

  16. I don't like it:( You should've choose a different color papers for this oragami dress video:)JK!

  17. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Really easy-to-follow instructions! I've just made my sister a birthday card with this 🙂

  18. also, if you make two of them, lay them back-to-back and then tape them together at some parts ( more specifically everywhere but the neck, sleeves and hem) you can make it so that a doll can actually wear it if it's the right size.

    And once you've done that you can, on the back of the dress, fold the collars inside the dress because, honestly, who wears dresses with collars on the back? Who? XD

  19. Very cool! Your instructions are very easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this video. I really liked how you explained the folds so it could help with other origami projects. Thanks again.

  20. Super. I can't understand other videos but this is the the the beeeeessssssssttttttt😘😘😘

  21. Aprecio por demais, porque além de ser o melhor (the best) origami teacher on YouTube, ele vai ligeirinho. Gosto disso. I'll try translate (free translation) what I mean: "Love so much, because he is the best origami teacher on YouTube. Besides, he explains little fast. And I like this one."

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