Fiverr Gig Promotion Strategy That Works [Rank Number 1 on Fiverr Now]

Fiverr gig promotion ideas right
it’s about how to rank your gigs on Fiverr today that’s what I’m gonna be
touching on in our last video I made sure I showed you guys how to rank your
video how to create a fiber account and create a gig on Fiverr right so I was
impressed when one of my all of you guys sent me this message and said I must
confess Tara was one of the kind and lands from 8i uses a crazy gig was you
know others please can you recommend anything she was talking about from
watching your favorite gig I said you need to promote your gig
I’ll make a video about is hopefully tomorrow I couldn’t make that video
yesterday’s I’m doing it because I was so busy yeah so okay I wanna go and look
after that so I guess a lot of you’re on the lookout for this because you
contacted me after watching my last video and create your gig but you need
to know how to promote your gigs which is what I’m working on right now which
is what I’m working on right now so I’m guys today we are going to be looking or
like I said I’m five five back promotional ideas right it’s about five
buggy promotion how to promote your gigs on Fiverr in 2019 2020 hard for mature
gigs on Fiverr how to promote five I keep my favorite gig these are all
questions that people have asked me and this video is actually aimed at
answering those questions so guys the lure if you don’t know these spots are
one of these skills I have I’m one of the different skills right one of the
skills I have is the fact that I’m an SEO expert you know um yeah I’m an SEO
expert and I pay attention to a five to YouTube as you oculus you and everything
right so I can tell you that let’s just look at this for instance because a lot
of expats on my only to easily tell you that they can do this but you don’t have
the skills to actually do it you don’t have a track record of what we’ve done
before right so if you come on YouTube nonsense how to make more
on five to making money online in nigeria gente right you see that man my
video is number two for this particular keyword right how to make money online
in Nigeria my videos number two for this particular Q what you see right this is
my video right here with nine thousand nine hundred almost ten thousand views
and the video was done three months ago this one number one was on four months
ago right so I knew it few things about su right so many points X and let me
show you guys something again let me show you guys something again how to
make money how to make money online in Nigeria this is the keyword that has all
the key more volume for this look I’m gonna show you guys okay yeah those go
to Google Keyword planner let’s I’m just wanna show you guys a little of seu so
that you guys understand that I actually know what I’m talking about before we
came to do it s you for your feedback geeks so our good to Google Keyword
planner Google Keyword planner right whether this is the right word yeah this
is it so it’s not a lot right here right
starts now startin now I wanna show you guys something how interesting this
keyword is if it is you know you know no no no my height is
pretty slow right okay so I come to here I come here Google to choose on settings
settings learn to our planner yep right here you wanna discover ideas so I
pitched that keyword not she learn to a keyword a passage and you see that this
keyword has how to make money online in Nigeria you see it has six thousand six
hundred monthly searches and competition is very high right you know how to make
money online as a student in Nigeria this is another key wall as you know has
a high such average monthly searches right so every month people’s people I
set for this keyword is a master at six hundred right and Commission is high for
some how are you – I’m ranking number two and I did this video three just
three months ago right so that’s to show you that actually understand es you
right I might not be an expanse but I understand I see you right so that’s the
point I’m trying to make by showing you this these statistics so now um five ah
su before we can write into it five are actually walks away cocoa dolls right
because you know they consider a few things and if you want if you to the
very end I’m going to be explaining those things to put to look out for if
you only look on food as number five right but before we get to number one I
want to encourage you if I had to do su please check out to my channel and hit
the subscribe button right here the subscriber thing and the people
notification bear but what that does is that when I drop a video YouTube
notifies you and says I drop another awesome video right so you can jump
right into it I get value right well let me share with your friends and you
we learn and we can all win together because if you know me my aim is to
personally take you by the hand right and show you what you need to do so that
you can win right it’s my it’s my it’s my aim to take you
by the hand and walk you through the arm to the mistakes that I’ve made so they
don’t have to make the same mistakes yourself right so that’s basically what
you have to do and that’s what I do on this channel right so let’s jump right
into it number one find out by actual quest so let me open up my fiber company
what I’m talking about five comm right it’s important that you
watch this video to the end because all these steps actually walk hand in hand
these are things that you must do right to rank high on fiber search results so
let’s go right and so it so I come here and good okay suit yourself
I’ve not be very active on fiber the truth of this because I feel like the
other things that I do right now which you know I pay more attention to
affiliate marketing as CPA and all that right I pay more attention to it so it
held really do an affiliate marketing up next some time this week for you guys so
that you see how to begin a flea market this is a so we go to when you open a
fiber account is set up as a salon or that you go to go to selling if you’re
not a and you see this more person click on it you see these balance requests
right so what is bias request by a sequence is fibers own internal
mechanism for you to get to canary bias and promotion key today right so what
happens is that when you crazy geek the categories a geek for Honda is a
category so bias requests to be fed to you so Brock’s request is basically
requests that are done by pious people actually want to buy a service the
common fiber I see please that actually put in what do you want to buy
rights and those things are displayed to you as a seller so that you can apply or
beat for those jobs that does grow up bias request lays right so right now I
mean my last request as you can see I have sent 44 okay have 44 active and I
have sent 300 right every day you have tell offers so that means you can bid
for 10 different jobs every day that is why I always advise to create as a new
seller you can please right so I always advise that she
creates do 17 as a new seller so if you create for seven gigs that means that um
on the different categories yeah great seven gigs on the different categories
so when it comes to five a gig promotion right it will be easy for you to see
bias requests from different categories right so if you do go to my subcategory
you see one two three four this means that all the keys that I have or my
accounts right now actually come from these four categories logo design sutras
in videos what pray is a virtual assistant right so that’s basically what
it means so this guy said hi my name is George um
I’m selling on Amazon we just launched a new product called reflex board
most people don’t know how much it is you could learn more about it blah blah
here right this product is fun to use and we make it but I’m blah blah blah
okay this guy others in what exactly we are looking for people yeah from here
we’re looking for people that are interested to use it and make a video
for or Machado usage this video videos should be at least 191 920 by 1080 and
30 seconds minimum no voice service needed just punch it as much as you can
I sure how fond this product can be to bring people kids are each into 16 a
blur the our product is once we need elapsed going the product costs if you
need any further information please feel free to contact me 10 regards john
curran founder text x right so basically this is very straightforward and he’s
playing the whooping her head and 22 on $20 right and if your matter is that he
doesn’t want just one person who wants a lot of person so that means that you
have a chance of actually getting in on this Chavez in New Zealand right so all
you need to do is you understand this go to listening that you posted here and
we’ll look at this product confirm that this is something that you
can do right it’s important that you be for things that you can do because our
motion translation reads in my last video right so this is the product you
can go to its as a video here to show you more about the product on Amazon
blah blah so you just make sure that this is a product that this is something
that you can do for this posit once you confirm that this is something that you
can do then if the next step is for you to come here on Fiverr come here on
Fiverr click on send offer right and you say
hello okay then you select the gig where this falls on I think is a video right
in tuition and as the video spokesperson so as a notice all these on this
whichever right that is something I say hello George
now one of you people do is that they have the templates when you just copy a
piece for everybody but the problem is that um it’s not advisable for you to do
that it’s important for you to read understand what the client wants and
respond to the clients email if you copy and paste the clients who knew he wants
to do business with people not robots right so it’s important for you to say
hello George hello George give the person a touch
thank you for your amazing requests I will be most delighted to get this video
done for you I have done a couple of videos which in my opinion will might
interest you right
get these V done for you chanting you my trusty dressed you um I will all find
you more people revisions does make promises while promises that you can
keep right and like I said like I’m a voice to people I say newsela please do
not focus on the money focus on your reviews right I will tell you why and if
at the end of this video focus on the reviews so if you’re here
to support my channel please hit the bells notification button and the
subscribe button right it’s important that you do that so that when I drop a
video you do immediately right so I’m thank you for messing with the blah or
promoting full of visions or difference okay okay I like asking a question
because when you ask a personal question our body product is sure that you
understand it right and that you actually want to know what you want with
equal to a very good job so do you want this want this video done on a natural
natural natural comma green or white background now you can let me kindly let
me know if you want me to dress in a particular way lovely I also understand that you want
this video in Full HD which is 1 9 20 V 1 9 20 by 1080 pixels and legally told
us I look forward to work with it to working with you and Nick Allen charge
as I loo forward to King with you ok ok I have a habit grammarly so it’s helping
me correct my it’s important that you English is correct so you can esta
chromoly this is it here right let me correct my errors and over that’s right
so you can add more things and I’m adult in photo op opposites are can actually
do better than this you just go to everything I’m not going to do that
because of course around the time although I don’t want to do a very long
video for you guys so uh how much he said 120 120 how long is attendees a
technical it only 5 days right gig requirement yes you need seem to
give clients full HD was included for the tags you have availa text cut look
if he wants me to I submit this offer right if you have not submarine on for
an awesome Italian or find a very long time when busy with other things so I’m
just gonna want hello I’m to see Dave I see you off is how I contact you because
I’m looking for someone to cut original video content for my pin for whether ok
the person wants videos again and 22 P term and that is $7.00 once we do for
his blog right you go to the blog check it out and you don’t like he said this
is inside you can do video example of your leg once doll is this so it’s
important for you to read this so your honor
responding what you respond with of the fact that you actually read what you see
so you’re not saying from the nose when you copy and recipes what he actually
wants something else right so it’s important that you spend time go through
this thing spend it send it empires request every
day spokesperson the relationship website
person was it did you down for useful website speed then the last white button
once a video is short for its Amazon product so that lot of video our
spokesperson request right here right especially once a background should be
something at the hospital video and sarcastic and funny way blah so these
are teens that you can respond to like I can respond to everything right now
right I can respond to everything right now but I have a website up you’ll
already be doing website no that’s that’s a important that’s that’s what I
oka have a miss you in summary airports I know they don’t deliver okay deliver
another good here okay so that’s said um okay so okay this is the sample that
person once so you can display the sample and words and everything so
that’s that’s important you know it’s important that you go through it but
also bias request is you have our sense one now it’s non line so every day you
are allowed to send thin right so make sure you send to stand every day now
there are two things it does for you even if those people who doesn’t end up
buying from you they’ll actually take out your gig and when the chicken egg it
counts as impression right we choose fiber just like vocal and muting those
that’s people are watching this gig it means that it’s important that
interested in it so the interest art is actually very important does it point
I’m trying to make a nice BIOS requests right – requests so you know but soon
before I go to number two I want to encourage you if you are here to
subscribe to this channel I want to encourage you to please do that it’s
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your friends you know even what I know you share this or are your friends we
can all win together right they will and also means together because it is
not good when you’re when you’re making money on your friends are calling you to
borrow money from you you know it doesn’t even make sense it makes more
sense when we actually go out to drink right we finish our own personal funds
to pay for everything that would eat it you know without selling out about how
much you have promised you haven’t it doesn’t make sense right so I’m it’s
important and also multi buta liver and because if you may be the Misses step it
might be this thing that actually be the big big break for you right so what did
you do the river and then please do not skip any part of this video it’s
important that you do that so um that said can go to other categories you know
like see what’s there so categories are empty and as a new cell as a new salon
you might actually come and see this being empty this actually gets really
good to the wall that’s when you begin to see more bias requests right so
getting to level one I’m getting to a lot of metal that you can use if you do
not see in financial quest now another interesting thing is this if you are
selling our products like su or web design or you know stuff like that right
all those folks passing videos it’s not what you’re selling you know it’s
important that you maintain it will post online presence right if you are working
web designer and you do not have a website’s right does it if it does even
make sense like it’s more like you’ve seen my car a dozen tradition you go if
you know what I’m talking about lemon in the comment section right or a pastor
that doesn’t have a church you know it doesn’t make sense a governor without a
stitch I know that’s right it doesn’t doesn’t make sense so you have to
maintain a robust online presence now beauty I put for you right if you sell a
service like Web Design please sketch if get a website for
yourself so I’m going to leave a link in the screen box below that’s the link to
make the hood see that I use Bluehost and site crown they’re the best hosting
companies I can tell you that for free so if you use the name my name below to
register on blue who’s on site ground you will get an amazing discount right
if you smile and you can imagine discounts I have you I want WordPress
hosting review website and I’ve done somewhere right it’s it’s
okay I’ll put the video right here this video right here right so you just look
for it on my channel and watch it that’s how do you see how to buy what
where to buy the best hosting for your website so you need to get a website
force right me to get a website so um you need to get on social media I most
importantly get on Quora right I get to read it you know
then put your portfolio’s and everything that you know on your website you can
actually have you put fool you let me show you guys what I’m talking about
let me show you guys what I’m talking about let’s say Web Design companies in
the key okay okay you do a giant companies making more places okay so okay let’s look at those Co for instance
when you contact us car you see she’s something very interesting I’m gonna
show you guys right now let’s show you to this Toscano from the ng when they
what we imagine that you have an account on 5a and you go what designer right
they say put that in your description and your description let’s let’s go to
the let’s go to buy it that’s what I do miss names and buy a bike most of these
days I have a lot of evidence I actually do say so are what this sign is Hyuna
program and take this what prayers okay so this person is ranking hear a click
on his account let me show you guys something
okay let me see description highly self-motivated and coolly rent a
professional committed to pushing on home okay
if you say something if he puts i am i i’ll and they see all work signal web
developer at Sue’s also company right somebody are also back from yuma
actually touch command rhythm to touch call and come here right and check our
touch core portfolio or something right and see decided even though they are
done before this is very very very important you know this is very very
very important you know and even in your gig description right here
you keep description where is it go back let’s look at this guy okay this guy he this big fish on the
man who puts please kindly see my portfolio right here you put the link to
your put for you right that makes a good lot of sense you know so somebody can
actually come here and look at your portfolio oh wow you know and they are
two things that can happen here the Pacific contact you directly right here
and do business you use straight up or the person can do business with you on
five eight right these are tentative tool if it opposite
dog doesn’t not business which you right here you passing plays you and five a
dozen gets the the 10% that is take from you you treat it 20% everything for you
they will get it right once if the person opens on Fiverr so it’s just
something to actually keen if you have input for you right where you put your
things and if you are in graphic design I go don’t need to have a website nurses
really you can use sites like Flickr you know even your Instagram
page so I can serve as a portfolio for you you know just absolute logos that
you’ve done you can sign up on Flickr and post your videos right here you can
use a rosy code you can use Instagram just like I said push your your pictures
on Instagram the logo that you’ve done and all that so this is this person’s
Flickr account you know you can even use Pinterest social kiss your logos right
Flickr interests I’m gonna put a link in this troubles you know flip car click
Pinterest Pinterest every Instagram you know so when you
poke home they see the things that you’ve done and there’s this trust that
gives you that this person actually knows what he’s doing right so it’s
important for you to maintain an online presence if you have as a co-writer you
can have a blog write articles right that’s what you do right right that’s
the cool thing I can should be put up cheese don’t because a lot of position
contact you and say okay can we see what you’ve written before right you can
guest posts for people or something you know those right um puts anywhere online
go to medium you understand goto create
dot-com I’m gonna put a link is number below no right right as it goes within a
medium your pinions about the book review P about government or something
because people want to see what you have done before right
so on your description box has an article right side you can see to view
my to view a laptop before to see my portfolio
you put the link to your website or medium or medium you know so
people can go there I actually got everything right so I’m that’s very
interesting that’s that’s number 15 you have to maintain in who post online
presence so when you have that presence it’s easier for people to actually trust
you right good and then number three right as you can
with you what I’ve what I’ve mentioned before what I was mentioning is for
people that actually do I think you but he doesn’t matter what you sell on
Fiverr you can actually do a to articles you understand now I told you that I’m
an SEO expert I understand a few things about SEO right and I’ve showed you my
video and how its ranking on okay how to make money online you shipped this is a
cumulative competitive with seek over six thousand monthly searches right and
somehow I’m ranking number two right you know so it’s important and that is why
I’m getting all these views and lights and everything on you see because I did
a good job I’m in the street selling things and in your life so that’s you
know basically high work skies that’ll be very works so I’m on de su factor
which works for both Google YouTube and even fiber is your link strategy now let
me search for how to make money online in Nigeria I just search for easier
Google right and I come down here right this person that is ranking number 129
details digital opportunities in Nigeria 2019 right let’s because I have a
plug-in an extension for my chrome it’s more moose bad all right so it’s linear
link analysis for this particular search and if you look look at this mystery
person have 70 million links and these domain Authority is 24
right eat potatoes he’s 32 he’s our SEO tips but what I’m dwelling on right now
is this link right so he has this link in 71 this one is so none for the tree
so if it’s only link this one should be ranking bit more than this one to
understand this particular article here this one should rank better than T
because this has sits for the tentacles and name and this one ha this one has 71
now let’s come back come down here this one has its 8,000 links right so this
one should even rank higher than these other ones but that the Lincoln is not
the only strategy for SEO right I have judged this article this article is over
8,000 words so the person actually divisional said found out that he cannot
attract this guy’s based on link strategy right the only way from Incheon
ranked this guy is based on logical number of words right so he did an 8,000
words anti-coup to outrank these guys I’m from an woman SEO perspective as an
SES valid I am I can tell you that whoever ranks number one gets that the
three percent common confession most times when we search for something on on
YouTube on kagu right even on YouTube and on fiber and everything we don’t go
beyond this first page right and a lot of folks don’t know you scroll down with
those who want to train you force the second and it’s all so this person
regular one is getting 33% of all the traffic that everybody is shell to
understand so and that is how fiber works when we search for something on
fiber only sells for less a blog article or blog article right okay you know a
lot of persons actually buy from this place a lot of peasants will buy from
this no 1 2 3 4 % sites here right a lot of patients will buy from these persons
around this for speech right so it’s important for you to get to this point
now there’s things that affect su right after job our clinic is important the
number of words right of the article is important if you
open this article you see how detailed it is and how young it is I open this
one you see that is shorter and this one could be bullshit I still write if this
guy increases article to actually match no not this guy it shouldn’t be the one should be the one include everything not
opening them back again well for Africa okay no I’m gonna open this one Travis
fish yes this one okay open this one in front so Angie girl okay this one has 14
14 links okay let’s look at this line so I’m gonna show you guys something you
see there are certain things that this one is not really unethical adjusting
websites that’s trying to for surveys and stuff so the number of words here
and the really fancy that are tech products keyword is not very important
that is why it’s ranking Lou right what you table matter is that if you
write an article that’s that has more than 8,000 ways that is people have
written right and you take them and build high quality links right for this
high quality links what we are trying these people you played number one I
have looked at this place and for my as Alice you personally that it’s easy for
me to rank on the speech this guy has four legs is there has five links two
meanings suddenly under on the first page seven lengths 1404 speech so if you
night symmetrical that is bigger than this guy’s article let’s see it will be
20,000 words article right then you know take time and start building backlinks
right you rank better than most of these guys on this page on this website so
what am I saying when it comes to this place when you come to this place right
now your name Dimmick strategy is important right in the last video this
video right here I showed you guys how to create a favor geek and painted a pay
attention to keywords in your body called the keywords in your URL right so
right now if you pull back line super backlinks back to your work
each will actually benefit you now you have two ways that you can do this they
are chewy they can do this there’s one calling diversity and the do fuller
links right I’m not gonna go into all that right now but if you build
backlinks and pull people back to this place now a website like medium I
mentioned before the natives compact below what sign like medium has a very
strong back leg it’s not very strong here domain Authority rather no buckling
domain Authority has a very strong the maturity this my accountant on on medium
so it was good to meet on those commonly condition box below to go to
click on this link and you bring you to medium you create an account no my will
create an account and login so you see medium has 1 million backlinks on their
front page so website linking to is Orion media right and yet
we are told it is 90 to 100 now look at all these guys that are ranked in here
21 the guy ranking number one has a 2048 write my blog online was about condo
Angie had about that Cindy right so if I write that in 20,000 words article and
take time to build backlinks I will out triangle these people and okay now that
I said I’m actually gonna do it right matching all and then when I do it I’ll
let you guys know in this I’ll do a video to show you guys that I’m ranking
number one much you’re gonna rank this guy so this one collectible because I
won’t allow this keyboard right so and I think that is very easy to outrank so
that said come to me John dot-com let’s say this is your geek right I will write
blog post or something something you know like you can actually write okay
alright authority blog post or came good now come on media click on this place
the news story simple story best article writers so what for this you can
actually do a research and find keywords that actually just like I did with
Google Keyword planner right if you are interested on how to actually find
keywords and you article let me know in the decision below and I will consider
making a video on it right on how to actually do your research or you can all
just think of elastic loop right best article writers how to get let’s say how
to get quality articles I’ll ship you should be entitled right is it tied to
I’m just going to delete this wouldn’t you like that you can tell your story okay
more refreshes a finger at an issue tell your story okay new story okay good good inner to this year looking for consistent high quality articles for your blog British what
happens we came for consistent high quality
articles for your blog read this okay I’m Justin rest I’m not thinking I’m not
doing normally you have to do keyword research and searching for and you know
to an article on a tempura blah so now tell your story so you tell them how how
you were looking for constituent or a consistent articles for you how article
writing is like bitch you can talk about blog importance of uni my blog right you
can start with login blogging as a business you talk about these content
second paragraph and talk about challenges challenges of maintaining a
blog look you talk about it you see that the military is actually getting attic
news on a consistent basis right so you talk about our on this blog and say how
to work on how to get constant quality articles for your blog right talk about
it blah blah blah talk about it at the end you mention that you find a way
smartly to talk about this was a clap Sela on Fiverr you might not make it to
view late you that gives consistent for how quality
articles that you’ve walked with them and blah blah link to some of the things
that you’ve written before everything the data you’re right
linked to things on Huffington Post or whatever you conclude that you wrote you
could switch it for somebody blah blah blah
you just put it then at the end you see 10 you contact him here kindly contact
him for your high quality articles or blog whoosh whoosh ah when I system hang it and come on
oh look okay so our blog posts right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
highlight all this and make this a link so this is my let’s say this is my fiber
boost right this is my 5 a geek so I’m trying to link this article back to this
geek ok so this is the article so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna from this
question mark copy the question mark and throw everything away to the right right
this is the link that is put the article you don’t need that that’s the class
could keep it click a copy everything if you want well that’s gonna keep it clean
right so uh come here these guys highlighted you know so when you
highlight to this guy this box comes and this is the link right so you click on
it then paste your link right here paste then hit enter right this is not goes
into a link right if we publish this right now is an article then add images
right and add images said right and add images now select an image text up
select an image select an image I select an image right here right you
see males comes in here right I put it select another I can touch on the image
if you want select it you put a caption optional of course then put another
image you know whatever you wanna put you want to add a video you can add a
video right click add a video right here you can add a better video you YouTube
video page or youtube link or something you know if you are talking about
suppose passing videos you might do well to pay some of your video that you have
on YouTube we are doing spokesperson or something right so that is number one
down to you watch this video right here you see all the places that you can
actually create like a blog for free it’s important for five a gig promotion
right you want to promote your family effectively it’s important that you do
it so what happens is that you can you can share it eventually share this on
Facebook what I see a lot of persons with a golf is that sharing their links
things have a give me time so see you know people are doing the Impala chef
Evelynn gig on Facebook Twitter and everything it doesn’t work sample
actually go under five and said yeah like find groups on your own Facebook
and start pasting your names and don’t know how I could have gotten it off from
day it doesn’t work this is 2019 it doesn’t work right so the effective way
to share your fiber geek for fiber geeks for promote for promotion or how to
market your favicon knocked out and get jobs on Fiverr is to create these blocks
these blocks are free I have a video on my channel
let me show you guys this video it’s a video that I think you should watch
right I mentioned platforms we can create blogs for free
so create blogs put articles on those platforms right this is a 10 ways to
build a free blog so it’s important that you watch this video I mentioned same
platforms you can choose the ones that you actually want to interact with
emotions Wharton right I mentioned blog Webley
weeks so to boost arch medium you la tumblr pages content food
kill you know Korra read each other’s I’m gonna make a little booties and and
read it and Cora you know they’re also right
Bakura would not allow you to link back to your fiber account you do not delete
it immediately so where you can do all your eyes when you go to Cora cut up
your account and put a vasila right that’s what I have to do the enhancer
questions relating to certain things and they put that you should contact you and
now if you have a website you can put your website link or good thing you can
put the link to tomb of these articles that you’ve written on this other
platforms on Cora right so you just go to and start doing what I just
mentioned right now if you don’t do if you’re not very clear on what I said
about Cora let me know I wouldn’t mind doing a video for you guys on it right
there are very clear on it let me know in the comment section below if you have
any questions please let me know in the comment section if you go to my other
videos you understand the fact that I respond to my videos right so um let’s
say article right we come to Cora people ask questions you answer them article
rights in SA article right in right topic article writing what are some
she’s writing articles right yes you can actually answer this this is something
that you can so you can actually do a blog post on medium for instance you
know about this right then you now come here and answer this question right why
answer the question you can actually paste the parts of your blog post right
as an answer to this question and click on answer as an answer to this question
right click a part of feeds you know puts your beautify it put the video
whatever you know answer it then link the article with is to you and who you
have a medium because Cora will not allow you to link directly to five it so
you can need to meet you and yes medium is already links to drive it right that
makes sense so that’s a very smart way of promoting your fiber geeks right it’s
a very smart way to promote your market your fiber gigs online so I can say
getting jobs and also rank on fiber immediately because just like Gogu takes
cognizance of the link pointing back to your website that put
on yeah put it off put it back on okay just like it is constant of this so five
actually does that to the amount of links linking back tell them that this
scheme was very important for a lot of peasants up in linking back to it right
and linking back to your account you’ll get everything so it’s actually very
very very important such a very important right so I already talked
about the importance of keywords you know when I was teaching you guys in
this other video on how to create a five-hour count where is it how to
create a fiver account we have no watch teach please it’s important that you
watch this video your channel let me show you guys if you don’t talk about
videos okay this video is very important I showed you guys how to create your
fiber account yet it’s a complete other tutorial how to create your fiber
accounts then how to create a key confer professionally actually guys how to do
it here and I also mention he was so I’m not gonna be talking about keywords in
important of keywords in this particular video so it’s important for you to pay
attention to this so those that said um geek image a geek
video is the next and I’m gonna be talking about so let’s go back to fiber
right if you look at these kids when we search
for blog article what came out look at this guy if you look at this guy this
guy is he just look at it you see that he said write a lifestyle self-care or
Beauty ethical blog so I will not contact this person to write a medical
ethical for me because he may need to view us that this is his specialty right
this one alright authoritative blog post or article this one is volatility can
write on anything and I think this person is volatile also cookie economics
and politics ah so he writes right so now some of the gives our
compacts data are these geeks that has write chops on it right premium blog
article once you look at that you know all these person those without actually
reading this you know a picture they see sees a thousand words right so you look
at this guy I don’t know what is present and I don’t know but these ones are
Muslim to convert more so we all know that this person have to come and look
and read and this person I lost we got it and I know that what he does is self
care beauty and lifestyle I look at this guy he does web content not as a goof he
does web content that is his specialty right although he concluded a blog and
this is what I would I would such as you that this person writes work on things
even seen at Santa Cruz Stella articles on your blog blah blah blah you know so
it’s important for you to design your favor are your unique image to represent
what you do on five it right right you’re good if you want people come they
know that this year this is the things that you do I will be your blog or
article right in the expanse yes I like this right let people know yes they move
from here let them move from here too because this one is more in their face
than this I feels like these do not convert from experience they don’t
convert as what else tastes like these do right you know so this is a very
important look at this RIT channel you know any person does Tom on the mom
blogger writes in German for you right SEO friendly articles or to write so
your gig image and video actually matters now even if you do a video
surely part of your video that that’s that shows what you do you got this
video right now you know is a video for this photo a video that is Schumann is
actually the video the part of the video that shows what he does convert blog
post article all types of video with voiceover for five dollars right okay so
I’m going to be showing you guys how to actually do this right so that’s the
last thing I’m gonna be doing you guys is the gurus I’m gonna be giving you
today you see I’m bill to give you guys were knows a lot right so this is
something that you can start something on fiber right now so this is if I might
get idea I’m gonna be giving you so I’m not going to open it in a new tab what
I’m going to look at it and the at the end of this video number five doesn’t
last our pointer on how to market your favor
gig in 2019 right is a lot of things a few things that five actually look at –
you know rank your gig I’ve mentioned links right I’ve mentioned keyword
in the other video to the guy who fed you guys – I’ve mentioned what as I
mentioned let me know what I’m forgetting I’ve mentioned in community
section below guys so if you are yet super to my channel I want to appeal to
you again – please do that it’s very important that you – that he do
subscribe button and verification button so don’t want attribute video by YouTube
multi-vise UNC general don’t sought another awesome video right so you can
jump right into it and take advantage of the video immediately so you can be
where am I in it for us to win together guys so number 5 number 5 I’m gonna be
telling you a few pointers a 5 by taking 2 cognizance they recognize how to rank
your video right so I’m gonna open this geek right click open in new tab and
this palawan right click and open in new tab okay good some relic loses their
antique needed anymore I’m gonna clue this guy again you need it then I
explain something about this guy so if you look at it article machine is slow
smolla right it’s smaller let’s I was I didn’t
finish the claim this one to you guys did I so I’m just going to finish it up
right now okay let’s copy the article body title
and everything copy I hope you know what counter world counter what counter enter
so they see that the water actually mattered in SC s so I’m just gonna jump
right into it in a little while so does Bo mean guys just below me so I’m just
going to jump right into that in a little while I remember what topic is
still how to promote your favorite geek right how to promote your family so it
was likely okay this actually a copy this before he’s actually this I
finished article here that I copied and pasted here so it’s eight thousand nine
hundred thirty-four words right so this one right here I’m just gonna do a MV
ctrl V to paste vertical on this other one and it’s telling me this is the
total area and six words so you see why this guy is not ranking this guy right
even though this guy has a lot more backlinks
and this what I gotta do right so it’s a buckling is important the world is
important keywords how relevant the article is to the keyword you know it’s
actually is also very important so now let’s get right into it
you see that Jim Jim feats 42 it’s a level two Scylla all his articles his
reviews 5.0 which means that he has not gotten any part written in a very long
time right I think this is multiple
calculated in plastics so to start us one out of almost a thousand others to
star tell Estados three and five stars and nine ninety five so he said do what
is do it right so if you get five star ratings fibercon seed added to rank your
gig you start off what we consider to rank your that’s number one
if you look at this person – it has five star look at this place entry okay
machine on the front page has five star also right so those things are important
to stings affair so I knew I should have closed our favor
oh sure you guys sometime end of this video I’ll go to my history and open
this yes so that is today welcome back to it so number one we
looked at some reviews you have to maintain a 5.0 star with him in front of
mine to me that what he does is I don’t know maybe you can do it if a client
wants to cancel or give bad with him you will find a way to contact the clients
outside five it right IRA founded person is money on on on PayPal the person will
now complete the order and Micronesian so that we is not having cancellation
and he’s not having bad reason right so maybe you can try it
I’ve never tried it before my friend said he does and I said it’s a grandiose
new translation and nobody to know his account of iakhs come on how do you do
this because of course you meet some and come clients are actually very crazy
right so what he does is a windy pure fiber fiber takes to the last from the
right which they never get back so when he is returning the body he added two
dollars and they’re happy to continue to whatever he wanted to do a favor so
that’s how he maintains his fast Allison and his consolation rates is like 0% so
maybe you should do that so um another thing this person have
favorite $7.99 it means that 799 percent have saved this called this key it had
because they want to reuse it if you see be found a love it
or that because they want to come back and use it later right so it means that
they are interested in the particular key now go through that this guy has
shown at the theme the delica this guy has 1097 so this favorites are important
they are groups on Facebook right if you go to Phil you can stay and and search
fight back fight back fiber favorites exchange or something you see them there
are plenty of them of on Facebook right so you can I don’t know I’m not advising
well I think it’s better to get in the range we have never done it before but
if you are desperate you actually could meet them and tell them to get this
interview we can exchange over eyes with the M&O
right so that’s a that’s another thing to February that you the important is a
pointer that fiber uses to rank your key right there your completion rates now
I’ve told you guys do not beat or take each other you cannot do and if you take
each or please drink very good job right and submits on time let’s deliver it
will affect you if you can’t if you cancel your computer reads we go down
right there now and your conversion rate also that is why it’s important for your
description to be catchy enough and it’s why it’s important for your email to be
catchy right and I also saw why it’s important for your description also to
be convincing right so um if these things are convened if paper keeps
showing your keys on the front page and if you need two people right and nobody
actually clicking on it or buy it at the time they will be like this doesn’t
interest people interested in this thing you’ll move it to D maybe like second
page you’re tired you keep going down and down and under so it’s important
that whatever sales copy your that you have here or your image or video or
something will come back it’s important right so that’s basically why a lot of
passes when actually get a blog and he had gets five thousand impressions
nobody buys from them automatically favor
thinks that okay this is not important nobody’s buying it it’s not making us
money so let’s take it down right and the movie to second and third and fourth
and fifth and evil and speech sometimes you know so it’s important that those
images right and your sales copy which is your description and your your
description is a description is is very very very catchy and will actually
convert you know if you have to get it we’re not ready for you please do that
right so um that said so I thank you guys that I’m
gonna show you guys something that I so right here I think you can sell you some
fiber so let me get started Bulo so you guys so this stay right here
are let’s we’ll put this gig right that’s gonna close this ones because
return and just gonna close this one’s close this close is okay so this one is
opening right here okay so what is passing those and if you see that it’s
selling and I don’t think this gig is actually a lot on 5a right now so what
it does is our converts blog post article or text the video we voiceover
so you can tell you can sell on fiber I think it’s relatively new on this
platform this was an unseen person I can basically do and I want to show you guys
how to do it so I’m asking bonus so you can clear this gig right now and let’s
see how it goes so click on this guy has 40 review 40 reviews or 5-star and 5,000
Q this is something that you can start to be right now
right so like I said to you right now so you click on it once they convert your
article blog post or text into an engaging video like this I’m here to
help you producing and publishing great articles or blog posts are not enough so
these are for people that want to convert they have written me a very long
blog post I want to convert it into an article right so do you help them do it
you know this because only ones that he has done before what is organic clothing
organic clothing is made from cotton which is so you can get this in not less
than 10 minutes and it’s free right okay so use it to called content song right
I’m gonna leave a link box below if you go to Condor samurai direct you will pay
the full amount when you want to when you want to join them but if you use my
samurai REI if you use the link that I’m gonna put
in some box below to content samurai you will get I think you can read percent of
your first subscription we wanna pay for it right so with this you can create
this gig and that’s a little favor right now with new skillet with new skillet so
you know so um if you want me to do a more detailed video on condor samurai
let me know below I can spend time on it and we we
probably do on how to actually use it so what you need to do is to just sign sign
up for your free trial a future free trial right if you come from here yes I
want to feature a black leather couch a name and your email actually get access
now and moved in q0 for 70s is free then let me see the uprising was there
president let’s see it monthly come for that first seven days can actually try
it on fiber and see how it goes he’s a pain this amount monthly you know
what if this person actually sells for $5.00 hydrolysis just for 1000 words you
know a lot of blog post actually lot higher than that you know $10 and
primitivism $15 you know so of course it has everything background music
everything everything so it was flip the link in Schaumburg to go and set up an
account rose on on content samurai and start selling that’s on fiber right so i
was supposed to envy you guys but i want to add that extra for you it’s hopping
on the the icing on the cake right also gonna give you guys right now is very
important reviews i important reviews i important the one thing that everybody
here has in common if these 5 star ratings doesn’t most that’s like that’s
the things that that that is very consistent across board 5/5 4.95 you
know routines play very very high ratings right moon see anybody that has
two point zero once tourism or traceability on this page so the only
cheese are very important as a point i’m kinda made right so what another person
is do happy friend he told me that his own cheat sheet on fiber is when he goes
on account he buys if you reviews there’s like 5 10 reviews right he
spends money actually people to buy reviews but when doing this you have to
be careful right you have groups on facebook or go to facebook and central
people that are buying reviews that sell reviews let’s go to no
review exchange review piyo can send money to PayPal you know the only thing
is that if you know somebody your friend in another city or a country from column
a super clear the fiber account you buy something from me for $5 give me a
fast everything and everything what the thing is that lot of peasants are using
it so five star ratings has become as become $5 reviews has become it’s like a
flag a red flag for favorite remove the handle investigates than everything
so the not come to Facebook and search for five are reviews you don’t favor
reviews however refused available I see people that favor if you exchanging
giant groups like this you know find people that are ready to exchange fiber
reviews with you from other countries and everything right he doesn’t say
hurry up the review can available house to five our accounts so this person
actually makes a lot of sense what you do you other you and review from one
account you already passing and really pay somewhere around our accounts you
know this is actually wrong right but you can do people do not break the 11th
commandment if you do that and get concise is one of the several your
county median with everywhere immediately
I don’t do this I’ve ever done this and I wouldn’t advise you to do it right but
if you wanna cut corners into you guys it’s on you guys so my aim is to take
you by the hand and show you how to win guys that’s what I’m doing in this video
right and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do I’m gonna be doing on my channel
so that’s why it’s important for you to subscribe to my channel because I tell
you know like at it I tell you know like these guys so guys
until I see you mandated you keep winning guys and thank you

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