100 thoughts on “How I Edit My YouTube Videos

  1. Happy Hump Day, everyone! In this video I show you guys a quick overview on how I edit my videos. Hope you guys find it helpful. (:

  2. Thanks for your editing tips – I use final cut pro too! Your camera is so on point! Which one do you use?

  3. You are gorgeous! I ran into your website and within five seconds of your video I was subscribed…you have such a great vibe

  4. this is really similar to how I edit! but I (kinda stupidly haha) didn't watch many videos on how to edit, I kind of just jumped into it!

    I have a channel about Lifestyle: Aviation, Workouts, Food, Travel vlogs, and more! stop by! 🙂

  5. jen, i love your videos! thanks for posting this 🙂 do you have any (free) alternatives to epidemic sound?

  6. Thank you so much for this video! I recently started my own channel and I am looking forward to employing some of the techniques that youve shown!!

  7. Wow! This is helpful for someone like me that feels she has a story to tell, but zero credentials editing videos to make them look proper. Thank you!

  8. Thanks girl 😉

  9. I am always so impressed by your videos, found these techniques to be really helpful.. Thanks for sharing !! <3

  10. Thank you so, so much! I feel like you gave real, useful tips. I wrote so much down 🙂

  11. Though just use imovie cuz I can’t afford to invest in final cut rn, this video was super helpful! Thank you for sharing all these tips 💓

  12. can you tell me how to put a name of video for show when you click inside to watch in youtube??

  13. You explained it so simply & informativaly! Helpful video 💛🙏

  14. go follow my youtube channel i have always loved doing videos i edit and use half of my time on that i will be really happy with a view on my channel or subscribe !!! hitting 500 really soon

  15. Thanks for the great video. Just posted by first of hopefully many… and Epidemic Sound is an awesome find, thanks for sharing that!

  16. Thank you so much jenn! I got tons on videos to edit and I came here to get inspired 💛 thanks!

  17. I always wanted to start a channel but the editing seems daunting! This is cool seeing kinda how you edit.

  18. Can you make a video going into more detail about how you use pixel film studios? I love the way you do graphics.

  19. aahhh your editing is so simple yet very artistic at the same time >..< one day!

  20. yup… the end of this video was around 20 seconds haha good job jenn 😉

  21. Love this tutorial! What laptop do you recommend me to use? Cause my old Mac laptop don’t let me see the videos of the camera 😭😭

  22. Final cut pro looks easier to use than adobe lol. I have been using adobe and it's been giving me headaches. And it's so laggy.

  23. I love your desktop wallpaper so much, where can I find it please?

  24. I love these kind of videos!! They totally help me with my editing for my videos!! I hope one day my channel is as successful as yours!

  25. I looked up the artist she meant and it brang me to some weird websites (;

  26. You are a superstar thank you so much for taking the opportunity share your how to. That was extremely helpful

  27. I love your vlog so much! I'm totally you loyal fan~ may I ask what camera do you suggest when making a vlog?

  28. Thanks for this video!! This helped a lot especially with the transitions!

  29. I just posted a how to edit on iMovie.. But I only showed 4 things. I showed how to do flashing colors, how to do the typewriter text, and emoji flashers, and how to use the greenscreen! I hope you can check out my vid and learn something new:)

  30. I just found your channel through epidemic sound email. I'm sooo glad I opened that email 😅
    This video is super informative thank you 🙂
    I just started my own channel to document our family life (brand new mommy here 🙂 and omg there's soooo much to learn on the techy side of youtube. People think it's so easy but it soo hard and you really have to enjoy it to stick to it. I'm loving this flatform and thanks to people like you who puts out educational videos like this.
    If I could get a little love and support on my new channel i'd be over the moon

  31. FIRST OFF, I freaking miss you. You're one of my fav youtubers. omg Second, YASSSS.

  32. is it money for all the stuff you use? LOVE this VIDEO! SOO HELPFUL!!!!

  33. If u noticed that Wengie was with her in 1:22 smash the like button!!!

  34. So helpful!
    Also I need some help with subs I have 0 currently so I'm trying to get at least 1 sub so please help me out I promise I will rec soon!

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