How to earn the second sale – Advice from children’s lifestyle brand Pehr

My name is Becca Perren, and I am one of the
cofounders of Pehr. My name is Melanie, and I’m the director of
design and product development. My name is Krista, and I’m the operations
manager at Pehr. My name is Genevieve and I’m the planning
manager. We started the brand as a home accessories
company, and it’s since morphed into a children’s lifestyle brand. The goal was really to have
an assortment or a brand that really captures the beauty and simplicity of childhood. I do remember our first sale; it came from
the New York gift show. We were really designing the things that we loved, and we weren’t really
going at it trying to please any particular customer profile. Having that first sort of
vote of confidence or really seeing that it resonated with customers the way that it did
with us felt really good. We started really focusing on unboxing that
consumer experience and having everything kind of nicely placed in there and opening
the box easily. I think that was more of the focus for the online experience. It really comes down to keeping the communication up post-purchase,
so order confirmation tracking, and then obviously if there’s any issues that follow up and being
available in real time to do so. The goal that we had was to become really
a trusted destination for baby and kids, and so going beyond being able to shop, but also
providing the content and the information for parents. We’ve also incorporated a review
section on our new website. Really that is the most impactful way of another customer
hearing about a brand and learning about it. Three things to think about in order to ensure
a second sale or repeat customer, ensuring an amazing experience, so having that sale
or that transaction be as seamless and as easy and as fast as can be. Having transparency
and interaction with customers, so allowing them to give feedback on the process or on
the product. Having that sort of open dialogue and communication is I think key to success.
Then thirdly, I think one of the most important things, offering an amazing product, but also
being invested advisor or providing the content that really brings them back in between purchases.

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