How to Dress Like a Badass in Vintage Clothes

>>This episode of the Modern Rogue brought to you by Nordvpn.>>Go to forward slash Rogue sign up and get 75% off. That’s $2.99 per month and
you get a month for free.>>Hot yeah!>>Hot yeah.>>That’s my new catch phrase.>>I like it.>>Hot yeah!>>Hashtag hot yeah!>>Do you have any fashion choices from your past that you deeply regret?>>No, because I do not regret looking like Guile from Street Fighter II. But a friend of mine had
these ridiculous pants that went up to his waist once, and–>>This is the home of the pants, man. [gasps]
>>I was trying to be silly but now I feel like
I’m in hallowed ground.>>That’s right.>>Okay.>>I should have worn them.>>The pants are dope.>>They’re dope,
you don’t have to tell me. They know too, [softer]
everybody knows. [distorted tone] [electric pop]
[gentle vinyl static] We are here at New Bo in Austin, my favorite vintage shop in the world, and we’re here with Talena.
She’s going to give us some tips on how to look cool,
which we desperately need.>>I don’t even care about looking cool, I care about not looking like a chump, and being a sucker, I don’t
want to pay overprice, I don’t want to buy stuff that is garbage. Vintage is a scary world for me, because at least in the mass market you at least are wearing
the same crap everyone else is. Whereas, in a vintage store, it’s like you’re making a bold
decision of how you’re going to look, and I’m constantly afraid of buying something overpriced and wrong. What should I be afraid of when
I walk into a vintage shop?>>You shouldn’t be afraid of anything.>>Snakes.
>>One, you should–>>Sometimes there are snakes.
>>-you should expect to find something if you walk into any store expecting that “there’s nothing in here for me,” you’re not
going to find anything. You’re not going to attach
yourself to anything that you find because you’ve
already put it in your mind that you’re not going to find anything. You have to go in with a good
mind set to begin with, right?>>Right.>>So if you are really tall
and you have really long arms and you’re like, “Oh my
arms are always, you know, everything’s always too short,”
and you don’t want to roll them up, just walk around the rounders and look for a really long sleeve, and that’s what you take
into the fitting room, instead of everything
that you just think is handsome.>>Ah, no this is good.
>>Does that make sense?>>So before you even walk
in the door, you should note what tends to be problem
areas for you and play to your actual body structure.>>Absolutely.>>And not just say,
“Oh I like that, I like that” and then you put it on
and you’re like, “Oh, this isn’t right at all.”
>>And then, “Oh, nothing works.”>>Yeah.
>>Okay great. What constitutes like a bad vintage store? You were talking about
lighting, for instance?>>Yeah, a used clothing,
vintage store, if it has really poor lighting, all the clothes
are used, there is most likely going to be damage on
a lot of things and you’re okay with it or you’re not okay with it. I personally wear t-shirts
with blood on it, all the time. [laughing]>>I don’t care, but–
>>Same!>>That escalated quickly.
>>Same.>>If you don’t want to wear a t-shirt with blood on it, you need a store that’s well lit or a store that notes when there is damage. A lot of times on the tag, we’ll write as is.
>>As is.>>So then you can look,
“Oh, what is the as is on this?” It might be ring around the collar, it might be a burn hole
that you don’t care about, then you just decide, for the price, for the damage, am I okay with this item?>>I never even would have
thought about that. I would’ve seen as is and be like,
“Well, sure, it’s as is” but as is is a clue for
>>That there is–>>find what’s wrong with it.>>Yeah, and a lot of times
it’s noted on the tag, right? It’ll say you know
spots here, missing a button. Like you said, you have to
make sure that it’s something you’re going to be okay with,
that you’re comfortable with. Like, oh, that stain is down here, I’m going to tuck this in anyway, so, not a big deal.>>What kind of places do most vintage stores source all their stuff? I guess,
maybe a lot of garage sales?>>Could you imagine
going to a garage sale and finding this much cool [bleep]? The people that are going to
garage sales, most likely, are the people who have
pop up shops and stuff. They are the people
who have time to go out have a good Saturday morning, right? And go to a state sale. If someone like me, who, is
going to have 150 snap shirts out at one time, I can’t
pick up one shirt here, one shirt there, and have
a store full of good stuff. I have to find other sources for it, so, there are rag houses.>>[whisper] I don’t know
what a rag house is.>>Textile recycling warehouses.
>>Oh, got it, okay great, okay, got it!>>You know how sometimes
you’ll see those mailboxes where people drop off clothes?>>Yeah, clothing donation to benefit this charity or that charity.>>Exactly, a lot of
times the charity never even sees the stuff that’s in those bags.>>BRIAN: But they do see the check.
>>The charity is selling that to a rag house who buys it at pennies per pound or something. And then a sucker like me says, “I want all your Western snaps,” and they pull those out, and then sell it to me
for way higher of a price, and then I wash it, mend it, steam it, tag it,
put it on the floor.>>I assume that we’re not
going to find a lot of stuff that just came out five years ago, here, but 15 years ago?
>>I guess–>>25 years ago, like at what point does it enter vintage appeal?>>Well probably depends
on the store, right?>>Yeah, it depends on the store.
So there will be some stores that just–classic vintage,
so they might only do 1960s and earlier.
They don’t even want to fuss with anything newer than that, because they’re going for
a very specific aesthetic. I like street style more than anything else, so I like
people who buy any random thing and put it with another random thing, and feel like a badass and walk around, and that’s their style.
Like that–my favorite look is called, all my favorite things right now. So, like if these are my favorite boots and these are my favorite overalls and this is my favorite t-shirt,
this is what I’m wearing today.>>Okay, so that leads
me to another question, because, a lot of people place
these artificial constraints on how they’re dressing themselves, and I did that for a long time too. Like, I’m only going to
buy things from the ’50s, Oh, I can’t where that,
that’s from the ’70s, and this is, these pants are from
the ’50s, that’s ridiculous, you can’t do that.
But that’s not really true.>>Well, mixing eras,
I think is style. I think when you stay within one era
you look like you’re wearing a costume.>>>Ah!
>>That’s interesting. So you can play with that kind of, post-modernist mash up culture, but you have to give intentionality to it.>>Right, so–
>>Not like you just stepped through a time gateway.>>Yeah, so if you’re going
into a vintage store and you don’t want to look
like you’re from the 1950s then don’t buy everything from the 1950s and you’ll be all right.>>So another thing about
vintage stores is that I perceive that I don’t have the guidance to make sure things go together, and I love that
you gave me permission to clash. Do you have any general rules
of thumb on what tends to go together in terms of
anything from, I don’t know color combinations, or style combinations, or how–
>>I think–>>What should I look for?>>I think a lot more of it is proportion. If you’re wearing a tighter shirt,
you probably want tighter pants, if you wear a loose shirt and tight pants, you look like men in tights, right?
>>Okay, yep.>>If that’s not the look
that you’re going for, then either wear a tighter shirt
so that the tightnesses match. You’re just like, “Yeah, I just
like tight clothes,” the end. So it still looks on purpose. Super baggy pants, teeny tiny shirt,
like if you’re trying to do like the Jnco late
’90s thing, wonderful. But if you’re not, you just need to keep it proportional right? So, some people will come in and,
“I want a skinny tie from like the 19– you know ’50s,”
and they can be really small, but they have humongous heads. [deep sigh]
>>So all it does is accentuate, again this is knowing your body
>>I have– when you walk in.
>>And it looks terrible. [embarrassed]
>>Oh, that’s good to know.>>And if you like crazy ’70s ties, and you have a big head, go for it.>>I do have a really
slender tie that I wear with this like sharkskin suit and I got a gigantic head.>>You just end up
looking like a balloon.>>It just looks like shoe strings.>>[laughing] Like a balloon.>>A bolo tie.
>>Yeah. Oh man.>>So proportion I think
is a big–is a big deal.>>It seems like every
constraint that you place on yourself is, artificial, and it really should just be
what you feel good in.>>Right.
>>And, I guess it really is, it’s a matter of just confidence.
>>Which makes you walk around in confidence, yeah.
>>Yeah.>>I think what you just need
to do is if you walk around and anything that looks
interesting, or sometimes makes you think, “Oh I wish I was that person.” Just [bleep] try it on and be that person. See how it feels, see if it feels right.>>Let’s go. Let’s go.
>>[claps] Leather pants!>>Oh yeah, plenty of leather pants.>>They got leather pants!>>Over there!>>All right. Okay… A good chambray, that’s good. Pointy collars, I like the
pointy collars, very retro. That’s, uh, that’s a big
possibility right here. Not real into short sleeves, nope. Although, this looks
like I’d be on safari. That’s kind of cool. Hmm, I know I said I
didn’t like short sleeves, but the pearl snaps are where it’s at, and that thin material is going to
be good come Austin in summer. Nah, I’m going to go with this one.>>All right, where are the pants? I feel like the pants are going to be the hardest part for me. What are Mario’s overalls made out of?>>What? [to the tune of the mario underworld theme]
>>♪♪ Denim, denim, denim. ♪♪
[laughing]>>That’s so good.>>Are there any non-denim pants?>>TALENA: There are some over there.>>Oh, Oh!
>>Yeah.>>This, you’d you have to
go this route right now.>>Yeah okay, all right. [pondering]
Hmm. I feel like he’s going to
go the high class route. [Talena laughing quietly] You know what?
I’m not going to start with pants. I’m going to go for ’70s
t-shirt looking stuff. I would look great in this.>>Is there a light jacket? Those are all too heavy. I just get so hot in Texas that… Oh, here it is, here’s the one. No, also too heavy. I think I need to bring
more fringe to the show.>>BRIAN: My problem is that I
dig those ’70s cut shirts, that are kind of tight, but I
feel like if I’m going to do this right, I should
have some kind of like, jacket-flair, or kind of overcoat thing. Oh my god, a trench coat. I’m experiencing the same
paralysis, I got to get over it. I love these kind of tees.>>I’m kind of into that. An old German field shirt. The German logo on there,
that’s kind of cool. Perhaps. Perhaps. And now we need some bell-bottoms. Some corduroy bell-bottoms would be fly. Everyone watching
just kind of laughs and goes, “Oh, Ja–oh he’s serious.”>>Jason, how confident
are you in your outfit?>>Pretty good,
pretty confident. Feeling good! Looking good feeling good. [stifled laughter]>>I’m just not finding any mediums.>>A medium’s probably not going to fit.>>Oh because–
>>Sizes are going to be different, you probably should go to a large.
>>To a large?>>You may even end up wearing
an extra large, depending.>>Really? That’s just because everything shrinks?
>>That’s just the nature of vintage, the sizes are totally different.>>All right. Done.>>I wonder if I should cheat, Talena!>>Are you going to try on corduroy pants?>>I think so.>>Okay!>>This is what I’m
leaning towards right now.>>Yeah, yeah, looks good!>>This whole combo?
>>That jacket might be too small for you but–>>Oh really?
>>It looks a little short.>>Oh! A little short.>>Chambray’s in.>>Should I put a layer over it
or just go as is?>>No, I think a jacket is smart.>>Okay.
>>Jackets are always smart.>>What about, uh…>>Yeah, it’s going to be really warm.>>Yeah, that’s wool.>>I don’t know what to accentuate,
like I dig the straight out of ’87 look of this.
>>Yeah.>>But I don’t want to go full ’80s.>>Are you looking for a jacket or pants?>>What are the other options on pants? Because if we had to do the
grandpa synthetics, then, that’d be a weird match.>>Not if they fit you well. [hemming] I mean you’re just going to
look like you live in Austin. [laughing] You’re going to to
look like a bartender.>>I almost want to try a vest. Man, this is breaking my mind.>>Maybe you can add
color with the flannel.>>I am into flannel. I’m–I keep gravitating towards the green.
>>I know, you like that green.>>That’s good, I like that.
>>TALENA: Yeah, you should try it.>>What do you think, that on
top of the blue with the cords?>>Yeah, the same color palette.>>Okay.>>Without doing all the same color.>>This is good, feel like–
>>We’ll see how it looks.>>We’ll see how it looks, okay, okay.>>This seems so wrong, I want to try it. Is this too dumb?
Is this too crazy?>>TALENA: The pants and the shirt?>>The pants and the shirt
and this over shirt?>>I mean maybe not, you just try it on and see how it looks, you’d probably wouldn’t
want to be wearing those shoes. [sigh]
>>Yeah.>>So sometimes, personally,
for my style, if I were to wear this as my jacket,
I would match this with my shoes. Like this is its own outfit, and then the jacket and the shoes are its own outfit, and then it magically works.>>That’s brilliant, okay.>>See how that goes?>>Yeah, okay.>>>BOTH: So then–>>If I’m looking for something that match the shoes…
>>Your shoes, then that matches the shoes but this does not match your shoes
>>Yeah.>>like, you’d want to be wearing
your brown boots or something.>>Okay.
>>If you wanted to make the two outfits work together. [whispering]
>>See, this is
what I needed to learn. Yeah, there we go.>>Like, that all together, and then you can still be wearing your same shoes.>>All right, I’m rocking this.
I’m done, it’s decided. Oh, that does work.>>So, yeah, which feels better?>>BRIAN: Okay, hey!
I’m cheating, I’m getting help. I guess that’s the biggest lesson of all, is don’t be afraid to ask for help, right?
>>Yeah, right.>>You guys know what you’re doing.>>Well, -ish.>>I’m going to try this
and see how it lands.>>See if it fits. That’s the hardest part.
>>Yeah, all right. It is decided, sir.>>Are we ready?>>BRIAN: Yes.
>>JASON: All right.>>Why don’t they just have
like sliding fireman polls? And you just come down and
you’re suddenly dressed.>>JASON: That’d be pretty rad.>>BRIAN: I’m describing Batman. I feel like the pants are going to be the big x-factor for me.>>TALENA: Yeah, they might end up
being too bell-bottom-y.>>JASON: No such thing.>>BRIAN: Ha!>>JASON: So far so good!>>BRIAN: I feel like you stacked
the deck on this one. [Jason laughs deviously] Next time we’re going to
do a fire eating contest.>>JASON: That’s no fair.>>BRIAN: All right, three, two, one. [optimistic music] Dude, you look freaking great! That’s classic Jason right there.>>And that is,
stylish Brian with some flares that, uh, I usually don’t
see from you, I’m digging it.>>You look just rugged enough that maybe, maybe you finished chopping
wood and now you’re going to give your teenage son a talking to. [laughing] Okay, so I’m not sure about this. This might be a little too big, maybe?>>Yeah, I missed the mark on the pants. I think the color is the right thing
but [stammers] look at this, this is quite literally
how high up they go.>>That’s perfect. [laughing]
That’s perfect.>>But I love–>>I’m thinking I might be better
without the jacket.>>I think you’re great just like that. [affectionately]
I think you’re great just the way you are.>>Aww.>>I think I’m going to keep the top part, and then, just uh, just wear my denim, but I think I’m going to take these.>>I’m digging this!
But I don’t know.>>Yeah, it’s too boxy.
Yeah it doesn’t, your should– You have narrow shoulders, and those shoulders are too wide on that.>>Okay.>>So then they make you
look a little slovenly.>>Okay, yeah, we don’t want that.>>No.>>Everything else, the pants the right length?
>>Yeah. Pants are great, the shoes look great.>>Yeah!>>This is, like, this is a
summertime in Austin shirt.>>Yes.
>>Like you’re wearing a shirt and feel like you’re not wearing a shirt.>>You do have–
>>That’s the point of that shirt.>>-an “as is” moment happening right here.
>>Oh yeah, the whole thing is as is.>>Oh, okay.>>Yeah, yeah,
and I’m missing a button here.>>Right on.>>Like, that is a very
specific customer of mine. “Where are your ratty shirts? Those are the ones I want.” Because they only care
about how soft they are.>>Really? This one is soft.>>And also, we do a lot
of selling for costuming. So, Fear of the Walking Dead
is still being filmed. I prefer that she buy
that shirt and distress it, zombify it, versus one of
our nice, crisp, shirts.>>Oh, just to trash it up.
>>So if I give her these options, she will pick these out instead of the other
crisp things, and I am taking care of both markets.>>Well she’s not getting this one.>>That’s right. Over your dead body. Over your dead, shambling corpse. Oh my gosh, this has been amazing! I feel like the biggest thing
is to get the clothes on. Like, everything changed–
>>Just try it on, try it on, try it on.>>The moment I saw myself in the mirror,
I was like, “Oh. Okay, no-no-no. I get it, now I see.” And I feel like, I could keep
on going around picking stuff.>>Yeah, and just make
yourself comfortable. Whatever you feel good in. Uh, who gives a damn what
everybody else thinks?>>These pants are touching my nipples.
>>Yeah, because what are people attracted to? Confidence. Confidence.
>>Exactly, confidence.>>Just confidence. All right, so for all the folks at home, if they want to experience
exactly what we went through, head on over to New Bo,
on 47th and Airport.>>Yep, down in Austin,
my favorite vintage store, Talena, thank you very much.
>>Yeah.>>Thank you so much.
>>Yeah, of course.>>Where are the capes? Where are the men’s capes?>>Well, capes.>>Just capes, just capes in general.>>Genderless, up there.>>Got my eyes on some fringe
>>Up there, there’s one.>>Right there.>>There’s a few, capes.>>That’s a nice sarape.>>You know how I feel when I realize that I don’t have Nord turned on?>>Okay, I never have Nord not turned on. It’s always turned on.>>It is–it is
very turned on, usually.>>Kicks in the door, it’s like,
“It’s me, NordVPN.” [shouting]
>>”And I’m turned on!”>>Sorry, how do you feel
when Nord is not turned on though?>>Shame.>>How is it that you figure it out? Like, like do you notice like, that’s a relevant targeted ad! [faux shouting]
I don’t have NordVPN turned on!>>Exactly, I’m like,
“This is supposed to be in French! Everything is supposed to
be in French, and it’s not!” And I just feel naked and exposed. I like to be bulletproof, and covered by the security of NordVPN.>>I always have the big
map on one of my monitors, with the big fat green
icon showing me where I am in the world, at all times.>>It makes you feel like
you’re in the command center where it’s just telling you, “everything is good,
>>Exactly.>>You’re here, everything’s safe.” You’re waiting for like the War Games, like warheads to start going off.>>Exactly, whenever you say how to browse safely on anything,
everybody is like, “Eh, how about a VPN?”
And if you’re going to do that, you want to do the one
with the highest score, the perfect score
that PC magazine gave, NordVPN.>>It’s military-grade encryption
and it is so affordable. It’s just $2.99 per month for three years.>>Even less because
you get a free month, if you go to
slash Rogue, that’s r-o-g-u-e and use promo code “rogue” at
checkout, an extra month.>>Hot yeah!>>Overplaying the meme.>>We’re making it happen. I’ve got to make sure they don’t forget. — CC BY REV —
>>BRIAN: I always knew we were secretly
meant to be a makeover show. [Jason laughing]>>JASON: What if this the one–the episode that just really takes off? [Brian laughs]>>BRIAN: Next thing you know, we got a series.>>JASON: [through laughter] Yeah.>>BRIAN: It’s like my living nightmare of anxiety, [laughing] of having the whole
world judge my fashion.

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