hey f-word lovers in today’s video I’m
gonna be showing you what I wore to Desert Hearts Festival in Southern
California hey f-word lovers welcome back to my
channel it feels really cool to say that hey guys my name is Jess I’m a fine artist flight attendant and festival enthusiast and i love F words so yeah this is my attempt to
launch my youtube channel so thank you thank you thank you for being here with
me today let’s get into it all right lovers I thought this would be
a great way to launch my channel for one we’re in the heart of summer festival
season yes and I also thought it’d be great to give you some ideas for future
festivals that you may be going to over the next few months so each outfit I’m
gonna tell you about the brand where I got it from and how much it costs I’m
also gonna show you how to keep your outfits versatile and functional by
modifying some of my outfits from a daytime look to a nighttime look please
let me know in the comments what your favorite look is let’s go I absolutely
love bright colors I also like black and white so I typically mix a lot of black
with prints and colors so you’ll see that a lot throughout this
video this top is by LOM it’s the discontinued tropical discovery fringe
crop top and this piece here is a vintage cumberbund by Jimmy James that I
purchased at the Reno junkie exchange it was only like eight dollars and 50
cents and I thought that all the colors and print matched perfectly with these
shirt by LOM I actually didn’t wear it because I need to fix the buckles so
that’s why you don’t see it in the rest of the video
I always pair long socks with a pair of shoes these are the YRU cosmo
lowkey platforms they’re reflective and super bright when the right type of
light hits them and just to give you an idea of what the style looks like
together there it is I love high socks and I also love these platforms because
I’ll be pretty tall and 5/8 and they work really well for me so heading into
the accessories if there’s one brand you take away from this video it’s probably
gonna be this one this is my custom living by the F word fanny pack by beksies’ boutique she does custom fanny packs or bum bags what they call them
the UK as you can tell has my custom thunderbolts it has the f word and a little
heart on it all the fabric is absolutely gorgeous I picked out the sea disco
print and all the fringe I actually picked out everything and she put it
together for me so if you want something unique and something that’s gonna last
forever that no one else has I highly recommend you head to her website and
check out the bum bags and fabrics she has to offer you her work is absolutely
amazing I actually have two bags by her and I love love love her brand so of
course you can never have enough accessories I always have to have the
sunglasses the eyeglasses chain which is probably one of my biggest festival
go-to items was purchased at the dollar store the disco ball necklace is also
just a cheap find I probably got it from someone at a festival this scarf is by
Anne Klein and I picked it up at the Portland Buffalo Exchange and as you can
see everything is starting to come together here’s another dollar store find I
actually give these out a lot at festivals I go to the dollar store pick them up and
hand them out as a gift to people just super fun accessory not to be making
noise with but to cool yourself down so now I’m going to show you how I turned
this outfit into a nighttime outfit I put on a turtleneck from Shein it was on
sale actually all their items are super cheap so I think it was probably
anywhere from three to eight dollars and then I’m adding this GC-fam bandanna
if you don’t know what GC fam is it stands for Groove Cruise fam and my friend Lindsey gave me that so I’m just covering my ears up with that and this is a custom
hat that I made for myself I make a lot of headpieces and hats to wear at
festivals mostly for myself I just love having custom items that no one else
will have so I wore that at night to keep warm and this is basically what it
looks like all together and then I also added this vintage coat which actually
was a hand-me-down from my mom’s boss so shout out to her because I’ve worn it to
Burning Man and a ton of events and everyone loves it so by now you can tell
I’m a big fan of color comfort and functionality and these are pants by
rave with migente I believe she calls them the acid bath
style and they’re super super comfortable this next piece
is a top I got from I believe Joyce Leslie Rest in piece that was one of my favorite
stores doesn’t even know what I’m talking about and of course my beksies’
boutique custom bag again guys have you gone to her Instagram or website yet
look at that shit and clearly for the prices that she puts out I mean to have
a custom bag like that so you can do that at a festival and anywhere around
the world I mean it’s worth it time to accessorize
so this bandana is from envision festival as you can tell I love the gold
flake on this bandana and I love how stretchy it is it really is comfortable
and breathable if you want to have it around your nose and mouth to protect
you from dust and dirt and it’s also super soft if you want to wipe the sweat
off your face because let’s face it that’s what I use it for all right we
got the disco ball again you got to have them disco balls and these are my
Clark’s cloud steppers so I love these shoes I actually bought them for my
first Burning Man I wanted something that was gonna be super comfortable and
the cloud steppers by Clark’s have what’s it called the air cushion the
memory foam in them so I wear these a lot they also don’t have a zipper
they’re just velcro so you don’t have to deal with lacing up or anything like
that and they’re really great for walking and dancing to modify this look
to a nighttime look to stay warm I added the we’re never going home knit pom hat
little cute beanie and a really cheap turtleneck once again and I did have
Under Armour like and gloves as well in addition to the
vintage coat again I actually had a scarf too but I would have sweat in this
video if I kept all that on this next outfit was a daytime only outfit and was
super fun to wear I’m starting off with rainbow fishnet stockings and the
bottoms are a nother piece from rave with migente I think she calls them the
rug rat hot shorts they’re super cute to me they’re like a modern 80’s print
adding some more layers with a high knit stocks and adding the platform shoes by
yru again so this is what we have so far I’m adding suspenders you
can see the check marks match the bra from forever 21 and the check marks in the
shorts so I thought it would be a super cute addition yeah this look is totally
fun I’d probably wear this out another festival like groove cruise or electric
forest as well now first on accessories you know what
these are already I will list them in the description below I’ll list all this
stuff in the description below to be honest with you and this is a hood that
I found thrifting at the Buffalo Exchange in Portland it was only ten
dollars and it’s reversible so I think it’s super cute to add to any outfit has
a lot of colors in it and could just mix and match with various outfits that you
may have this next outfit is on the laid back side
and it’s extremely comfortable as you can see it’s a onesie it’s by warrior
within designs it has a hood and I love the low plunge back it’s so comfortable
the velvet is so soft I just love it this scarf is my mother’s and I love the
bright colors as you can tell I’m doing a floral red and purple theme here
everything matches perfectly I got the kimono from the Reno junkie exchange and
the velvet on it matches perfectly with my warrior within onesie can’t go to the
fest without shades these are spun glasses I absolutely love the wire
wrapping around them then I have a pendant from Dandy lion designs and this
is what we’re looking at so far this hat is a collab between Bryan Miller art and
grassroots it’s so dope I love it so as you can tell I love hats and I love
headwear I always have to wear a hat especially now that my hair is short
I can’t braid it or style it so I’m always covering up my hair with some
type of headpiece and that completes this look this is another outfit I wore
during the day I’m starting with high-waisted shorts and a bra from free
people this print guys I’m obsessed with it I just love the colors I love
everything about this shirt I actually was wearing this outfit during one of my
volunteer shifts and someone gave me a thank you for your hard work
token you can’t really see it it’s not focused but if you’re interested in
going to festivals for free or volunteering and you want me to do a
video on that just let me know in the comments
once again I’m accessorizing with spun glasses and the envision bandanna as you
can tell I was trying to utilize these items in multiple outfits and I’m
pointing out the shoulder pads here in this outfit because this was a shirt I
found out goodwill and it was a size small and the sleeves didn’t fit me so I
cut them out so it would be a vest like this once again socks and the Clarkes
cloud stepperss which I talked about for a decent amount of time in the previous
videos but this is what they look like and obviously need something for my head
this is just a gardening hat that I got from DHgate I think they’re wholesaler but
you can get this on Amazon or Target Walmart something like that and it’s
great for protecting your face from the Sun and a festival guys I gotta be real with you voicing
over these videos has been really difficult it’s actually hard to get
everything I want to say in so if you’ve made it this far
first of all thank you so much I really appreciate you watching this video and I
do hope that I’m giving you some inspiration for future festivals this
outfit is my absolute favorite the bodysuit is actually a beading’s – and I
got it from dolls till it was on sale the open-faced skirt that I’m putting on
right now I made for myself I made it for Burning Man it actually matches a
whole other top a like bra and hat that I made I can show you a picture here are
my accessories for this outfit those sunglasses by the way I got from bad applee
vintage in Reno and the pineapple I was gifted by my friend Cano he made it for
me this desert hearts ring I was gifted as
well at desert hearts by my friends Erin and Robert their camp mate I can’t
remember your name doubt you’re watching this but if you are thank you thank you
thank you for that I love it and once again I have the Anne Klein scarf here’s
the G c-fam scarf that I’m going to be putting on my head I wear it with the
top hat I’m going to put on because it keeps it a little bit more secure on my
head so as I mentioned before this is a custom hat that I made for myself and I
do make a lot of headwear if you guys are curious about
how to make your own festival fashion if that’s a video you want me to do a
fulfill it yourself video please let me know in the comments I would love to do
that for you once again yru platform shoes and sorry if I’m being
repetitive but some people might be skipping around this video so I just
want to mention it and that’s it guys oh my god what a babe complete rainbow
Queen ah do you guys love this or what or am I the only one loving myself oh my
god I love it let me know what you guys think in which outfit is your favorite
please alright guys I think that is it I hope you loved everything that I picked
out to wear and I hope you found this information useful or gave you some
inspiration for some future festivals and I can’t wait to see you on the dance
floor soon please like this video share it and subscribe to my channel got a lot
more stuff planned for you guys so these bugs out here keep getting like
spiders on my cameras wtf is that get off my camera oh and like a big giant
bumblebee was in here and I had to rescue it because I don’t want the Beast
to die I’m the fucking worst at documenting
what I wear at festivals I need to make more friends with professional
photographers so they can photographer photographer photographer photographer
photographer really and yeah anyways oh my god how funny is I reached in my
pocket I wish my face was on camera because I was like oh I got so excited
thank you for the token appreciation high-five

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