How to Flip Fold, Bag and Label Tee Shirts Tutorial | Start a Clothing Line

I’m going to show you guys how to
Flipfold bag and put a side sticker for more finished retail look coming up welcome back everybody for new to this
channel be sure to subscribe so what we are in the middle of is flip folding
bagging putting size stickers on a clothing line that we are producing for
one of our clients and I just wanted to show you guys how we go about doing it
so let’s go ahead and dive right into this tutorial alright as you can see
here we have some flip folded bag ready to go with their appropriate size
stickers here here is a shirt that we need the flip fold here’s our six color
screen print on the front and then we got our custom neck label with the tag
removed let’s go ahead and flip fold this and stick it into a bag okay so
some of the things that you will need are a flip fold you’re going to need
sticker labels for your various sizes we have small through 2xl and last but not
least you’re going to need some poly bags to put your t-shirts in I’ll leave
a link down in the description as to where you can find these but let’s go
ahead and get started and I’ll show you how this works so the first thing we
need to do is slip fold our shirt so I’m going to take it with the graphic side
down and I’m going to align the collar up here at the top I’m going to spread
out my sleeves and then I’m going to take the bottom of my shirt
and I’m gonna fold it up now I’m just going you can do either side purse it
doesn’t really matter I’m not gonna fold one side over the other side and then if
you have your sleeve hanging over like this depending on the side of the shirt
I’m gonna flip fold again and then do your bottom folding to get in half and
now it’s all nice and folded ready to be bagged this is even a service that we do
offer just the flip folding alone so if you wanted to take these and stick them
on a shelf at your retail store these are services that we do offer so now the
next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take one of our poly bags we’re
gonna stick this thing inside of the bag this is probably the trickiest part of
it all because it’s just putting a t-shirt in the bag really isn’t the
simplest thing although it’s not the most difficult generally I kind of tend
to hold it with my chin and slide it in the bag however for demonstration say
I’m gonna do it this way I’m just gonna pull it down into the bag there we go
I’m gonna make sure everything’s nice and flat in there so it looks pretty
good the last step is she pulled this a little top seal here inside out like so
and then we’re going to fold it back and now we’re gonna take some scotch tape we’re just going to tape this backs that
way all the excess plastic that is up here at the top looks a little more
finished now last but not least we do have an extra large size sticker here
and stick it on to our finished product so there we go that’s how we go about
flip folding bagging putting a side sticker on a clothing line or clothing
brand on t-shirts that way you have a little bit more of a finished retail
look and by doing so it gives your product that much more of a finished
look that much more professional and you can charge more for your t-shirts on
both sides that is on the the screen printing server side of been chargeable
more for the the folding bagging in putting the size sticker plus on the
retail in you guys can charge more as well thanks for tuning in I hope this
video is helpful be sure to subscribe until next time guys we’ll see you later

15 thoughts on “How to Flip Fold, Bag and Label Tee Shirts Tutorial | Start a Clothing Line

  1. How do you like to fold and bag your clothing line tee shirts?

  2. Those bags seem too narrow. Go for 13" wide if you can. If those are already 13" wide, then your flip board thing is making the world too wide. You would save a tonne of time folding them by hand and putting them in the bag easier. Lay the bag flat with the flap open side facing up. Stick your thumb and index finger in to open it up and grab the shirt with your left hand and slide it in, bringing your hand into the poly bag as well. It's hard as hell explaining that process with words but the thing that will help you the most is having a poly bag that is slightly wider than the t-shirt.

  3. And for the love of screen printing get the self-sealing bags too lol. No more dealing with tape like that and gives a much more retail finish.

  4. another top tip, use a thick cardboard underneath the folded t-shirt to slide it into the bag.

  5. I used something similar on my tutorial but went with bigger polly bag looks good

  6. what shirt is that first one? I really like the collar

  7. Great video… Quick pass or fail suggestion…. Slide the shirt once folded to the outter flap. Slide the plastic over the bottom part of the same flap and 'shimmy' r slide the 👕 into the bag…

  8. What is the going rate to charge a customer for a fold and bag service and or just folding service

  9. Hey, Mikey, not trying to spam you but after watching your video I thought you might like to see my method. Makes bagging faster I think. Here's mine

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