How to Dress for a Snowstorm

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  1. WARNING THIS HOWCAST IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS – Although often you will end up wearing some cotton, avoid it at all costs! Cotten Kills! [When cotten gets wet it doesn't insulate, it wicks away your heat!]

  2. QUESTION! -do u get this bad of a weather in NYC? that u have to dress up like that? :

  3. he is actually right… ask the everest mountaineers and they will tell u the same thing. u want to have moisture management and fabrics that keeps insulation even when u r sweating, polyester r much better for underwear but they may wick too much moisture away and make your skin dry. and u want to wear a breatheable yet waterproof shell. in between the shell and underwear it's advice that u keep as many down as is required for your comfort. in my opinion, military boots works best for me so far

  4. never wish for snow and cold my dog's paws were freazing up today and he couldnt walk properly

  5. i'm used to it cincinnanti is gonna have fun this winter i'm good at making snow men all u really need is underwear snow pants a wateer prooff jacket and some waterproof boots and a good hat with waterproof gloves

  6. Wow! Great tips. I'll use them if I ever do go to the snow. Here in LA, it is irrelevant. It gets cold, but it nevers snows, though there was that one time…..

  7. Well actually I clicked on it to see what advice it would give me, and then I realized that they were overdressed. If you just use what they give on the list, you'll be fine. With all the layers that that lady put on, she'll be a bit too warm.

  8. -30 here in canada. half of the school wore a t-shirt with jeans today. you guys are pussies

  9. Holy friggin hell

    15 inch snowflakes!!?
    Failing economy?!!
    Black presidents!!

    The world is surely coming to an end…

  10. if you live in canada, this is exactly how u have to dress up? Although I dont since I am in the car or inside a building most of the time. However if you are taking the bus or walking, and u are not dressed properly, u are screwed.

  11. The 15 inch snowflake fell in 1887, and today is 2008, so… I think your logic is somewhat flawed.

  12. yeah!? u from there? :]
    i gotta say, i think its all thanx to the big buildings in nyc, they block all the wind and cold :] BUT in the summer? those same buildings block the wind that cools u down, so u left icky and sticky :$ kinda disgusing :] lol :]

  13. ide like to know hwo they saw it and measured it before it looked like all the other snow 😛

  14. lol the girl looked very hot at the end, literally…

    15 inches… I would never have guessed 😮

  15. This must be if you live way up north! If you live in the southern part of east Texas you're lucky if you have freezing temps for just a few hours! Dressing like this would give you heat stroke in the winter down here! 🙂

  16. One MAJOR ERROR.

    Never wear cotton in cold wet weather, such as in a snow storm.

    Wear synthetics in snow storms. Such as fleece and nylon. Fleece as a insulator and nylon as a shell.

    Cotton soaks up sweat and doesn't wick it away or dry easily like synthetics. Furthermore, wet cotton is a conductor of heat. It draws heat away from the body.

  17. pffft. i live in hongkong. the temp's around 13-16 celcius now. im freezing already. :S lol

  18. where I live that is how you need to dress on an average winter day. It wouldn't do you much good in a winter storm that can easily get to -45 c.

  19. thats not funny 🙁 over here in new mexico its supposed to be 20 degrees this morning

  20. ha she looks like the little brother from Christmas Story. "I can't put my arms down."

    really though. that's to many layers. she'll get to hot inside of that outfit and sweat will build up because she has no way to get let that condensation out.. so eventualy when she takes that off she'll be all sweaty and if she was like that in the outdoors for awile she would take off the coat and freeze.

    simple survival of keeping warm and they fucked it up.

  21. in the shining he didnt use a axe and he died from the heater exploding in the hotel. if you have read the book you would know.

  22. I Live in Chicago and its FREEZING when winter hits. Last week or something we had like a -20 degree wind chill

  23. it wasnt meant to be funny. i was just saying how im glad that it doesnt snows where i live.

  24. For the ratio of minimum bulk, weight vs. maximun warmth, 100% polyester micro-fleece(or often called Polarfleece) is the best.

    It specially works great when it's worn next to the skin. It feels softer than cotton and wicks the moisture then spread it much quicker, keeps you feel drier.

  25. That's because you've grown up with it. Much like the Northeastern part of the US. We here in NY (I live in Central NY) are much the same way as you.
    Well, depends on who you meet I guess. haha
    I'm like you anyways and my parents hate it.

  26. mo! no cotton! i am in BSA and there is a saying for like ski rescue teams, cotton kills, if it gets wet, you will suffer!

  27. It's snowing right now….I just wanted to watch a girl get dressed while I drank my morning coffee!!

  28. Who is this "teaching"? It's common scense for anyone living in a cold area. waste of time!

  29. well you canadians can take extreme cold weather which is weird because my dad is from canada and I can tolerate cold weather better than he can.

  30. … that is pathetic… srsly 3 SHIRTS AND A JACKET? if ur american and ur going out ur probably walking 1 block or driving a for a 15 minutes in winter. why the hell would u dress up for a hike into mountains in -40 temperature for 30 minutes?

  31. shes well dressed for a ski trip, with the sunglasses(goggles) and the ski mask.

  32. I wear my underwear, thermal underwear, light shirt, another shirt, a waterproof jumper, its-okay-to-get-wet pants, socks, boots, and gloves for sking. I love playing in the snow.

  33. fuck this, i dress in tank tops and shorts in a snowstorm, its called turning on the furnace and staying home

  34. Wow, what the hell? In the winter, I wear almost exactly what I wear in the other seasons, like a shirt, a coat, jeans, and boots. What she is wearing in the video is much more than what I wear when I go skiing.

  35. dam americans are such babys when it comes to shit they dont like but canada we walk around with a hoodie and jeans there we go we are warm 😀

  36. This is like, "How to get dressed in sweden every morning in the winter" xD

  37. i live in canada, and i have walked to school in -42°C weather, and i didn't need all those clothes.. all i wore was a skirt, snowpants, a shirt, a warms sweater, and a down jacket, scarves, socks, UGGs, and gloves. i think these tips are pointless.. rainboots get FREEZING cold in snow..

  38. they should have a how 2 freeze 2 death!!!! "how 2 freeze 2 death…run out side nude during a snow storm!! if there isn't one fill your bath with ice & cold water & sit in it have a friend refill the ice every now & then so i won't melt!!!" yep i went there…

  39. Um, I live in Sweden. Rainboots would be the death of you. This video is shit.

  40. random information: I wear underclothes (panties and bra), ski socks, long underclothes (pants) normal pants, a sleeveless top, long sleeved skirt over and a thick sweater. when really cold I wear ski pants. Then thick down jacket, knitted scarf, knitted hat/cap. gloves and winter boots

  41. If you're just going out to eat, wear jeans or pants, and a long sleeve shirt, and two jackets. That's what I do

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