Fashion Stylists Guess the Cost of Party Dresses

63 thoughts on “Fashion Stylists Guess the Cost of Party Dresses

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  3. I'm not a stylist and I was like "$30-$40" for the second one and they're all like $190-$200 I was surprised they guessed so highly for it ahahah

  4. I think they were too hard on these dresses. Sometimes designers sound really stuck up. But then I look at their outfits and I think some other people may not like what they're wearing. So maybe they shouldn't be so critical.

  5. The fact that he said “ew” after he found out a dress was $30… what a pretentious fool 🤣

  6. Random statement , but if Jazz and Lyndsay are in a video I would be watching it before it was even posted 😂

  7. How can people be that unsympathetic? Especially the guy who said “Eww” after hearing that the dress only coasts $30.

  8. Everyone is feeling some type of way about their reactions, but at the end of the day they're just clothes. If you wanna wear a cheap dress thats cool, if you wanna wear a cheaply made dress thats cool too. If someone doesn't like your dress thats fine. As long as it makes you feel great.

  9. Loved Ngozika! She was so professional and so knowledgeable. That guy though was pretentious and his "EW''s were very annoying and disrespectful.

  10. I don’t think the guy really meant anything when he said ew after finding out the dress is $30. I often say ew to thinks if I think it’s wrong or don’t like it, he just thought the price was higher

  11. When a professional only knows the word “ew” to describe something in their line of work I don’t trust them lol

  12. i wish they would've showed the designer/brand of the dresses after too, not just the price

  13. dang.. they roasted BuzzFeed staffers' clothes… these two were so "mean girl" — i mean… they made themselves look really unprofessional

  14. The staging on this is ridiculous. Why not have them standing with the dress between them so we can see the whole dress and they can each get a closer look?

  15. This guy sounds like the idiot that would spend an entire paycheck on a clothing item. Smh does he not understand that people prioritize their spendings towards more important things?

    Also they are really tearing apart this Michelle Fang girl's wardrobe

  16. the guy saying ew to the 30$ dress lmao…fool, your earring looks like it was 50 cents from wish. gross.

  17. I guessed all of them correctly if they were expensive or cheap. My years of clearance shopping has paid off. 😂

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