how to find your style + the confidence to wear it

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  1. Every time I looked at people’s insta all I think is : oohhh Lala that outfit cool (go out to the mall and spend my money for $120 for clothes)

  2. Me: wears heels to school casually
    Also me: why can't I wear a ball gown to school :(((( if only I could dress up

  3. I hate that now I've started caring about and actually trying with my outfits every time I go shopping with my mum she says that I'll never wear it and stops me from buying it 🙁

  4. That shopping thing is to true. I think one time my mother left the store with me in tears when I finally bought a simple black t shirt. We’d spent like three hours with me just trying EVERYTHING on. Shopping with friends was horrendous because they always picked something out like it was nothing while i always left with nothing at all.

  5. The hardest thing for me is my personality, because my gosh do I like the hypebeast baddie aesthetic of fashion but I cannot pull those off, I'm more of a vintage, soft, artist aesthetic of fashion. Because for me if I pull up in thrasher and vans with orange eyeshadow I am going to die, because instead of looking like a french fry, I'll look like the grease it was fried in. Another thing is, I don't want my mom to absolutely mash potatoe me and my fashion sense, since I also can't buy my own clothes yet and I'm still going to outgrow them. I was going to go to an event of some sort with her and she said I couldn't wear a top because it was for formal events, but I didn't know how to say "ItS fOr thE aEsThEtIc mOm!" without seeming like a total edgy brat. So what I do is use the best of what I have now! (Tucking a longer blouse like top and tucking it into high waisted pants and flowing it out a bit, layering dresses and turtlenecks etc.) And all I can do is thank you for it! Some people comment about how stylish I am when I literally only wear the same 5 outfits but it's great to hear. :)!

  6. I still have clothes when I was 6 , 7 or 9 ,, I’m a soon to be 14 yr old so I want all of those clothes GOnE. So I could get my wardrobe the way I want it to be 💗🌷💐💕 but again I don’t pay for my own clothes so my mother won’t let me 😤🥺

  7. I’m strugglingggg atm trying to find clothes that I like, I know the style that I like but I literally don’t know where to get it. I like the classy, girly style but I feel like it’s all sold at designer shops or something because I am finding nothinggg

  8. I used to know what my style was when I was about 18-20. But now I am a grown up at 28 and have no freakin idea at all. True story. It is like I learned life skills and lost my fashion sense. It just did not fit in there all of it I am afraid 😭

    I do think it has a lot to do with getting a lot of influence from the outside world. It has got me really confused 😭😂

  9. "gingham is the best print" 🥰🥰🥰 absolutely. I love feminine, cute, edgy, grunge style eye-

  10. Everytime i wear something i like my mom always make me feel bad for wearing it and she told me to wear shirt and pants again. Asian mom:(

  11. the whole "only experimenting and not taking even compliments or observer's comments well" validates what I thought was such a silly thought in my head. and it is ok. i am not alone. this helps. thank you ashley<3

  12. Welp I only wear clothes that are not making me feel hot.
    What I mean with this is that I overheat really fast. So I only wear t-shirts even in the winter And in the summer I’m dying.

    Oh And I also hate jackets

  13. honestly i really like clothes but i think a lot of my outfits look weird because of my hair. its really poofy and curly and it kinda looks like a triangle 😳

    i really like streetwear/hypebeast style clothing (dont make fun of me afjfs) but i cant really afford anything like that so i just get something random and make it work

  14. last year i was pretty depressed and would not really care about what i wore (mostly just whatever was comfy and easy) and i once wore a new shirt and pair of pants to school and had my hair straightened (because i wanted to know how long my hair was since its really curly) and people were just commenting all day “oh wow why did you decide to dress up”

    i was kind of upset at that.

  15. my problem is i love high waisted jeans and i love cropped shirts, buut high waisted jeans are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing ever, so wth am i supposed to do? I value comfort over fashion. Also i have nothing to wear in the winter and it annoys me so much that i literally can't wear half of my clothing for 10 months of the year.

  16. sometimes i just wear oversized hoodies as dresses on the weekends when i really can’t be bothered.. i think it looks cute if i style them right. but my stepmum is often like ‘is that all you’re wearing today?!’ actually,, yes sis,, this is all i’m wearing today !
    anyway she buys super cheap and bad quality clothing of amazon which is not at all eco friendly so um yes
    ✨𝓭𝓮𝓹𝓸𝓹 𝓲𝓼 𝓪𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓬𝓾𝓽𝓮 𝓬𝓵𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓼 𝓫𝔂 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓪𝔂✨

  17. The problem is that i don’t feel 90% of the time confortable with clothes bc i don’t like my body

  18. Main question is tho, how do I stop myself from getting bored of my clothes after a few months of wearing them

  19. This really helped me a lot! Thank you so much!
    I finally feel good in my own skin, or well outfits 😀

  20. Thanks, I'll try these tips 🙂 It can be hard to find a style, winter is coming soon in Finland and yep, it's gonna be so depressingly cold and DARK… my wardrobe is just a pile of dusty hoodies 😀 Trying to make it cute

  21. Thank youu for the little pep talk! I bought this chunky sandals online and I'm afraid to wear it outside because it has a little height to it. I never wore heels, I'm afraid of what people are going to to say and I really hated the spotlight😔Do you know how I'm going to pair it with or how I can "ease" it to the eyes of the people?

  22. I literally took notes and paused the video at certain points 😂🤓
    Love the channel btw, sooooooo helpful xx♥️♥️

  23. Ever since I was 5 years old, I used to wear my rich cousin's hand-me-downs. I didn't really like her clothing but my closet is FILLED with her clothing and I feel too guilty to throw those expensive pieces away. I am trying to develop my own sense of style right now but I don't even know what I like. Oof, this is gonna be hard

  24. That outro is so friendly because I've been this casually ignorant tomboy for most of my childhood and highschool life, and now I kinda want to wear something a bit more feminine and maybe get into fashion a little bit. This whole video is super motivating because yes its so scary to wear something different for once

  25. your excitement when it comes to fashion just motivates me to wear fancy clothes and things I always wanted to wear but never did because I was too scared of getting juged. thank you!

  26. I really need help :(. I wear a big sweater and jeans every day. I know what kind of clothes I want to wear and I have some of them but I don’t have the confidence to wear them.

  27. i wear clothes i feel comfortable in, but if i love a pair of shoes, i’m willing to be in pain to wear them 🙂

  28. yeah so going into the first step she’s already beyond me i have no clothes that i like so yay

  29. When you said that when we stumbled upon a piece of clothing that we liked we should wonder why we liked it, if it fit our personnality or lifestyle… I have a trashy lifestyle and I'm a mess :/ so that's that

  30. I had captions on and it said and I quote talking as if she was a middle aged woman 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Actually your face is 100000 times beautiful than summer mckens she is just notbeautifull

  32. “from this fashion disaster to this fashionable disaster:)” i kinda wanted to cry🤧

  33. My friends have described my style as, "Divorce court lawyer who is also a churchgoing single mom with a wild side" and I think thats pretty accurate. I attend a school that's 20% VSCO, 15% emo, and 60% athleisure so I stick out a bit when I walk into a sea of black sweatpants and scrunchies with a vintage blouse, teal blazer, mom jeans, and heels at 8 in the morning.

  34. I have this whole vision of what I want my wardrobe to be and I have a whole collection on Instagram of outfits I want, but I just feel like I could never wear them. I bought a pair of shoes and I was so scared of what people think that I didn’t wear them, and another huge problem is that I am only in grade 8 😂 and it makes me frustrated because I am in a small school with only one grade 8 class, so I just feel like if I dress up, everyone will see me and say stuff about what I wear. I wish I was older because then there will be more people who dress up like I want to. 😕 and if I dress up in only grade 8, I just feel like I would be too extra and stuff and people would be like wtf is she wearing, she’s not an adult, why is she trying to look so good.

  35. All the people who go to my school are disappointed at this point if I don't dress like an 80's k pop star exactly why I pick my outfits on the weekend for the week 😂

  36. I have no idea what my style is even called which makes it hard to search for what i like can anyone help???

  37. I always wore whatever my parents gave me drom my cousines or relative…

    One day, I asked my mom if we could go shopping cause I started feeling self concious about my style and I started betting intrested in this type of style. My mom was surprisingly supportive and yeah!
    Sooo hopefully the next step is to feel comfortable around the new clothes I got cause Im skinny bc of my metabolism even tho I eat like a pig. This video was helpful, so thank you lol 🙂

  38. Pintrest is THE BEST for finding inspiration, because you can make a little pinboard for every single thing that you like! Make one for pastel clothes, make another for women in suits, make one for that tv-character that has an amazing style. and then you find patterns, and you can find inspiration for your own clothes.

    I like to dress and set the mood as a character: who do I want to be tomorrow? a modern princess? a 18th century sailor boy? a 1940's college student? Play dress-up with your own closet in an adult, or not so adult way, play with textures and colors. And decide and lay out your outfit the evening before, so it's just getting dressed and then going out the door feeling good about yourself ^^

  39. but what if u cant choose ur own clothes cos ur parents choose for u thus u always gravitate to what u like to wear constantly wear that-

  40. I love fashion but I don’t like to go out with the outfits I buy, because I don’t want my friends or strangers to look at me and instead of building my confidence my dad always finds away to put me down. I always come to you for advice in fashion and my confidence is getting better so thank you Ashley<3

  41. Why do i love big ass hoodies and tight fancy turtle necks at the same time like what the fuck is my style:(

  42. I don't have a specific style at all but when I dress people are always like oh this is such a "Jade" outfit 🙂 which makes me very happy!! Sometimes I get weird looks for my outfits while o campus but I love how I'm dressed so I just ignore it hehe

  43. I feel like I have like 4 or 5 different styles that kind of conflict. I've always been drawn to eccentric things though. Sometimes I wanna feel a certain way and other times I want to feel another. I guess I would describe the ones I like as gothic or punk, but I also like really girly items and to feel feminine, almost like a barbie or bratz doll lol, and I also kind of like preppy/professional looking clothes, as well as 60's mod and 70's inspired looks, and of course, just casual shirt and shorts/jeans, though the latter makes me feel lazy. My main issue is finding pieces that go together since I love weird patterns and colors etc, I sometimes feel like I have to buy entire outfits, but I feel like if I get more neutral items, it bores me..

  44. This video was honestly eye-opening to me! I figured out I have four different styles that I wanna go for. Heck yeah I finally know what to work towards!! 😀

  45. my style is "single woman in her 30s". Suprisingly i like colorful things with patterns or prints although my soul is darker than black holes

  46. My style is eather all black – rock with bullers or pastel pinks kawai or heels with bright red loose pants and a sleek shirt..
    I think my college classmates are very confused, and so am I.

  47. What if your body doesn’t suit your style?
    Would it be best for me to look for another style that suits me better or change myself?

  48. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who went to a clothing store for like, 2 hours and buy 1 thing lmao

  49. What if you have this outfit you think is really cool but someone says its like wrong or ugly?

  50. This inspired me so much thank you I like wrote down some important stuff so I could explore my style, I love you sm ❤️❤️

  51. She said to look at my wardrobe but I don’t like any of my clothes cuz I wear them because I’m not confident in myself😭

    I hope I was confident

  52. I like to think I have a really good style, but I live in a place that isn't exactly open to clothes like that. I really want to wear cute skirts and crop tops, dresses and off-shoulder tops, but that's actually pretty unsafe here because harassment on the streets is pretty common 🙁 SOOO I live vicariously through Ashley and her videos with her cute outfits ALL THE LOVEEE

  53. I tend to gravitate towards darker and warmer colours with a high waisted silhouette and either 50s or 90s style accents. Only 50s or 90s, nothing in between haha. I also enjoy doing dark colours for the majority of my outfit with a pop of colour. So I guess my style is "50s/90s dark colours with statement pieces???" – Although I do really enjoy the idea of the mood board and the 5 items 😀

  54. thank you so much now i wanna go out just to dress up and experiment and i feel more confident than ever

  55. I have an oral presentation due tomorrow and this is how I spend my time….

  56. I wear jeans and hoodies every. Day. All the time. So when I don't wear a hoodie people comment on my skinny arms or I just feel like people are starring when they don't care at all! I would love to say I have a cute style. I don't. At all. Still hoodies. I real,y like shopping I do. I love dressing up but I hate wearing them out. I am very aware and scared of people's opinion on it as mauve as I say I don't care I do. So my style I that I wish in
    Had is like cute. Colorful not drag all the time. But I am still in school and there is dress code so. Poo but still I am really working on it and I have allot of friends with cute styles. Even tho a few of them are very rude about them at times. It's fine. Thanks for reading

  57. Having overprotective parents that don't allow to wear most of the fashionable clothing is fun.

  58. The real question is ☝🏼do your parents know about your youtube channel? 💀💜

  59. You are so inspiring❤️ Thank you, this was so help full:) / sry im really ba at english hehhe❤️

  60. Ok so i loved "vsco-girl-in-colder-weather" style waaayayyy before it was a thing. But now my parents refuse to buy me anything and so I'm stuck in way undersized clothing and every day i hate my clothes and this person I'm trying to be but I can't actually get better clothes that fit me or my personality or make me feel comfortable. And, as I grow out of my clothes, they become too tight and I feel so self conscious but my only other option is to wear cheap uncomfortable things i buy in Walmarts clearance or rue 21's clearance. Also all my well fitting shoes are handme downs that don't fit my style. After counting up how much my outfit cost today, underclothes as well, it totalled at $20 dollars (including earrings & underclothes). Except 20 dollars is the price of some mediocre jeans you get at Old Navy. I feel like I'm worth more than that. But my main custodial parent, my mom, doesn't seem to think so. She hasn't bought me new clothes in 3 years.

    And btw, I'm 13, my profile picture is really old and has a filter on it

    Edit: I've decided to beg my grandma to take me thrifting

  61. I really like streetwear and minimalist kinda outfits. But the only thing i dont have is money oof clothes can be expensive asf

  62. What if I like male clothes and that's why I can't get a style? (I don't even like male/female stuff)

  63. Well uhm.. the problem is that my cousins, classmates and friends classify me as the boyish and weird kid. They thought I lacked fashion sense but I was just afraid to show them my style. I constantly wore baggy clothing, hoodies, plane ass t-shirt and and of course they would think of me as boring and shit. And my cousins were kind-off the reason why I have such low self-confidence, I just don’t know what to do. They’ve always teased me about my body shape (which is apple) and that I don’t look good in anything. Now I just binge watch “how to be aesthetic” vids without even changing myself.

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