Goth Garage Sale!

this is Halloween this is Halloween!
oh are you my pumpkin girl? are you my pumpkin face girl? Look at that pumpkin face! Are you feeling ok Pizzicato? she had three teeth removed last week
cuz they’re all gross and she does not brush or floss. no she does not.
Pizzicato can stay in the video today because she is spooky and
Halloweeny and it is October 1st. so tonight Andrew and I are going to the
coolest thing it’s actually a goth and alternative a garage sale at this night
club in Rochester downtown called Vertex. so it sounds like they’re gonna have
different things like crafts and Halloween decorations and they’re
actually gonna have like a barbecue kind of thing going on too with hot
dogs and veggie dogs and that sort of stuff. so we’re gonna go check it out and
see how it is. all right let’s get going I’m so excited! I got a medium Apple Cinnamon French
vanilla coffee from Java’s the world-famous Eastman School cafe Wow Spooky cats! I love this one! Spooky selfie! there were so many cool thing. look at this awesome cat we got his eyes were creeping us out.
tilt him down a little bit, there’s all this glare. There we go. There we go. Yeah, his eyes were creepin’ us out. He was really cool looking. What else did you find?
There was really cool artwork like
jewelry, paintings, there are little figurines and then just sort of, um, like
like clothing. some were, like, handmade and some were more like secondhand
things. there’s just all sorts of stuff. it’s really cool. maybe I should get a background that has
pumpkins all over. just pumpkin, pumpkins everywhere. Pumpkin time!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by! It was a pleasure being out at Vertex with my Decadent Designs creations!

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