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Hello everybody, in this
video I will give you a concrete case study of a failure because we need to learn from success, also need to learn from failure, so. Let me give you a context. it’s an Italian watch brand that’s decided to sell in China. So, they didn’t work with us. I will not mention their name because it’s not very, not very nice. This brand decided to
basically sell everything; to go on Tmall, and
they have no reputation and no brand awareness, and basically struggled a lot in China. So they opened a Tmall successfully and they marketed themselves,
they put a lot of advertising, a lot a lot of advertising and
basically like nobody bites. But when I saw nobody
bites, it’s nobody buying. So they bring traffic to the page and the conversion was zero. And they make this mistake
instead to work on themself, on their reputation,
they keep buying traffic and basically when the
conversion rate is still zero you can bring a hundred
traffic or one million and basically the result is the same. So this Italian brand have
basically no branding. When you’re searching for them,
you find nothing in China. Even in their country
they’re very successful, but here it’s nothing. They have no influencers speak about them. They have basically no
credibility and no authority. So the more traffic that they buy, the more failure that they get. And after one year, this brand spent one million Euro on Tmall
totally to buying traffic. And sold for seven watches. So I let you imagine the amount of the loss that they make. And the lesson that we
can get from this is like first being on the
platform, you need to work a little bit on your branding because in fashion,
branding is everything. In fashion branding is everything
and especially in China. So work on yourself at the beginning. Work with influencers. Don’t spend all your budget
and money on advertising because it’s a pure waste
if you have no branding. And after when you’re branding,
when you create a story, when you work with journalists,
when you work with bloggers, when you work with influencers, KOL, then later you can invest in this traffic and then you will get conversions. So that’s what we
recommend for our clients. And that’s I think is a right
process to success in China. It doesn’t work all the time, but that’s basically how we work. Work on the reputation
first then the awareness and then you develop your sales channels. If you ever build sales channels too early like this is certain watch brand, most of them failed. If you want to develop
your branding channel, we have created a white book about how to market fashion,
luxury brand in China. We’d be happy to send it to you. Just click on the link below
and see you in the next video.

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