How Supreme Built A Billion Dollar Brand Empire

63 thoughts on “How Supreme Built A Billion Dollar Brand Empire

  1. The Supreme empire was built from sheeps. People that have no idea how to think for themselves.

  2. I love how the supreme logo acted as a literal red flag when I was dating. Not interested in people obsessed over an grossly overpriced brand. Thank you, next

  3. This is just as stupid as the handbags profiled here a couple weeks ago, if not worse. If you’re buying a brick or a crowbar (ffs) because of the logo, the joke is on you. And you’re going to be left with a pretty brick or crowbar that isn’t worth beans when the music stops.

  4. People who use Supreme has the REAL Appeal unlike those who horde and keep their items and keep bragging

  5. Sometimes I wish we lived in a dictatorship so that these morons lined up at supreme stores were drafted and sent to Syria to experience what real life is like)))

  6. How did that kid make 10k for the summer? especially when the supreme resell market is crashing. You used to be able to sell any supreme items at a markup price but now only few items per drop can be sold with a markup.

  7. They do marketing ads in iD magazine, Richardson magazine, Quartersnacks website

  8. This didn't show how they built anything! This video sucked. It only focused on consumerism, NOT BUSINESS!!!

  9. I've never heard, or seen this brand.
    I have not once seen anyone wearing Supreme.

  10. I always thought calling someone a Hype Beast was a insult, i guess you learn something new everyday.

  11. Meanwhile wealthy people buy gold, silver, stocks etc. Millennials just don't point the finger when years down the road you still have no credit or house ok.

  12. Those brothers are so annoying to listen to. They make my ears bleed and sound so pretentious

  13. A BRICK, seriously?????? 😒

    All I can say is RIDICULOUS……. What a time to be alive, 😑🤔

    Edit: this is not successful, this is totally wrong and stupid

  14. I dnt buy supreme I dnt buy nike I dnt buy Jordans and that's why I got hella extra money

  15. Low quality shirts which cost $2-3 selling for $32 and reselling for over >$100. Don’t believe the hype 👎

  16. The fact that a clothing company can cause this much vitriol in the comment section by literally doing nothing extraordinary is pretty exceptional and admirable. In that regard, Supreme comes across as a successful street artist disguised as a clothing company.

  17. More than half of Supreme stores are fake, the smart guys are the one screen printing a box logo in their basements.

  18. So the answer is basically: they set up a skateboard shop in 1994, stole Barbera Kruger's style and built their billion dollar empire by…word of mouth, limited releases and resell culture?

  19. Obviously they use StockX prices, if you look hard enough you can actually find a lot of this stuff far cheaper these people have no idea how to dress with any personality

  20. How can a species be so smart to where they can split the atom, walk on the moon, and etc, but also be so stupid and foolish at the same time… We are an amazing creature 🧐😂😂

  21. Supreme has been dying off. Too many people looking to resell instead of wearing it

  22. Just buy a cheap white or any other color T-shirt and stick the supreme logo and there you have it your own supreme shirt for $10 instead of $1000

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