How to Find Clothing Bargains : Buying Handbags at Garage Sales & Consignment Shops: Part 3

Hello! My name is Denise Robinson, and on
behalf of I am here to talk about consignment shops and garage sales.
Now this is the second phase, we are going to talk about handbags again. The Rodo Italian
handbag, this is what I found at a garage sale for $3, and if you look inside it is
a leather, it is a vintage bag, and I tend to like vintage things and antiques. I looked
it up and this particular bag used to sell at Neiman Marcus and Harrods, and if you brought
it new at that time it was $250, and they discontinued this style. So if you find one
in mint condition, it’s very rare…nice little After Five bag are you can wear with
casual clothes. This is another little After Five bag that I found at a garage sale, it
is tortoise shell. It is in mint condition, and it is strung together with string, little
string. The satin, sides and inside. Again, you just want to check your bags on the inside
and out, smell and make sure that there is no deterioration, or if the bag is beyond
repair, maybe not get it. And last but not least, the straw kind of woven bag, it is
popular and with clothing and jewelry and handbags; fashion cycles around, and if you
keep it long enough, it will come right back around to you.

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