Free veterans clothing store set to open in Quincy

new this morning veterans have given so much for our country and sometimes they fall on hard times here in Quincy there’s another resource out there that can help them w GM’s drew brown is live in Quincy to explain all that true good morning hi Don good morning we’re here on Hampshire Street right across from the Quincy post office where the regime project they have their sign next to Swick rail teams and it leads up to that front so people cannot miss it to provide veterans with clothes for free now for years veteran Jim havens has been providing clothes at special events but now him and his wife sue decided it was time for a store they tell us as we head into fall they need donations that includes boots and warmer clothes for both women and men and Jim says some veterans tend to be afraid to ask for help but he hopes many veterans will use the store I think the biggest problem they have is they think that they’re going to get involved in a lot of bureaucracy there’s none of that here they come through that door they’re with us and we with them between us will will help them out the Thor is volunteer-based in the haben says this project came to life thanks to Home Depot and swig Realty and they will be open on Wednesdays from 10:00 till 2:00 and their grand opening is October 15th but they can help veterans now so you can contact them and then again one more time they say they need donations so if you have any clothing that you can pass along to a veteran need contact them also live in Quincy drew Browns of e GE M news drew thanks so much for that here’s some more information on this story you can call the number two one seven two five seven zero seven zero seven at the bottom of your screen if you need some help and we’ve got all this information on our website at the project here’s some background on it is named after virgin Gill Kherson who served in World War two as a nurse she was a long time Quincy resident and died at 92 just five years ago

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