How to Find Clothing Bargains : Consignment Store Shopping: What Bargain Items to Look For

Hello! My name is Denise Robinson, and on
behalf of I am here to talk about consignment shops and garage sales.
In this segment we are going to talk about the type of things that you will find in a
consignment shops. Now remember I told you there are two types of consignment shops.
One deals with clothing, shoes, hats, scarfs, jewelry and the other one is furniture and
appliances. Again we are going to talk about clothing. In consignment shops you can find
anywhere from hats, any kind of style, jewelry, purses, men’s clothing; men always feel
left out because this is a women’s world when it goes to shopping, women tend to give
their clothes away faster than men, but they do have men’s clothing, and of course women’s
clothing, scarfs, hats, shoes and anything that a women can adorn herself with.

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