How clothing helped andro babe Megan come out | Queering Fashion | Xtra

My sexual orientation and my clothing choices and aesthetic choices are really, really linked together. There is distinctly a men’s section and a woman’s section, there’s no in between. I’d always dressed in a more masculine style ever since I was actually really young. So I kind of rejected anything girl-ish, I just was not there for it. As I started to grow up, it wasn’t just my mom that was kind of making comments about like “hey, you should probably look more like a girl.” But I started to have interactions with different people where they were more or less uncomfortable. I was on vacation with my parents in Virginia, I was about six or seven years old and I went into the bathroom, and this girl just looked at me and looked terrified and was like, “This is the girls washroom, you don’t belong here.” I went through, I call it my femme stage, my femme period where I grew my hair out, did all these different things but eventually came back to this spot where I feel most comfortable. I think I was really uncomfortable, and I think it had a lot to do with being in the closet still and it affected, you know, my confidence, it certainly affected my style, where I would kind of hide my body, right, and hide myself. And it wasn’t until that I came out that I started to adopt, you know, a masculine style that I had kind of adopted from such a young age before. And as soon as I got my haircut and styled in a way that it had looked when I was younger I was like, wow, like there’s Meg. Because I choose a more male-classic masculine aesthetic, that there’s power behind that and I exist in that power and I use that power, I take that power by virtue of putting on these clothes. I know when I wear clothes that fit really well I’m very confident and I go out into the world knowing that, I go out into the world knowing that I feel good and look good. I’m Megan, and the way that I would define my style would be andro-babe at masc presenting I would say. That sounds about right.

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