Fall Pinterest Clothing Hacks!

hey everybody welcome to another video
where I do whatever I want and today I want to try Pinterest clothing hacks the
fall edition so I did Pinterest clothing hacks like two months ago But it was kind of a summer edition because it was mainly tank tops So I wanted to do a
fall edition meaning pants and sweaters I don’t know so I went to Target and I
got a bag of clothes Cuz I wasn’t gonna cut up my own cloths that I actually like for this video I know what you’re thinking Thank goodness you’re the one
to show us clothing hacks Rachel Because you’re such a fashionista! I am. Ready? Let’s begin So last time I did this video I got a really
inspirational shirt it was life-changing it moved people and this time I wanted
to get a shirt that did the same thing to keep up the tradition. Sadly, target
didn’t have that much inspirational stuff I should have gone to forever 21
but I found something that fits a little bit I’ve got this! If anyone asks you any
questions ever you can just say I GOT THIS It’s not as inspirational as “People are people” but guys, I got this oh my scissors are out in the other room I don’t got this got this! Got em See guys? I got this Alright, so this first one apparently is really simple You just
take a plain t-shirt Can you see? I can’t see my face. This is the terrible part
about crafting you can’t see the craft and my face at the same time Okay so all
you do is just cut a little There is now dog hair on this shirt because there’s dog hair on my floor Keeping it real then you do the same to the other side There is a stain on the back of this shirt! You can’t… There it is! Right there!
I did not put that there And vuola You have a trendy t-shirt Time for a fashion show! There’s nowhere else to walk *music* yeah it’s it’s kind of lame Alright, so I bought these pair of pants at Target Ah, so boring Not after I’m done with em Cuz we’re gonna turn these… Into these! Uh and we’re also gonna do some
stitching on the pockets to make them cooler Let’s get into it So apparently, you just turn the inside out Then ya sew some handkerchiefs… yeah
I didn’t go for the red white and blue because it is not 4th of July here in
America. Oh anywhere it’s not 4th of July anywhere because that’s a day in the
year I just thought it’d be cool to do a *gibberish* This! You just cut it and sew it on
basically so let’s do that You know what scratch that. I don’t want
to sell anymore and this is supposed to be a hack not like how to build clothes
so I’m just gonna use some sewing glue Got this for another project but we’re
just gonna use it now because I don’t want to sew now in between while this stuff is
drying I’m going to sew little details decal? I don’t know what they are. Onto
the jeans and random spots because apparently makes them cool! Let’s do it! don’t mind the little strings But these
parts are done. And thennnn that parts done! and now I want to distress the jeans a
little on this side I almost cut my hand because I was holding the scissors so tightly By the way I started this video at 9:30 It is 11:48 and also an
earthquake happened about 20 minutes ago Boom! Tiny hole that will eventually
become a very big one Fashion show time Guys, I can’t get the jeans on because these are stretchy
jeans and now the cloth has made them not stretchy So I can’t get them over my
heel. Sooooo And my foot keeps getting stuck on the cloth and ripping it I can’t get
these on you’re welcome wiki feet but uh I’m
officially declaring these pants not working so if you want to do this to the
bottom of some jeans make sure that they’re not skinny jeans Now what about
you have a pair of jeans that just have too many holes in them. The holes just
got too… They got out of hand. They got of hand, guys Well you have pants
with too many holes just get a $6 button-up… what just fell out of this? The hanger fell out of this you just get a $6 flannel from the
clearance section and we’re gonna patch up some holes And then we just use our
trusty glue that we got. Just glue it you can even do it with the bigger knee holes Oh my gosh. Look at that! That’s my entire knee Glad I stopped wearing these okay I found out that it’s really hard
to do the pockets. And the pockets need it cuz things are always fallin out of my butt But it’s really difficult because like you can’t turn a pocket inside out oh my god, dog. Last time you were in here you tried to eat everything You’re not coming back in How? I don’t get… how do you? how do you do it? how do you? how do you do it? I this how you do it? I think that’s how you do it.
oh it is all over my hands. That’s cute oh no my hand is glued to the pants Oh wait! Those actually look pretty legit! Lookie look! Oh, I need to fix that it’s time for a fashion show *music: Keep Me Coming by Superfruit* I can’t tell these are not I feel is it was more of like a red black flannel it would have worked but this is just
like an Easter plaid So much for my fall theme! Alright, next I want to turn this
boring plane sweatshirt meh into a cool hip style thing We’re gonna turn this
into this I thought it’d look cool all right I have to cut a straight line down the center to the 5 I did it! Seems kind
of short. We’ll do a little bit more Now I’m a fashionista Okay so it told me to get a
patch of fabric that slightly matched this color for the inside. For like, it’s
emotional support, but I was not gonna go to the fabric store and buy a grey
piece of fabric so I got this t-shirt for $2 and it doesn’t really match but
it’s still grey and now I have to cut the slit like the same slit I cut in
sweat shirt by the way I cut the sweatshirt slit more because I just felt
I needed a bigger slit Beautiful I did it Now I have to sew… Why am I yelling? I don’t get it. so now I have to sew this patch onto the sweatshirt and I have to
do that by hand because I don’t own a sewing machine it’s gonna take a really
long time okay so sewed that onto that like that because I’m really cool. And
now I have to cut off the excess and then sew down the square thing… okay LETS GO boom I did it Oh I’m also this is the
morning I finished this shirt in the morning cause uh… I was too tired last night to sew The jig is up! It’s not all filmed on the same day! You can now all unsubscribe now Okay now we add these things By using this thing Oh also I know that you’re
actually good at sewing this whole thing made you cringe but listen I was never
taught how to sew I don’t own a sewing machine so I’m
doing the best that I can with what I’ve got And I got this! Let’s see how
terrible it looks this way You know… I don’t think it’s that bad. I mean, it’s bad but uh I think it’s pretty good this is hand stitching guys
hand stitching oh god now how do I do this? The question of the day Alright, I read the instructions and figured it out made a little boop bopp. got a boop it, guys. Gotta
boop it. Nailed my booping now I cut a tiny little hole I hope I’m not doing
this part wrong. That would suck Can you imagine if I went through this whole thing and then screwed up on this part? Put this through it, and then I put this on
top of it. then I’m gonna put this under it I’m gonna put this there. And then I hammer it! I like that part The voila! You have a shoelace hole! I’m do it some more now bye I’m sorry, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job if you ask me! now time to lace it up and then a fashion show *music by Superfruit* Oh no. No I think actually this is by far my
favorite thing and it took the longest and it was annoying but I think it’s by
far my favorite thing I need to do a little work on it but it’s just pretty cool We’re gonna turn these shoes into these shoes But since this is a fall
edition we’re only gonna use fall colors so it’s basically gonna look like I
stepped in some poop I’ve got a whole new things of Sharpies for this Oh! Careful it’s sharp. sharpies you get it? you get the joke? You just color in the shoes a
bunch and then you put rubbing alcohol on it Let’s color alright this is what
I’ve done pat on the back that on top I didn’t do the whole thing cuz I like
when shoes do that I like it alright also I’m really lazy it took a really
long time to do that alright so now what I do Is I put rubbing alcohol on it why are you focusing on the shoes? I’m talking now camera Oh has no one taken into consideration that this is gonna make your shoes smell terrible now it’s said use a turkey baster but I didn’t want to buy a turkey baster so
we’re using a straw oh I put on a lot this isn’t bleeding this isn’t making it
look cool it’s just making it wet also I think my straw is broken the internet lied to
me. The Internet’s not supposed to be able to lie guys the Internet’s supposed
to tell the truth at all time this looks terrible well I guess we let that dry I’m gagging from the smell who thought that was a good idea? *music from Superfruit* They didn’t blend like they said they
were gonna blend what are you guys think of my outfit? don’t worry about it alright I think that’s it for today so the biggest busts were definitely the pants definitely the pants I didn’t think
about the fact that when I put fabric on it it wouldn’t stretch anymore. it would
have been cool guys, trust me it would have been cool. My favorite I think is the
sweatshirt I love you guys so much make sure to subscribe to see if you use
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