Okay. Let’s keep. 3, 2, 1! Hey guys it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald and we are from! SIS vs Bro! And today we are
doing Gummy vs Real 4! I’m so hungry, my butt
is literally jiggling. Where are the gummies?>>Ready for the dish number one! [Dad] Dish number one. Ronald who’s going
to pick first?>>Rock paper scissors.>>All right. Rock paper scissors shoot!>>I won.
>>Aww. I’m really – I’m [inaudible] this. I mean mine is the legend. 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay! I got bacon and egg!>>I got the eggs. RIP Ronald.
>>Bacon and eggs! Bacon and eggs. Ohh look! I got bacon and
eggs too but gummy version! Look at the bacon.
It’s stuck to the plate. Look at it! It’s like… Red pee!>>Alright.>>3, 2, 1! Mmm! Delicious! Mmm! It taste like strawberry.>>I love mine.
>>You don’t like pigs at all. Taste like… …nothing really. I am excited! For dish number two! [Dad] Dish number two.>>All right, I’m gonna…>>Keep?
>>Switch? I don’t know about this. Okay. 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay! I got noodles!>>And I got gummy noodles! Look how long it is.>>Too bad it doesn’t has cheese on it.>>I didn’t eat noodles in years! Alright. All I taste in here
is was the sugar. Mmm, good. This taste like–
>>I wish I have a fork to this.>>It taste kind of cold though. It’s still good. All right! It’s time for the next dish. Dish number three. [Dad] Dish number three.>>Hug time!>>What are you doing? Okay, let’s keep. 3, 2, 1! [Screaming]>>Do you know what I got?
>>I smell rat poop. That I got a rat.>>I got a gummy rat.>>I don’t want to open it.
>>It’s quite dead. And bouncy.>>I don’t want to open!>>I’m standing back
while you open it. Open it. Open…>>Wait, it’s going to go on the floor!>>It’s okay! Just open it!
>>And it’s going to die! Just open it!>>It’s going to die.
>>Just open it. Okay let’s open it. So big! Oh My God!>>You’re gonna squish his tail,
oh now you’re squishing his head>>Oh my God! I’m so scared! I got the real rat.>>But I got a gummy one.>>It’s going to bite! It’s going to be like– rargh! [Laughing]>>It’s going to bite you guys.>>I’m going to have nightmares.>>Alright I’m going to eat his nose.
>>Stay… Away…>>Stay away.
>>This gummy doesn’t taste good!>>What does it taste like?
>>Rat poop. You’re eating rat poop. It doesn’t taste good! But ready for dish number four.>>Wait. No wait. You have to eat your rat.>>No I don’t.>>Yeah you do.>>It’s alive, I’m going to keep him
and I’m gonna- No, it’s not “should I eat it or not?”>>Oh my God! Did I just kill it?>>Look! It’s tail is sticking out.>>Do I close it like this? Did I kill it?>>No! I think I killed it.>>It’s still well alive. Let’s just push that away. Now we’re ready
for dish number four. [Dad] Dish number four. Okay I’m going to stay back.>>I’m gonna switch.>>I don’t want this
to jump on me.>>All right.>>Three!>>I don’t hear a heartbeat.
All right.>>3, 2, 1!>>Yay! I got a waffle!
>>Yay! Waffle! Imagine it comes alive
and eats us.>>Yum yum yum! Yum yum
yum yum!>>Look! Look at my waffle.>>Look at my waffle,
it has some butter on it. It’s not even slipping off! Which is awesome.>>I’m going to eat a waffle! Waffle, waffle! [Singing] 3, 2, 1, Go!>>Mmm.>>Mmm, mine’s good.>>Ohhh yeah! It’s so bready.>>So delicious. Mine doesn’t really
taste like a waffle. It taste like
a pineapple to me.>>Mine is delicious of course. Ready for dish number five! [Dad] Dish number five.>>I’m scared.>>All right. I want to stay as
far back as possible.>>Ronald–
>>You open mine.>>No Ronald–
>>You open mine. Ronald, you have to open yours. And plus, you have to choose
if you’re going to switch or keep.>>I’m scared.
I’m going to keep mine. 3, 2..
Okay you open yours first.>>Oh!
>>Oh! Ohh–! Wait, what is that?>>I got like a…>>Ahh! Look at it!
>>Whoa! I got the gummy version!>>Well, mine’s way cooler.>>Look guys, what I got! It looks like a gummy cake.>>Looks so delicious
but I bet mine’s better.>>Let’s take this out first. 3, 2, 1! It’s really cold.>>Yummy! Oh my God yes, so good.>>Okay so this is the gummy worm
on the cake. Let’s try it.>>I bet mine’s more better because it
has frosting in the middle.>>Lucky! I know right.>>Mmmmm!>>That taste so good!>>Ohhh!
Yours is so good. Okay! Ready for dish number six! [Dad] Dish number six. Okay, are you going
to switch or keep?>>I want to keep?>>Okay.>>Ronald sit down, sit down! Just lean over. 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay! You got ice cream?>>Ola!>>It’s marshmallows. I wonder if they’re marshmallows.
>>I got mint and strawberry.>>Alright, I’m going to try
my marshmallow, at the exact same time.
>>Look at my mints. Look at my mints. There’s my mints.
>>Cool. And then, there’s
my strawberry.>>All right. 3, 2, 1! Mmm! I like mint ice cream.>>Mmm!
>>Now for strawberry. Actually it’s not a marshmallow,
it’s a gummy. Mmm! Yummy, yummy in my tummy!>>This is the best thing ever. I just– I just can’t talk. All I want to do is eat.>>That’s so good!>>But we’re ready
for dish number seven! [Dad] Dish number seven. Alrighty.>>Okay, I’m keeping mine. I’m staying back. I’m staying back once again.>>All right. 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay!>>I got gummy french fries.
>>French fries! But they kind of look
like bananas to me.>>Karina does not like bananas. And I got real french fries!>>It looks so tasty!>>And basing from->>Do you think they’re
from McDonald’s? I think they might be
from Costco. Just from the look. 3, 2, 1! KFC.>>They’re from?
>>KFC or Costco. All right, I’m going to try
my french fries. And guess where it’s from. Probably the gummy store.>>Finally. Delicious. Definitely from
the gummy store. Ready for dish number eight. [Dad] Dish number eight. All right.>>Okay.>>I’m going to switch.>>Okay.
>>All right. 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay! It’s a gummy strawberry.>>I got the real strawberries.>>Mine are from the candy store.>>Simple place to find candies.>>Yup.
>>Okay let’s try it. 3, 2, boom!>>Mine is so good!>>Mine are sweet,
tasty and healthy. [Dad] Dish number nine.>>I’m nervous actually.
>>Okay. All right what are you going to do?
>>I’m going to switch. I hope I get the gummy.>>All right. Okay lets stand back! I’m scared! 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay! What is this actually?>>Um, I don’t know.>>Mini pizza?>>Maybe by the looks of yours,
maybe it is a mini pizza.>>I’m not sure about this.
>>Mine looks super cute. It looks like cheese, onion, other stuff.
>>Eww. But I think it’s going to be good.>>Let’s try it. 3, 2, 1! Is it good?>>Well, it’s so so. I don’t really like it.>>I love mine. Gummies are great.>>Lucky little, chicken. We’re ready
for dish number ten! [Dad] Dish number ten.>>All right.
>>Okay.>>What are you going to do?
>>I’m going to keep. Okay I’m standing back here. 3, 2, 1!>>Yay!
>>Yay!>>I got-
>>Ooh that’s like a master cake. I got cake?! Look! I got cake!>>Look! I got little pyramids! They look so cute.
>>Wait, what’s on– what’s here? What is that?>>I think it’s a white
chocolate maybe at the top. And that’s like maybe a fruit
inside the little leaf thing.>>Look at that.
Orange fruit. You can barely see it. There it is. It’s really squishy.>>All right.
>>I don’t think I want to touch that.>>Let’s try ours at exactly the same time.
>>Why didn’t I’ve been given a fork? Thanks.>>Okay.
>>I bet yours tastes so good. Oh let me try it. 3, 2, 1! Ahh!>>No way!
>>Mmm. There a gummy and then
it’s marshmallow.>>It’s amazing!
>>It’s so good!>>Mmm!
>>Yours looks delicious though. Mmm.>>Mine is even better I bet. It’s so… It’s so good. I’m puzzled. It’s “a-maze.” Get it?
“I’m puzzled.” A maze! I hope you get it. Or it’ll be awkward.
>>Mmm! I know right? It’s like white
chocolate and cake.>>Guys, this cake is so amazing. I love the creamy pick color inside.
It’s looks so pretty.>>This cake was made for Karina
but I got it.>>Yup. Now I have a piece for me.>>Oh you like it so much. We’re ready for
dish number eleven! [Dad] The grand finale,
dish number eleven. Ooh! I’m going to pick, it’s my turn.
>>Alright. I’m going to keep mine. 3, 2, 1!>>Yo!
>>Whoa! Yo!>>This is like a way bigger version
of the other little cake I had.>>What?! Are you?
>>Whoa! Look at those little gummies!
They all look so cool!>>Guys.>>All right, I’m gonna try this cake!
It looks so good! 3, 2, 1! Ohh! What’s this?>>So good! I can eat this for days!>>Me too!>>I want one of these cakes
for my birthday! It’s so good!>>No, this one is way better.>>No, mine is way better.>>No, gummies way better.>>No, this one’s way better.>>Wait, what’s this? Is this?! Is this a gummy
bear little ball? It looked like a gummy
bear little balls! Oh yeah! Mmm. Such a satisfying sound. 3, 2, 1! Mmm.>>Mmmm!
>>Mmm! Mmm!>>Guys, this challenge
is as always delicious!>>Yup!>>Like this video, subscribe,
and we’ll see you guys next time. Good bye!

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