How Blind People Choose Their Clothes

Here’s a letter from another viewer who wants to know… “Hey, Tommy could you tell us please how you pick and purchase your clothes and how you get everything to match. (laughs) You’ve got to be kidding me. Match my clothes. (glass breaking sound) (music transition) It’s funny. I have to go to the store with somebody. Because… unless I know exactly what I want. Like I want this brand of shirt, in this size , in this color and these pants, you know. If I knew exactly what I want and that will work, but otherwise I have to bring somebody. You know, at least I like know them and could trust them a little bit, you know what I mean? I suppose I could get with clerk to help with it. “Hey, could you find me a pair of Chinos, and a nice shirt that will go with it please. Just pick me out an outfit.” (music transition) My mother taught me a long time ago. She probably hates the day she ever taught me this, but she said, “Everything goes with blue jeans.” So I wear blue jeans a lot. I just do. Because everything will go with them. SO, like if I want to do laundry for example all the jeans and stuff, that’s all dark, right? So I’ll put those together. All the shirts are generally going to be light, so put all those together. And then underwear and socks are both white. So, that’s how I know, you know, to be able to do laundry and everything sort of goes with everything. (music transition) So after laundry then I have to put everything away, right? So everything has to go in the same place every time. All the T-shirts with no writing will go on the left side of the drawer. All the T-shirts with writing will go on the right side. Then there’s shirts with collars, you know, like Polo shirts and stuff, so those would all go together. And then all the hanging stuff goes in the closet. All the button down stuff. That’s kind of how I do it. And then all the pants. You know, the jeans all go together. And just hope you don’t have one with a hole. (laughs) (music transition – saxophone) If I need to get dressed up, you know, going somewhere formal or something like that. I know that, you know, that I’ve got some outfits that I just know that go together. A particular shirt goes with that pants with that jacket. And I just know what they all feel like and I keep them all together. Sometimes on the same hanger. You know what I mean? So that they’ll all be together and ready to go. No fuss. No muss. I don’t know if I have a style. I think I just go for comfort really. Some clothes I really like just cause it feels nice, you know what I mean? There’s some T-shirts that I have that are just so soft and they’re just great to wear. There’s just shirts that do – they do have different weights and textures and stuff and I like them because they are easy for me to notice and to find, so it’s kind of fun that way. I mean, like I have a shirt, that still has the store tag. You know that thing they that they have to remove at the register for you? So, somehow this didn’t get removed for me but I’ve had it for a long time and I love it. And it’s easy for me to find because it’s got that clunky thing on it… and it’s awesome! And it’s a nice shirt. And there’s always something to talk about when I wear it. “Dude, you have a tag on shirt is still on thing.” Yeah, I know. (laughs) I love that shirt though. (music transition/credits) So, I have a question. How come they started taking the tags out of the back of clothing? What happened? Oh my god, if it wasn’t for the buttons I wouldn’t know how to wear things. (laughs)

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  1. man…. you're wearing whity-tighties? chicks hate that! it makes you look like a dork! bring a woman along – not your mum – and ask her to pick a dozen pairs of boxers or boxer briefs for you. get with the game, man! it's not because you're blind that you have to look like a nerd when you're about the put the groove on with the laaaaaadies….

  2. I find it pretty funny and ironic how in the background in the beginning you have a bunch of books in a book shelf

  3. My mom was getting ready for a formal dance and didn't know what to wear. My dad just said, "wear jeans, everything goes with jeans." I dont think i've laughed that hard in a while.

  4. this is the first youtuber that has made me smile with every single one of their videos! I love this man he is hilarious

  5. He only has white socks, all the same size and color. So every time he finds a sock, he just matches it with another sock

  6. If I'd say you had a style. Id go with a golfer look. Am I wrong guys and gals?

  7. Were there certain things that you were able to think of as good or bad, even without being told? In other words, is there some sort of instinct that plays into it?

  8. I'm actually going to school to help those with disabilities, so i have ideas and methods for every kind of disability there is. I wish I could help make life a little easier for you Tommy. You seem like a stand-up guy, and I would do whatever it takes to ensure that life becomes somewhat easier for you with your condition. i wish you well, and God Bless you for your videos and sense of humor. Nothing better than seeing someone like you have a brighter side to life. A lot of people can a page from your book Tommy. You are an inspiration to everyone! Thanks for your amazing videos!

  9. why do you have books on your bookshelf? are they all in braille or do you live with a sighted person who reads them?

  10. Haha, is that the album Tommy by The Who on the wall there? That works on so many levels…

    1) the name Tommy
    2) it's about a deaf, dumb, and blind person
    3) it's a great album!

  11. just walking around looking like you stole a shirt. but no ones gonna say so because you're blind lol… "uh, you know that security thing is still on your shirt?"…. "ok cool" (walks away quietly)

  12. What would make an amusement park a better experience for you?

  13. just discovered your channel yesterday and subscribed after watching just 1 video. Your content is awesome and my kids love the videos too. Keep it up

  14. what if a told you your wearing pink jeans and a polka dotted shirt that says kick me on the back? would you even care?

  15. why do you decide to keep your hair short if you don't have to worry about it blocking you vision?

  16. Hey, I realized you have Tommy's cover behind you on the wall. Is that an album you like, that was important for you growing up?

  17. couldn't you have Braille tags made to put on your clothes? I'd be shocked if there wasn't a Braille label maker or something

  18. They didn't really take the tags out, they replaced them with just printed words on the shirt. But now it's super hard to find out which side is which without looking

  19. Someone should cut holes in his shirt, Regina George style, and see how long it takes him to realize it

  20. I've worn mis-matching shoes to work before. Both black, but one had patterns. Lovely!

  21. Tommy album by The Who in the background on the wall… nice ! Would love to hear more about that.

  22. you bring a smile to my face everyday! Its 3 in the morning and i need to be sleeping but im not..anyways when you "read" the questions off the paper i laughed so hard and got caught…oh well hahah <3

  23. Can you tell us your favorite underwear???!?!? Boxers???? or briefs???? Ha ha!! Plus how do blind people take showers??

  24. So, I can see and I still do this. Black or blue jeans. Simple T-shirts. All white socks (all the same brand and size so they all match each other). It just makes getting dressed easier.

    Also, most shirts still have "tags" but it's just the size, brand and whatever printed on the cloth. They did it because it's more comfortable, with no tag tickling you or sticking out when you're not paying attention.


  26. have you ever played a musical instrument, if so was it hard, if not, would you?

  27. I'm like the only person who doesn't match there cloths, like wtf I pick up what ever smells clean

  28. BLINDS NOW NEED NOT BOTHER KNOWING WHEN TO STOP WIPING. KO BIDET is clever man’s choice because: Ιs 100% effective (thanks to its VERTICAL jet), so blinds can be sure in toilet after af 1 min automatic washing up. Εasy to use (3 steps), easy to install (2'), cheap (35 eu). No hand involvement, partial or entire t. paper abolishment, no clothe r surroundings wetting. No filth pushing to uro- genital organs. The only one that can be combined with raised toilets. No service needing. Fits to ALL toilets. Especially appropriate for hemorrhoids. Best for disabled, elderly, men-women, for every one.

  29. I like the Tommy album cover in the background. That deaf dumb and blind kid, sure could pay a mean pin ball!

  30. I think you're better off being blind from birth than loosing sight during life. You don't know what you're missing out or pitty yourself, you just live your life as you always has. Sight is great thing but to loose it must be very very hard. Btw you are like a sunshine 😀 so happy and smiling and I love it 🙂

  31. So I wanna know, because this has come up recently in conversation; we’re told to look at our poop to make sure it’s “healthy” as in no blood, no loss of pigment, etc. Obviously an independent blind person does not have this option, so this may seem like a moot point and I’m not being sarcastic, but I’m curious; do doctors expect you to get someone to look at bowel movements on a regular basis, or is it just a matter of if you start having pain/diarrhea/constipation that’s when you’d maybe give a stool sample?

  32. eye cancer sucks I have so much to learn. i am not going to rely on my husband to dress me can you imagine that yikes

  33. 5 people are the most delightful adorable loving most inspiring people ever they are very smart because I have a daughter that is blind that's why I subscribe and follow this man and more if I come across them

  34. Even though blind people can't see they are picky they most definitely love to be comfortable my daughter hates jeans she loves loose clothes and sweatpants

  35. It blows my mind that you don’t know what colors look like. I mean, you can’t really describe what a color looks like, you can say it’s like blood or something red, but Tommy will never actually know what red looks like. It’s really freaky imo.

  36. Generally the shirts are light colored. Have you ever had a problem sorting out your laundry before washing everything?

  37. Lmfao only a blind man wouldn't care about the alarm tag still being on his favourite shirt. What a delightful man

  38. omg i forgot it when he read the paper, I didnt realize it was a joke though

  39. I own zero pants 2 t shirts 4 pairs of shorts and a couple socks and underwear and nothing matches

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