FIRST time in THAILAND – Cheapest Clothes in Bangkok

What’s up guys welcome back to another video guess what we are We’re in Thailand right now in Bangkok, and we were just walking around the city today We were gonna go to two maybe three different places today show you around We want to check out some spots because one of our Instagram followers is giving a ton of information. Thank you so much I don’t know how to pronounce the Instagram name eleven I don’t know. I’ll leave it right here is you guys can go follow their channel This is our second day here and we’re still getting familiar with the area we are right in the center of Sukhumvit 11 and we’re staying at a beautiful hotel brand new hotel for 30 days. So awesome We’re headed to the park And we are going to check out that area walk around kind of show you guys I guess it’s like a like a Central part like a New York City Central Park, but first navigate the public transportation system for the first time So that’s gonna be rough. Let’s get there. We’re not great with directions been getting places No, she’s not. Yes I am! She always blames me. I’m the navigator. She’s the worst navigator. She does good she gets us around So we’re gonna try to find this train and the trains going to try to get us to the park And then we’re gonna try to find our way around Bangkok. I’ll tell you one thing that’s been rough. So far is the language barrier Yeah, in the Philippines it was pretty easy and a lot of the Filipinos spoke English pretty well Except when we got to like deep in Tablas and like the uncharted areas where there’s pretty much just all locals and no tourists But here we’re having a really hard time Talking and speaking English and getting people to understand us We’re here we’ve made it to the Train Thank you, so that was cool different than like regular subway tokens. We just put your token in it’s a coin this is like a plastic chip and it just you just scan this chip you tap it against the machine it lets you in. The other thing that’s really nice is unlike Philly and New York City where it’s just havoc down here Everybody just lines up in their own little organized fashion everyone’s in single file lines all down the subway and So cool, and it’s clean and air-conditioned and yeah That was a very pleasant train ride they’re air-conditioned, there’s enough room, it’s awesome Your navigator got you exactly where you needed to be… she’s lying. We have made it to lumpini park and it’s actually named after the birth place of buddha which was in Lumphini Nepal Fun facts of the day it is kind of like a central park. That’s it’s really neat Yeah, it’s beautiful that were there palm trees here in New York that are definitely not palm trees But I did see a sign that says don’t feed the pigeon. So I feel right at home There’s also supposed to be like Komodo dragons or some sort of lizard Yeah, they’re huge We haven’t seen one yet, but I want to see one they even have like this outdoor gym right here It’s kinda like in Venice, but you’re in the middle of Thailand One thing that’s odd is that there’s really not that many people here at this park today I thought there’d be a lot more. I wonder what that is. It’s like a holiday. Yeah It’s been a holiday called Songkran It sounds like a transformer, SongKran So yeah, we’re walking around here and you know, what’s crazy the crows are like on steroids in this place Yeah, they’re so big and it’s so loud and they look mean as hell. It wouldn’t be a park without the swan boats That go cruise around on so they have all these temples Scattered around this park. It’s really cool. They’re very old. The structures are a little bit broken down, but they’re very very cool-looking So we’re trying to get like a good photo of Stacia The fish that are in this pond are huge there’s one of those biggest crows Just a quick update we haven’t seen any lizards yet. I know I really want to see one of those things I just got hit by a car! What are you talking about taking this b-roll footage and a car straight-up backed up into me I thought it was a person and it kept pushing me and I turn around. It was a freakin bumper of a car. Damn No, you gotta watch out when you’re in Thailand. They’re gonna run your ass over We just made it to the like shopping area. This is crazy There’s so many stores and so many people all this behind me is all shopping And then all up ahead we’re going to this place called the Platinum mall And it’s supposed to I assume it has like more local goods and things like that maybe like an outlet mall and I don’t know our Instagram friend said it was like the Place where you can get like a cheap clothes that are good quality stuff It’s so humid in Thailand compared to the Philippines and this place is hot as hell We gotta figure out where the hell we’re going right now we’re kinda lost. We’ve made it to the platinum mall. It’s different It’s very different. It’s like local store owners They have these little cubbyhole shops And they also like t-shirts and handmade items and a lot of clothing pretty much most of it is clothing But it’s all locally made a lot of people like this lady beside me back here She like makes these silk scarves There’s three different sections to this place and there’s six floors to each section like you can spend all day here It’s crazy and they all have like these little shops They have like their own little area when they can decorate it and set it up However, they want it’s really cold there just like miniature stores all lining this entire place Stacia is having a field day in here It’s kind of overwhelming. There’s so much here and so much to look at and there’s just stuff everywhere you turn There’s just new I’m not really sure how you would explain this maybe like a not like a thrift store or a flea market Because they have like nicer things, but it’s not like super high-quality But they have a lot of stuff like anything you can think of they have here It’s a whole floor of bags. We’re gonna be here for hours. You guys know me in my bag situation everywhere I got to look at all the bags. Bags bags bags everywhere! When you come here look around every corner because there’s always something like tucked away in the back somewhere So if you are looking for something specific you may find it And if you’re looking for some Calvin Klein Jeans, they got him here One thing we notice is that if one store has it all the stores have it, they all pretty much carry like the same stuff and what’s actually Huge in Southeast Asia and probably all of Asia fanny packs are back I’m kind of like wanting one myself not a fanny pack. So it’s not a straight-up fanny pack like it there They do use fanny packs or like sling pouches and men wear them all over here Like every man is carrying like a man bag. It’s funny like all these types of sling pouches here Like this is the thing. This is what everybody wears out here bags like this these like little sling bags things like that That’s what’s so popular here we have a feeling that like a ton of eBay stuff comes from this area because we see a lot of these stores are like Boxing stuff up to ship out. So I’ll bet you there’s a lot of eBay stores selling this type of merchandise They have like their own Little shipping department right here. It’s pretty crazy. Okay, I made my first purchase here I got a new pair of sandals, the sandals were like how much say? 300 baht eight bucks. So that wasn’t bad. I spent 20 on a really crappy pair when I was in Boracay So Stacia got a pair of shoes and they didn’t have her size in women’s because they didn’t go up the high So she had to get men’s shoes I don’t even have big feet, I have a size 7 1/2 – 8 US You got some big-ass feet. That was an adventure Wow Oh crap, I’ll tell you people in the US all you ladies from the US would love that place Stacia, she wants to do all her shopping there. Well, we just read that it’s Thailand’s biggest wholesale mall So I think what happens is people come and they buy stuff in bulk to sell on their Amazon stores, which I kinda want to do now Or their clothing stores, they buy a ton of stuff. They get it for really low prices. It was really cool Very cool experience to see that. Yo check out this little section here. This place is called the pirate island. Look at this Oh looks like a little market So we just got dinner at that pirate market They have so much food so many different things and it’s very affordable – really cheap I got a bunch of pork for dinner and Stacia. What’d you get? I looked at the guy I said “what’s that?” and he said “blah blah blah” and I said, alright perfect. Thank you That’s perfect Stacia right there and we got mango sticky rice for the first time. I’m excited to try that So we’re gonna be in Thailand for 60 days 30 days here in Bangkok and then 30 days somewhere We’ll we’ll keep that a secret for now today was just like we just went out and just explored quickly and Just try to get an idea of where we are and kind of gather our bearings of the area so if you guys enjoyed this video Hit the thumbs up button. If you’re excited for more videos like this hit the thumbs up button again. Yeah Tell us where you want us to go in Thailand and we will see you in the next video. See ya! You

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