Get Outdoors – Planning Essentials – #6 Take Sufficient Supplies – Clothing

Choosing the right clothing for your
trip can help you stay as comfortable as possible no matter what the conditions. The trick to dressing for the outdoors is to wear lightweight breathable materials and then layer them. To start off you need a base layer. Something that absorbs moisture and doesn’t irritate the skin. Now this is fine for a nice warm sunny day
but when it’s starts to get cold, you need another layer. This is your insulation layer. For this layer choose something that
is breathable, warm when wet and still lightweight. Now for the next layer we need something that is water and wind proof. This external layer will keep the cold, wet and windy elements off of our body. As long as you put it on before the wind and rain actually start. See, it doesn’t bother me because I’ve got all three layers on. Wearing multiple layers allows you to add or take away clothing as you warm up or cool down. Remember to focus on your core which is your head, your chest and your hands. And also don’t forget that
clothing doesn’t create heat, it simply reflects it. So you absolutely want to stay
away from things like cotton and jeans. Because when these materials get cold
and wet they stop insulating and start taking heat away from the body to try
and get dry again. Which is why wearing cold or wet clothing can lead to hypothermia. And that’s something you don’t want to have to deal with especially out here. Now let’s take a look at what to put on our feet. Wear long socks that come up higher on the leg to provide extra comfort and
protection. Include a few pairs of long socks as well as some for the evenings because there’s nothing like putting on a fresh pair of socks after a long day of walking. Consider getting a good pair of tramping shoes or boots. These will provide extra support around the ankle as well as extra grip in wet conditions which can greatly lower the risk of injury. Think of it like a gritty forward drive tire versus a smoother city tire on your street shoes. Your feet can take a beating on a long walk so make sure you try any new footwear before your
trip and not on it. Make sure this is something you can walk comfortably in for several days. Wear gaiters to keep things out of your
boots. They wrap around the top of your boot and help to protect your lower leg. No need to stop to get stones or grass seeds out of your shoes with these babies on. And don’t forget to pack spare clothing. Staying warm and dry on the
trip will do wonders for your mind and keep you nice and happy while you’re out there.

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