For Teetaly Kornit’s textile printing technology offers incredible cost benefits | Case Study

I am an engineer with a digital background and I have always tried to find a technology partner that could help us with customisation, which is very important nowadays, even in fabrics. We found Kornit Digital to be an excellent technology supplier. Probably the only one nowadays that can give a little extra in this technology. When we analyzed the market, and above all the big growth in the demand for customised textiles, in Italy and worldwide, we saw that polyester was growing rapidly and took the opportunity presented by the new polypro, recently presented by Kornit Digital, which has an incredible performance and ease of printing. Images printed on polypro in particular are truly vibrant, they seem to jump out and are incredibly lively, combined with the fact that the colors merge with the fabric, rather than being superimposed they marry very well with the polyester. The decision to go with Kornit stems above all from the fact that it is a 100% digital technology with a 100% environmentally sustainable production process that doesn’t use a drop of water and produces amazing print quality. These were the three fundamental factors that led us to choose Kornit. Kornit’s direct-to-garment system is, of course, different from any other. Productivity is excellent, exceptional I would say, which ensures incredible value for money compared to traditional systems. We can even achieve breakeven on 500 tops printed in different colours.

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