How A Suit Should Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

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  1. why every time i look into her eyes, I feel like I am getting cross-eyed?

  2. are my pants suppose to flail when I walk? does this mean I should slim and taper it? I don't want it to be too tight. I bought the suit at macys and already had a tailor put one break in it.

  3. I admit that Michael was freaking me out a little. Every time he looked into the camera it was like he was trying to hypnotize the audience (though the spell was undone when he started cracking up at the end.)

  4. It's funny how the suits change with fashion from big, loose fitting – to tight fitting, suit jackets and trousers-

    30's & 40's = Loose fit
    50's & 60's & early 70's = Tight fit
    late 70's, 80's & 90's = Loose fit
    2000's & 2010's = Tight fit

    I hope we are not going back to loose fit in the 2020's – It looks stupid.

  5. Suit shoulders are too tight. His shoulders are literally popping out at both sides… tells me they have no idea. His jacket is also too short by a solid full inch, it ends way too early. I'm a fan of slim fit, but he looks like a child in that.

  6. Thank you! I'm shopping for my 1st fitted suit and I'm going to use this as the standard to look for in how it's to look. Great video! Liked and subscribed! 👍🏼😊

  7. she leans on him and she likes it I wonder what happened afterwards this video.

  8. I love the vid. just wanna ask how much allowance do u add for slim fit? for example chest-32 and waist 29.. also the circumference of the sleeves (bicep elbow and wrist) and for the armhole..

    I also had a hard time for clients who have a big belly who wanted a slim fit ,sexy and macho looking haha. is it correct to get the high waist for the curve part and tummy (umbilical level) for the lower part? hoping for your reply.. thank you.

  9. i wish i had thick thighs. if i leave only half inch space in thighs, it would look like there is twig in there

  10. This suit is a typical modern suit. It looks like the poor guy didn't have a suit of his own so he had to wear his little brother's suit. Jacket is way too short and obviously will be totally uncomfortable to wear. Designers will soon realize that men don't care for this kind of fit and give us a larger, more roomy jacket to wear.

  11. Hello Ms Ashley,
    Just curious that, the brooks brothers suit on the video was fitted when it was bought off the rack or did he had him tailored from the scratch.
    You reply will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you 🙂

  12. What is it with women growing hair down to their ass?
    Is it a rebuttal to males under 40 growing beards or do they want to be like a Kentucky Derby race horse?

  13. its been a while for me so now i watch video of men wearing suits….my life is deeply sad.

  14. that suit is too tight, his arm bulges the shoulder out, the jacket is to short, and the fabric is pulling on the buttons. This is a hipster fit suit, a perfect fitting suit if you work at buzzfeed lol

  15. Once I bought any. Jeans. I just crop it . Perhaps fit and less stack make the whole look better.

  16. Can men wear suits with patterns on them, or will this make them look childish and informal?

  17. I found your videos through a Google search. I'm so glad I did. This stuff is great Ashley!
    I want to take you shopping! ☺️

  18. this video really explained everything the suit needs to look like. It fits him good.

  19. How can she not know that trousers with belt loops should never be worn without a belt. They can be taken off if you don´t like belts or you should stick to side adjusters

  20. Dude, I can’t even focus on what you’re saying with that creepy “I was recently featured on how to catch a predator” blank lifeless stare that your suit model was given the camera. 😂😂

  21. Is Michael's belly button really up that high? Can you help clarify how much butt the back of the jacket should cover? Or is the mid to lower crotch rule the one to go by? Thanks!

  22. I need a bit extra in the side, I carry a .45 acp in a shoulder holster

  23. Watch the original tv series youtube Dark Shadows, see Barnabas Collins in his grey suit, that is how a man should look and how a suit should fit.

  24. jacket is way too short. zipper area poorly done as you can see its popping out. left side of jacket isnt sitting well, obvious pucker in mid section

  25. Thanks for this lovely vedio….I wish to that once u stich a suit for me too…

  26. +AWxInc His jacket is a bit short and the collar is too wide. It should be a broader, longer fit. Then again, that's the trend now. Ugh! And NO belt?! Look how low his belt line is! What happened to that classic twentieth century fit?

  27. Ashley, ummmmmm, what is Michael's phone number and home address? 😉

  28. Someone slap this nigga in the back so he can fix his fucking posture… looking like a fucking caveman and shit boy!

  29. So what about guys with slim waist and a larger tokhis? As well as those that are dancers, in regards to having some stretch.

  30. lol a women telling men how to dress… lol that slim fit tight suit: Feminisation of men.

  31. all these people saying that the guy was staring too much ruined the whole video.

  32. Heard some say length should be until the butt or is it the same as the mid crotch?

  33. i have muscular body, small waist

    any suggestion what to tell to my suit tailor ?

    especially for upperback-shoulder , 90% i have problem whenever i goes to tucking my hand/arms/sleeve in front of my chest, always feel it so small

    but when sizing, the tailor always says it already too big…..

    it's my first time wearing a suit, how should it feel when we tuck hands in front of chest ? i feel always restricted on my upper back

  34. Love the modern fit! More sexy than a classic fit. I don't care about the classic rules concerning suits. I don't mind you can se my butt a little (neither does the girls ;b), and i don't care that my hands go beneath the jacket. I think it looks better than a jacket that is so long it covers all of the butt..

  35. Ok I'm sorry but if the suit has skinny lapels, I don't trust what they're saying

  36. I figured it out! She kept messing up on purpose for a reason to keep touching her new found love/boy-toy!

  37. Mostly people doesn't be fit and perfect bodied like this dude, he moreover starring like I've cheated his gf

  38. Hi – one piece of advise for your Ashley. In the sartorial world of suits..not the LA scene..there is something called 2 solid 1 pattern. If you are wearing a solid color suit, a solid color shirt, then the tie should be patterned..not you don’t start your suit wardrobe with a medium grey suit..Also if budget is not a concern, encourage your clients to invest in a full canvas construction suit..

  39. I can't seem to find an answer to my question. I'm straight just fat with a small frame and narrow shoulders. To find jackets that fit around my bellow, I have to buy jackets with shoulders that are too wide. What "style" of jacket should I buy. They have classic fit and trim fit, but I don't see "fat" fit, which is what I assume I need.

  40. Too high (small) armholes are never a problem in America. It's the opposite! I would think vintage suits have a more reasonable armscye.

  41. I never could understand why those suits have two buttons if you’re never supposed to button the bottom one.

  42. I think the trousers are tapered too much, and the hem is about an inch too short. I'm not a fan of this new "I'm wearing my little brother's suit" look.

  43. The new standard of fashion is to wear a suit that looks too small for you… these skinny suits look like something Steve Urkel would wear..
    These new suits do not make you look respectable… it looks like someone following trends.
    Someone that lacks having any good taste…
    Class and good taste is never out of style…
    And dressing like a fool is never in style or classy… except to those that are neither..

    The other comments here verify my statement.. if this man was wearing a well-designed suit..
    He wouldn't appear to be a psycho..©_© a well-designed suit makes psychopath look respectful, hence how they get voted into political office…

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