Feminine Style “Marketing And Sales”

Hello Candice Oneida here, and today I want
to talk about is what I would call marketing and sales feminine style. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced when
somebody has been selling to you whether it has been a TV commercial or a coach or a speaker
or somebody on a phone call with you, where you have ended up feeling stressed by the
experience, anxious, pushed into a fast decision, it’s been really fast paced, if you’ve felt
manipulated. Can you related to any of those experiences
on the receiving end of selling? If you’ve ever been on the doing end of that
too, I’d be curious for you to feel into yourself how that feels for you as a woman. I’ve gone through everything that you can
imagine around the concept of sales
and marketing. I was so bad a sales, I was so stressed! I
had a really bad taste in mouth around
the sales process. In the last couple of years I have been trained
by some really brilliant coaches, some of which were men. However, the way they have
been teaching me to do sales and marketing has come from this masculine orientation and
training. I had a 5 month hiatus recently where I took
a step back, a major outbreath, a major reset. I started to look at what it looked like as
a woman in a womans body, both as the person who is doing sales….digression, the truth
is about sales is we are all selling all of the time. Whether you are selling your kids
to go to bed or to your partner to take you out somewhere, there is a million ways that
we are always marketing and selling, and there is nothing wrong with that per se. I know that I’ve felt sales as arghhhh, I’m
being sold to. It’s a normal part of life. What I came to was this recognitation that
sales can be very different for me as the person who sells my services, as a coach and
mentor and my programs and very different to the women on the receiving end because
my tribe are women! What I started to realize was, what do I like?
What do I need as a woman when I am considering a purchase? One of the big ones for me is that I need
to sleep on it! We go back to the high pressure sales situation
where they say “it’s only now” “if you don’t make a decision now on this phone call” “during
this seminar”. That does NOT work for me. I have a reset mechanism, a digestion, a use
of the night space. Remember, the night is to the feminine what the day is to the masculine. Those that know my world, masculine and feminine
are two parts of existence. there is a masculine and feminine in everything in our life. ….So, I need to sleep on it! I need to turn
up the question, “Is this the right thing for me?” ….and I want you to ask yourself “Is this
the right thing for me?” If somebody isn’t given you at least a night
to think about it, you have to question it. I say to my people “I want you to come to
a full body yes to do this program or to work with me”. What I mean by that is every cell in your
body goes yes, this is the right thing, this is the right time, this is exactly the thing
and the person that I want to work with now. When I do that, the women that come back to
me are pretty much begging me to take their credit card information down. They want to
work with me, and they are also my perfect client avatar. I don’t get any returns, I
don’t get anybody saying that in two days, two months that that didn’t work for me. They
never feel manipulated. I create this collaborative relationship through
this. It’s a collaboration. I have all this knowledge, all of this experience, I’ve got
these fabulous programs and I would love to share that with you, if you want it and you
are super ready for it. And so when I do this I give them the night
space and that they have a full body yes. I want you to really feel a yes from deep
inside your bones that you want this. Sales and marketing feminine style. I’d love you to make some comments below,
put some comments, ask any questions about what feminine sales and marketing looks like
to you. When I’m speaking and I speak to women there
is a very different pace in the room when you speak to women. There is a difference
between the masculine and feminine sexual experience. For male sexual arc goes up up up, increase,
increasem increase, tension and then there is orgasm and fall off, and then for women
our sexual experience goes up an down, in and out….that pace, that flow, that juiciness
in the room if your tribe happen to be women, you are going to get more of this groove with
them. We need to work with each others energy, each
others body, each others cycles. Women are cyclical. We do things in cycles and flow. That is another thing that I take care of
when I am speaking to a woman alone is that I sense where she is at….as in where is
she at right now in her life. We’ve got mini cycles and we’ve got maxi cycles. So, where
is she at, what does she really need. And one thing that I definitely do whenever I
am working with a woman in a phone call or a preliminary session is I’m always going
“Is this person right for me, am I right for them, and if I’m not I’ve got a whole swathe
of brilliant people to connect them with.” I basically want to connect them with the
right person and the right situation. This is another form of feminine sales, having
a big picture, no limits, in this world of no barriers, no boundaries, there are plenty
of clients for you and me and let’s make sure that we are connecting client to the right
people. remember to do this work on your perfect cleint
avatar. I’ts such a important part of what I teach is be super duper uber clear on who
your perfect client avatar is. I’ll do another whole video on this because it’s so important
and so beautiful and profound because the more I really got clarity on who my perfect
client avatar was, the more she comes into my life. And so, just like this, when I am speaking
on a video, I speak to her directly, and she could be you! And then there is a beautiful
connection that happens there. Your perfect client avatar is a person that will love what
you do. She will be your biggest advocate and will love what you do and you will really
be able to help them the best that anybody can. It’s a perfect synergy there. Feminine sales and marketing, I’d love your
comments below or any questions. Give me a thumbs up or thumbs down, I don’t care, just
whatever is feeling true to you today. Signing off for today. Have a great evening.
Bye bye.

4 thoughts on “Feminine Style “Marketing And Sales”

  1. stumbled across your youtube video on marketing and sales and loved what you are saying and realised i naturally do the slower approach to selling (feminine sales approach) and have always got good results but you manage to verbalise what i do with selling which is wonderful. By the way, occasionally i have stumbled into the fast lane approach of selling and i just end up going into burn out, not nice and not good for me or my client. Thanks

  2. 1. You are very beautiful

    2. Your videos are really helping me and inspiring me. Really great work here.

  3. I work in retail, it’s a bit strange to tell people “You should want this bag of quinoa with your whole body.” How do you bring femininity to making lots of sales in a such a small time window? It’s not my shop, so I can’t add my personal flair so that people would spend more time in the shop.

    I’ve also tried treating everyone with the warm kindness that naturally comes to me when I’m in a healthy state of mind, and I’ve been met with sexual harassment from rude old men. How would you deal with that and how can i present myself so that people take me seriously and professionally? What is the mindset shift that will allow me to be soft and feminine, but at the same time assertive and capable of protecting myself?

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