How To Crash Paris Fashion Week

[Music] tell me about that time you faked your way into Paris that a week right so I spend a lot of my time walking around markets one of the things that I’ve become particularly obsessed with is knockoff friends via Klein Pierre calvini but there’s one I love more than any of those Giorgio Fabiani who is Giorgio pepperoni I like Giorgio Pisani because it doesn’t even really sound like Giorgio Armani does it the logo looks absolutely nothing like it but people are still buying his jeans Giorgio pavani is doing everything that a successful fashion designer needs to do apart from exists in to help Giorgio pavani reach his full potential I’m gonna become him and go to Paris Fashion Week [Music] the first step was making a website play on the computer for a little bit we’re online I get some cards done all of my networking tools at my fingertips so the last step was buying a stack of giorgos jeans and heading to Paris can I get an entrance card for Paris Fashion Week I arrived into this Center in Georgia pavani the designer slapped down the card and just act casual five minutes later they come back and hand me this Giorgio pavani has got himself an entrance have yani thank you Cheers Fabio Viviani like that Giorgio had gone from bricks the market to Paris water culture so I’m drinking free booze mingling with like bloggers models compliment in people on their balance Iago sandals Georgia I’m kind of like the younger thug of fashion but I want to know like how far can I take this you say street wear as a religion and heavy Arnie constantly sins is ok if I try that on I want to try the most expensive dress in the room I am gliding around looking stunning and nobody is saying a word other than my nice shoes yeah of course I get invited to this night with a bunch of Italian designers I get chatting to this menswear model named Jean and talk me through a conversation I stopped him and I go John I need to see you in these jeans he disappears for a second comes back and he’s in these red heavy Arne jeans and I’m just nodding I go what do you think he just goes I love the design it’s so populist not only is it he who likes my trousers I get talking to this buyer from Milan I asked her would you sell Giorgio Pisani jeans in Milan and she says you know what Giorgio I think I would they love these jeans influences the poor on Fashion Week Pavarotti at that point has gone from being on a market to being broadcasted to like 700,000 people around the world my emails are filled with people inviting Georgia pavani to their events are they going to let George oppa Vianney into the after-party people killed to be at these parties like they surely they’re not gonna let a man who doesn’t exist into them [Music] so then Alexis shows up and we end up out in Paris until 4:00 a.m. so without even exist in Giorgio Papillon II had infiltrated blogs catwalk parties georgette pavani was the toast of Paris Fashion Week those one question that consistently evaded me who is George oppa be honey so I google his name and after three pages of scrolling through results I see something an address that’s in London if Georgia pavani is real this is the gun but if I’m gonna meet the real georgette heavy Arnie I can’t show up empty-handed hi how are you I am the real Georgia Parvati I own the Georgia peony prime yeah John how easy hello Patel yeah just whoa oh you’ve come to pick a box of yeah yeah yeah just what sorry well so that net is that an order yeah someone’s want to hear great genes so do you remember the moment that you came up with the name George Europa Vianney well we were looking into the names and then we decided like okay George or Parvati sounds nice it looks good with the Georgia as well people when they want to buy Armani Jeans that you know the cost one hundred and fifty quid our jeans will cost them about 3035 but the quality we make sure we maintain is very high standard how do you feel about me having called myself Georgia pavani come to Paris Fashion Week I was happy that somebody’s at least had to look into it and so that this problem can move further so now we’re trying to do a media campaign on the Georgia pavani it’s good to be setbacks we’ve done something for you I’m taking George up Evian into the top [Music] look good visitin fabiani lookbook [Music] [Laughter] [Music] no they couldn’t what about this look that’s crazy looks like quite fashionable in a ng yeah I love this jacket we used to do like 16 different colors in the jackets and Jean know we’re here do you think we might be able to bring that back everything look it looks like the Laurel old schools coming back again yeah the real joejoebee are needing doors look thanks I’ll get to you no no thank you for creating the the legend that is Georgie up everyone [Music] [Music]

16 thoughts on “How To Crash Paris Fashion Week

  1. Buyers from Milan wanted his denim in their stores, the inner-circle wanted him at their showrooms, and A-Listers partied with him at night. But Georgio Peviani doesn't actually exist.. does he?

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  2. He looks like the Guy in Blade Runner (original). Again, kudos, you do look the part.

  3. ADAM YOU THE REAL PEVIANI(mvp😂)!!! And OOBAH MAKE MORE OF THIIIIIIS! And show how these overpriced brands are just RIP-OFFS!!!!!

  4. ADAM YOU THE REAL PEVIANI(mvp😂)!!! And OOBAH MAKE MORE OF THIIIIIIS! And show how these overpriced brands are just RIP-OFFS!!!!!

  5. OOBAH MAKE MORE OF THIIIIIIS! And show how these overpriced brands are just RIP-OFFS!!! And

  6. After they knew the truth, all the fashion people must be pissed and embarrassed.

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