FASHION HAUL – Gmarket, H&M and Reserved

Hi everyone I’m here today to show you my haul from Gmarket which is kind of a Korean ebay which offers clothes cosmetics some kind of mobile accessories and many different stuff like interior design… decorations or furniture basically… food also as I remember and baby stuff. So basically you can buy there everything not everything was with an international shipping however and I order there clothes and cosmetics cosmetics not often because I’m kind of a bigger fan of Japanese cosmetics than Korean cosmetics but clothes I order there like once or twice per year yeah, and I will show you today what I bought on Gmarket also what I bought on sale in H&M I didn’t buy actually many stuff there and also I think there is like one thing from Reserved which is Polish clothing shop? clothing store? anyway. Everyone can shop on Gmarket the website, global website is in English however the products descriptions are all in not all but mostly most of them most of them are in Korean you can often get really cheap and good quality clothes there and the shipping is really fast. I mean I’m not sure about other countries however it arrived in Poland after 7 business days, really fast when you order something from Asia. And today I will only show you what I bought I bought products for both me and my husband because…to be honest not all clothes in Europe match my husband’s size, I mean not size but body. Some kind of clothes like for example t-shirts or sweaters are to wide in shoulders so it they don’t really always look good, especially that he’s also not as tall as Europeans he’s not like 182cm, so these* clothes don’t always satisfy him. Anyway let”s start maybe there’s is one product that I’m not sure about the price because Gmarket addded the whole shipping international shipping to this one t-shirt and I don’t remember the price. Also I bought for my husband Nike Air Force 1 as birthday gift but it’s somewhere downstairs and to be honest I’m too lazy to go and take it maybe I will start from what I bought for my husband and then I will show you what I bought for myself For my husband I bought jean jacket jeans jacket(???) oversized jacket. I was searching *for* the one in Poland for quite a long time but it… as I said to wide in shoulders for Korean body in my opinion so I found this one on Gmarket and it was it was $18 and it’s… in my opinion good quality I bought one jacket for myself as well, however for women so yeah. Comparing with the one I bought for myself this one is a little thinner and lighter (in color). I mean I will show you this one later however, you can compare. This one what I bought for myself This one is what I bought for my husband and you can’t see probably the difference however this one is a little bit lighter than this one than I bought two long sleeves one black, one white. I have no idea where is the black one to be honest it got lost somewhere and it’s from quite popular designer I guess because many of his products were sold out and I couldn’t buy the one with short sleeve because of that. This one was $8 (dear me, why did you forget the s at the end -.-). And these are also oversized. I bought it basically so so I can steal it from my husband. And also I bought t-shirt with short sleeve, also oversized with stripes, which is really great for summer because as you can see it has like small holes so it’s really really good for hot air, hot weather. You don’t sweat so much when you wear it and my husband loves it. And this t-shirt, I have no idea about this t-shirt’s price I think it was around 6000 won…6000won is around $5 I would say like $5-6 so it was quite a good deal in my opinion as for good t-shirt for summer and then let’s talk about the things that I bought for myself and let’s start with the jean jacket. It’s also oversized jacket I always wanted to buy one. I was searching it everywhere in Poland and this jacket is thicker than what I bought for my husband it’s darker like I mentioned and it has very annoying sound of buttons however it’s still really really good jacket which costed 21 dollar(*S) the next thing I bought is t-shirt I wanted some thin oversized striped t-shirt for summer and this is thin as you can probably see (my face somehow through it) a little it’s thin and it’s striped and it’s oversized so it’s everything I wanted and it was quite cheap because it costed 6 dollar(*SS). Another thing I bought is pants and culottes pants and it dirty already -.- it’s in dark blue it’s not cotton so I was a little worried that I will be like sweating buckets in this one, however it passed the test in Sopot it’s really really good for summer and it costed almost 9 dollar(*SSS) this one was like really great deal I’m a little disappointed. No, I’m not actually disappointed when you think about the price but as you can see there are like small imperfections also really great for summer I checked it this one is hot weather and it’s good, it’s just good it’s sold in 3 sizes… I think and it was 6 dollar(S…) and it’s…. I think all from Gmarket ah, no it’s not all I also bought the bag which I couldn’t find in Poland anywhere and this bag is much thicker than what they sell in Poland. In my opinion it’s much better quality comparing to what you can find in Poland and it’s by Korean brand mignon mignon they have really great design and if I win lotto or some kind of lottery I think I would buy all possible designs they sell so yeah, I bought this bag and I love it so I think it’s all from Gmarket from H&M I bought this sweater on sale and I almost have no battery, so I’m hurrying up I bought this sweater on sale for $8 I also bought these* pants which are also really great for summer really thin and comfortable and it’s so pretty that my mother-in-law bought the same design however the different color and it was $16 I think…. yeah around $16 yeah and I bought earrings for $5 and you can probably get it much cheaper on aliexpress…. as I know for $0.30… I think. However I didn’t want to wait like 2-3 weeks to get it I just wanted to wear it fast so I bought it in H&M and in Reserved which is this Polish clothing store that I mentioned I bought these sunglasses the original price was $13 or 14 almost and I bought it on sale for 6 $7 so it’s my favorite (pair of) sunglasses as for now yeah well so I think it’s all. If you would like me to make the video about how to shop on Gmarket comment below and I will seriously learn how to do this and publish this kind of video. Yeah and I think as for now I’m going to think what to record next for you and have a nice day bye!

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