How to Dress for an Interview

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy.
In today’s video I am going to be sharing with you my best tips on how to
dress for your next upcoming interview I have tips for both women and men so that
you can impress employers you can look and feel your best in your next upcoming
interview Ready to get the job you want? Top Notch
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offers and if this is something that you’re interested in working with me
one-on-one I can give you details about that at the end of this video now as you
know I’ve been sharing my career advice and tips and strategies with you for the
last little while now and throughout this time period I’ve actually had quite
a few people approached me and asked me to do a video on what to wear in an
interview and to be honest I kept putting this topic aside because I was
surprised that you guys wanted to know about this now I wouldn’t say I have a
defined sense of style I just wear clothes that I like and wear clothes
that I feel comfortable in but regardless of the fact that I’m not a
fashion expert I decided I’ll make this video and I’ll share my tips with you on
how you can dress in your next upcoming interview so that you can look and feel
your best now let’s start off with the ladies for women I would save the sense
of style that you should be going for when it comes to an interview is classy
yet chic now first let’s talk about clothing the first tip I have for you
when it comes to clothing is to make sure that your clothes fit if you decide
that you want to wear a suit to an interview I think that’s a great idea
there’s nothing wrong with over dressing better to over dress them to under dress
so when it comes to wearing a suit you want to wear a fitted blazer and fitted
pants don’t go into the interview wearing an oversized blazer unless
that’s the style if you want to wear an oversized blazer and wear a dress
underneath or a collared shirt and a skirt with an oversized blazer I think
that’s actually completely fine as long as it’s meant to be an oversized blazer
but if it’s meant to just fit your body the blazer is like a fitted blazer then
make sure it actually fits now you also want to make sure that you keep the
colors neutral so I say go for gray maybe beige
lack is absolutely fine as well we’re a white clean colored shirt underneath
most preferably if you’re wearing a suit a full-on suit or wearing a neutral
colored dress underneath your blazer works as well now for men and clothing
same thing you want to look classy you want to look professional so when it
comes to you going into the interview that’s pretty simple when it comes to
clothing you want to wear a suit and similar to the ladies you want to wear a
fitted suit please no oversized poofy shoulder suits and make sure your suits
are clean if the last time you wore the suit you had sweated in it or you just
haven’t had time to take it to the dry cleaner make sure you do that before you
go into the interview I’ve had to conduct interviews where I’ve had
individuals come into the room and you could tell they didn’t clean their suit
that’s extremely important that you have a clean suit when you come in again also
a probably a plain white collared shirt and a tie all tucked in properly a suit
fitting your body as well that’s a great option to wear for the interview now
let’s talk about shoes so for the ladies if you’re gonna wear heels I highly
recommend just wearing a simple pair of shorter heels kitten heels they call
them rather than wearing stilettos or just really huge chunky heels it can
give the wrong impression if you wear you know just a heel with just a little
bit of heights I think that’s good enough it’ll still die up that nice
classy look that you’re going for and I would probably go for just a plain black
heel or a nude colored heel for men when it comes to shoes very simple just faux
leather or real leather dress shoes they don’t have to look super crazy they
don’t have to have crazy patterns they don’t have to have all those holes in
them just a simple pair of dress shoes try to make sure again that they also
fit your feet that they’re not too big too clunky too chunky and maybe not too
pointed at the same time I’ve seen some really pointy dress shoes so just you
know one that fits your foot fits you feet and gives a nice shape and ties up
the look that you’re going for which is that professional yet classy suited up
look oh and about the shoes if they’re leather or even if they’re not just make
sure they’re polished not dusty and fill it full of dirt
make sure you polish them before the interviews now let’s talk about hair so
for women when it comes to hair this is my personal opinion but instead of tying
your hair in a ponytail or doing it up in a bun I actually prefer that you have
your hair down as a recruiter I feel that it gives a more confident and
self-assured look when you have your hair down it’s nice and neat of course
and it’s just free-flowing rather than having your hair in a really tight bun
or really tight ponytail I just feel like it gives a little bit of a
different vibe so that’s my personal opinion you do what you feel is best and
most comfortable for you but if you can leave your hair down for the interview
now when it comes to hair for men as you know hire managers for the most of them
they want to work with clean people so make sure your hair is clean cut as well
nothing to straggly or messy I mean ideally if you could comb it and gel it
that’s perfect but not overly gelled where it’s super shiny and glistening in
the fluorescent light just nice combed neat cut hair now when it comes to
makeup this is I guess more applicable for the ladies I would say don’t go for
an overly made up look if you can stick with a neutral bronzy makeup no makeup
look I think that’s what it is I think that’s what it’s called that would be
great nothing too overly done so that would mean just foundation eyeliner
mascara blush lipstick lip gloss eyebrows a little bit of highlighter
maybe just a little bit and that’s good enough and then finally let’s talk about
accessories so when it comes to accessories such as earrings bracelets I
currently don’t have really anything on my wrist right now but normally I would
wear a watch in terms of earrings if you wear earrings then I would go for studs
diamonds or pearls something that’s not too dangly not too partyish just a
simple necklace if you prefer wearing a necklace and if you want to wear a
bracelet you can just something again not too distracting for men accessories
is a lot easier like I said earlier wear a tie and wear a nice watch as well I
mean it doesn’t have it to be anything crazy expensive just a nice business
professional looking watch you know whether it’s leather or otherwise that’s
good as well there you have it those are my best tips on how to dress for your
next upcoming interview so that you can look your best now if you are looking
for a new position and you’ve been looking for the last little while and
you haven’t been getting many results and you realize that you need one-on-one
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46 thoughts on “How to Dress for an Interview

  1. Hi dear linda
    I love your videos
    And also love you
    Can you help me please
    Please make me a resume for electrician technician for interview

  2. Great tips. First impressions are important. Your interviewer knows little to nothing about you so they look at everything about you from what you wear, your body language and of course, your education and experience.

  3. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I still love them and always get useful tips every time. You’re really an awesome person for doing this. And your certainly great at what you do! Go Linda!

  4. I think it highly depends on the position. A mechanic might not need to wear a suit to an interview but someone interviewing for an CEO Executive Assistant position might need to wear a little higher heels since she needs to prove excellent standing

  5. If I’m applying to a more relaxed work environment like a publicity agency or newspaper, is it necessary to wear a suit? Dressing casual as every day, would be fine? I ask because I HATE wearing suits 😀

  6. I'm a english learner and i love watching your videos cuz you speak so ckear and nice and that help me to try to copy the way you speak.

  7. Hi Linda, really love the channel. I think I came across you after Sunny Lenarduzzi mentioned you and am really glad she did 🙂

  8. The interview starts as soon as you walk through the building doors, dress to impress! I wear a two piece skirt suit (black) basic makeup, manicured nails (French or nude), minimal and simple jewelry. Also, nude pantyhose ladies! I also agree with kitten heels too. It’s worked for me!

  9. TIP……Hosiery/Stocking
    and I really don’t care if its 95 degrees outside right after the interview you
    can take them off. I was helping interview people once and the H/R head said to
    me “I do not hire ladies with bare legs”. She told me they don’t know if stocking
    are mandatory or not to wear at this company. It’s an old fashioned mind frame,
    but I do it when I have interviews to go on.  Retail not so much. I love the advice you give.

  10. Hi Linda, do you have any tips for people who go for an interview for a creative position? I am a graphic designer and I never know what's the best way to dress for an interview. I feel like if I dress as formal as you have described in this video it will look a bit inappropriate. Is it okay to show your style at an interview for a creative position but still dress a bit more formal then normally? For example, a light colour blazer, a white t-shirt, black jeans (not ripped) and clean trainers? Are jeans and trainers okay to wear anyway for a creative position interview?

  11. I always tide up my hair because i have curly hair and no matter what i do if i let it loose it gets messy.. And now you recommend to let it loose hahaha

  12. I have a maroon blazer it's fitted though
    White dress shirt black pants and I have short skinny heeled boots color black
    I think that's ok

  13. It depends on what kind of job you're applying..but definitely chic and classy ..not tight…no jewelry..soft natural makeup.

  14. Keeping the colours neutral is a great tip. That's professional and safest for a good first impression! Cheers!

  15. I love your channel and agree with the advice given here. I would add, nude hosiery for the women (I know it's stylish to go without, but you never know, your interviewer may judge you for it!), and I like to wear a vintage brooch in good shape, too, that's just me. I always wear one that belonged to one of my grandmothers for good luck!

  16. I have a question about the blazer, does it need to be buttoned up or can it be left open?

  17. What should young guys do about longer length hair. Such as Kurt Cobain style? My son is reluctant to have it cut ..and should he wear white shirtvwith cufflinks or ordinary cuff.

  18. Can you make a video about on what position do we apply for a first timer for a financial management and marketing mgt and accounting course?

  19. I wish women would do women suggestions only. No offense but I don’t want to sit thru the male attire. Make a separate video plz.

  20. Lol I’m already dressed with one hour to go before the interview. Just wanted to make sure I did it right hahaha

  21. What if we don’t have any dress suits or heels, due to a foot injury? I also have an afro: I’m regrowing my hair.

    What to do?

  22. Hi Linda, i have a quick question, should you keep the collar of the shirt inside the blazer or it could be outside? does it matter? If that make any sense.

  23. If I'm wearing a dark grey dress with a little sleeve on the sides, do I still need to wear a blazer?

  24. A business dress is amazing. I live in the south and traditional suits are too hot. A nice pencil dress in navy or gray is very flattering and appropriate

  25. The younger ladies wear body hugging pants and shirts. It looks so inappropriate for interviews

  26. Anyone have any idea what I should wear to an interview for a local family run bakery?

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