Gentlemens Hair and Shave

Today you can see gold circle behind me
and the traffic circle which will take you down to Avonmore Spar.
We’re gonna go up Marriot road, which is now Gladys Mazibuko road. To
have a look at a very, very interesting gentleman’s barbershop, up the road
follow me. So behind me you can see Market
Restaurant where spent many a happy hour playing and with my shoes and my
t-shirts, but this is the place that we’re going to look at now. This place
called, Gentlemen’s Haircuts and Shaving, You’ve probably driven past it a
thousand times, but today we’re going to explore, find out what’s inside
come with me. So this is what it looks like on the inside it’s beautifully air-conditioned and as you can see very nicely kitted out. So this is Ahmed
and this is Shahzad nd you re brothers? yeah they’re brothers and
they’re gonna look after me today. I’m going to have a shave, I’m gonna have a haircut and it’s gonna be fantastic. My hair, as you can see, is very shabby so
I’m actually looking forward to this shahzad is about to make me look 10
years younger, watch this. Apart from really well-priced haircut
and shave the brothers offer a smorgasbord of gentleman services,
including… men’s scrub, facials. coloring. face pack and hair treatment ,and be sure
to ask about the scholars hair cut as well. I had never had a cutthroat shave before
and I have to admit I was a tad nervous. Without reason as it turned out, the
blade skims over the surface of your skin like butter on a hot car bonnet
Shahzads skilled hand guiding the way to the perfect shave. If you ever stuck for
an idea for a Father’s Day gift consider this it really is a treat. The mornings treatment finished off with
a good back rub and a neck massage and voila10 years younger!! Now this might have been where my story
ends, but, there’s a “wait there’s more” At the back of the gentleman salon, in a
very private room, far from male interference is where Sumbal plies her
trade and offers an assortment of beautifying services to the ladies of
the house. Apart from styling your hair Sumbal
offers complete waxing services, eyebrow tinting, root treatment, hair
coloring, highlights, steam facial and deep cleansing. When customer come she is like satisfied with everything This warm bubbly soul
will put you at ease in an instant. Her one ambition is to take good care of
you. As I’m leaving the establishment I’m
telling myself… I’ll definitely come back.

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