How to Install Shelves Using Drywall Anchors : How to Install Shelf Brackets Using Drywall Anchors

Hey, it’s Dominic with
and in this segment we’re going to actually install the brackets into the dry wall. Now
we talked about using three different types of anchors depending on what we’re using.
For installing into a pantry typically I would take the 90 lbs. anchor and put those at the
top and then I will follow on with the 50 lb. anchors and may be remove it down into
the 30 lbs. because you know that groceries and cans and stuff that can get heavy that
can get up to a couple of 100 lbs. depending on the size of the shelf and depending on
what food is actually you know what you have in there. In this case I’m installing some
brackets just so that I could put Play Station, couple of DVD players, VCR, couple common…may
be some DVDs. So I don’t really need the heavy duty guys, I’m just going to do this
with the 30 lb. anchors. So I have already made my hole here for my first bracket bar
so basically get your drill Philip’s tip, it has got a Philip’s head in there they
all do and it’s actually… it acts just like a screw you push the anchor into the
wall a little bit give a little power and you just drill forward and it self drills
itself and when it gets pretty snug you want to kind of stop, you don’t want to strip
this because if it strips then you’re not in very good shape because then it’s going
to come right out of the wall. So right now a fit snug, you have torques on your drill
so you wouldn’t accidentally strip it but I have been doing this for a long time so
I’m really I know I can get a feel for it so the first one is in there. So now what
you do is you take your screw, you put it through the first hole of your bracket and
you screw this into the wall, not very strong, very light so it’s light enough to where
it holds it in place but you can move it left and right so that you can get the other anchors
in there. So in this case we’re going to make sure that our thing hangs low and our
bracket hangs low and it does. So in the next segment we’re going to install the rest
of these things so stay tuned for the continuation of the anchors in the wall.

28 thoughts on “How to Install Shelves Using Drywall Anchors : How to Install Shelf Brackets Using Drywall Anchors

  1. Please learn how to NUMBER your segments so we know what order they should be watched in.

  2. Thank you Eric, I had been working with anchors for a long time and realised I have been doing this wrong.

  3. I'm starting to avoid Expert Village videos. They ALL have some usability problems, especially the matter of not numbering them so that you have to click and click to see which video is the beginning and which should be next. In the end, there isn't enough unique material to be worth the bother.

  4. @597jim You "K-N-O-W" damn well what he meant..unless you're one of those retards that have ZERO common sense. No need to get cute and PROVE you know what it's called bro, I'm sure he does too.

  5. thank u very much for this video.. i got a mini drill and wanted to install some shelves in my room.. i just want to do new things that's why i want to do this too.. **i am a gal**

  6. You've got studs in the wall and you're using zip-its? It is well worth the time and effort to find studs with a studfinder..simply a better, safer job. The other thing is that this whole thing could have been done on 1 ten minute video…lol

  7. @Broncort1 Most walls do have studs and he's very aware of this I'm sure. He's demonstrating how to install without using the studs, ie, where the person watching may be installing them doesn't have studs. Or to put it another way, when you're installing most of the time, you may not have studs for every bracket. And yep a longer vid would a been cool

  8. The only way is spring toggle if you have a bit of heavy stuff on shelving, anything other is pants

  9. Give eye contact to warn the dumb ones "Do not over tighten!" Most schmucks don't ave a clue about putting in screw, stripping… all of that. I appreciate these videos very much! I feel empowered. I used to work with precision mechanical assembly, but am a nu-bee at home improvement. Sheet rock, electrical and plumbing, all new. First time is interesting, the second time, it gets fun. Thanks!

  10. Pay attention to what size screw and anchor you've got vs. the size of the bracket's hole. Would be helpful.

  11. Great to see that woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it 🙂

  12. The hard part is what if you need to put the upright in a certain spot ?  Then the first problem is how to center your pilot hole ?  Those hinge bits aren't long enough to mark into the drywall since the upright is an inch thick. So it's about impossible to get a center hole for people that rarely does this. So that's a major problem for me. If the bit is longer than the problem wouldn't be a problem. Second problem is getting the those screw in anchors straight, that's hard for me. One I have tremors secondly even if I didn't I have always had a difficult time to hold the drill leveled. Third problem trying to get the second, third and so on upright to match the height of the first one. Yes I know you put a level on top of it but then you get into the problems of the second problem. If you don't get that hole in the center rather it's an anchor or into a stud, the upright will NOT go where you need it so therefore it will be off. I wish people show how to do my problems, that would be great. thank you

  13. I like the Rubbermaid rail system it eliminates the need for putting the upright s on a stud or using these drywall anchors that will pull out if to much weight is added to the shelving later on when the ("obsolete" VCR or Fax machine) or what ever on the shelf is replaced with Apocalypse / Zombie invasion supplies which can weigh a lot!

  14. Why not mount these uprights into the studs? They would be much stronger and offer even more flexibility as to shelving combinations.

  15. I just realized how stupid I was when I was trying this. Start at the top people. The top. Not the bottom. Also great to see how you do the anchor. I messed that up a bunch of times.

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