How to Close a Retail Store in Canada- Clothing Store Testimonial

I got started in the business 15 years
ago. I grew up in a family business,it was also ladies clothing so I’ve been
involved with it for been selling for about 30 years. My parents had a store
for 23 so I’ve had mine for 15. It’s been an interesting endeavor I did go to do
to school for retail as well so but it was a passion. It was something that was
wonderful to do and is great to do. Well there’s been a number of factors.
One of the biggest ones is my building got sold so that would mean relocating
and finding a new spot that was was the way I want it to be. My lease is also up
and they’re about to do some major road construction right outside my front door
so that kind of was a trifecta that sort of said okay it’s time to time to maybe
pay attention. I also have a young family which I’d like to spend more time with. I
heard about GA Wright through one of the mailings that actually randomly got sent
to the store. From there I went online looked at some of their things and then
also sent in the prompt to ask for some some more information about what it is
that they do. I decided to choose GA Wright because of the fact that I think
that they had lots of integrity. They didn’t want to come in and say yeah we
can do this and it’s a you know we’re gonna do a fire sale or we’re gonna you
know just discount it and they have my well-being in mind. So opening day I was
a little bit I didn’t know what to think on opening day. Opening day we did have a
lineup outside and they were raring to go and then it was more than I
actually thought it was going to be. It it proved to be a great opening day. It
it generated some interest in some activity and I think that’s carried on
throughout and so opening day was was beyond my expectations. I actually was surprised at the number
of people that kept coming back because of the fact that when you do a regular sale part of
it is to get them to come back. How do you get them to come back? how do you get
them to stay interested? And again that’s one of the things that GA Wright does
that makes this work is that you turn around and they do get the customers to
come back. Looking around you know at this time is everything almost gone? It’s
it’s getting there right it’s it’s coming along. It was significantly fuller
in here beforehand so it is coming. We’re getting closer to the end so yeah
everything’s almost gone. As far as the sort of numbers that would that we’re
looking at we are making the numbers that that they told me I would do. I
think we’re on you know we’re at this point we are on target to have a very
successful sale. One of the things that’s been great about doing this close out
with GA Wright and having the consultant here is the fact that it’s taken the
pressure off of me as the owner. I don’t have the pressure that’s associated with
a closing business sale or quitting business sale. I can have some fun. I can
spend time with my clients and my customers and it’s made the whole
experience much easier and much more enjoyable than I ever thought it would

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